Breaking! RNC sues California and Gov. Newsom over vote by mail

The RNC has filed a lawsuit to stop California from having vote by mail.

So this isn’t really about California right? I mean, literally no one thinks Republicans have a chance in far left commie California unfortunately. But what they are hoping to prevent is the policy going to other states. That’s what this is about.

As for whether vote by mail efforts are prone to corruption, Chris Wallace is a nonbeliever:

And that’s why everyone is tweeting for him to be fired from Fox News today!

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Well that’s it for Sunday, we hope you had a great weekend! Have an open thread! Here is some comment fodder to consider.

There are YUGE holes opening up in the country of Turkey!?!

This is nuts:

Also nuts:

This is humorous:

LOL! Take care! And wash your hands!!

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