BREAKING: SCOTUS, Justice Alito orders Pennsylvania to separate LATE ballots from the ON TIME ones

This should be a no-brainer, but with Pennsylvania Attorney General Shapiro openly signaling his intent to commit fraud in order to make sure Biden wins in the state, setting ballots that did not make it be the deadline ASIDE was something that had to be ordered by the highest court.

Justice Alito signed the temporary order just moments ago, that the ballots be segregated and perhaps counted separately, and libs are whimpering already.

From Bloomberg Law:

Justice Samuel Alito’s order came as part of a fight over ballots received during a three-day extension issued by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Alito said he would refer the matter to the full high court for the next steps.

Although state officials have already told county officials to separate out those ballots, Republicans said that step didn’t go far enough to ensure they can be invalidated later. President Donald Trump is separately trying to intervene in the case.

Libs on social media are crying about it, under the pretense that it wasn’t necessary, that counties were already doing it, and that it’s insulting to suggest otherwise.

But as usual that’s rank deception on their part.

It was necessary because not only have they proven over and over they are trying to skirt the rules and the laws – including barring observers whom they were ordered to permit – but they also would try to claim after the fact that there is not a sufficient order from on high to deem said ballots invalid should they be “accidentally” counted.

This order, and the subsequent order we can expect from the (now and finally) law-abiding and -upholding Supreme Court (thank you Trump) will ensure that any “accidentally” counted ballot that arrived after the deadline can be challenged and invalidated should that time come.

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