BREAKING: Sen. Thom Tillis says he’ll vote for Democrat bill to codify same-sex marriage [VIDEO]

US Senator Thom Tillis from North Carolina told CNN today that he will likely vote for Democrat bill to codify same-sex marriage.


Here’s a transcript of the exchange:

CNN MANU RAJU: Democrats are talking about bringing up a bill to codify same-sex marriage. Would you vote for that?

SEN. THOM TILLIS: I’m looking at the bill and I probably will.

Democrats are pretending that same-sex marriage rights are under attack by the Supreme Court because Clarence Thomas said that decision was wrongly decided, just like Roe v Wade, and he’d like a chance to correct the error. But Alito made clear the decision to reverse Roe v Wade was only about abortion and would not extend to other cases like same-sex marriage.

Even Ted Cruz suggested in a recent podcast that while he agrees with Clarence Thomas, he doesn’t think this court has the stomach to do anything that would undo same-sex marriage in this country.

In other words this is just a phony ‘crisis’ because the left now thinks the court is a ‘threat to democracy’ or something. And it looks like McConnell squishes like Thom Tillis are going to fall for it.

UPDATE: I was out yesterday for much of the day and didn’t realize this just passed the House with the support of nearly 50 Republicans. Geez.

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