[UPDATE: POLICE STATEMENT] Something BIG is happening in Sweden right now with fires burning all over the country!

There’s something big happening in Sweden right now and it appears to be happening all over the place.

Peter Sweden, who says he’s a freelance Swedish journalist and political commentator, is reporting some of this:

Here’s a few photos he’s posted:

The Daily Mail is also already on this:

Dramatic footage has emerged of cars in flames with masked attackers on the rampage in Sweden.

Police said they were dealing with fires at a car park near a shopping centre and specialist hospital at Frölunda Torg, south-west of Gothenburg.

There were also reports of young people setting cars on fire in Hjällbo in the north of Gothenburg and further reports of fires in Trollhättan, although it was not clear if these were related.

Emergency services were tackling the apparent outbreak of violence with no information yet about injuries, Swedish police said.

Cars were also reported on fire in Malmo, at the southern tip of the country, and in Helsingborg, further south than Gothenburg, police said.

Swedish national radio reported that around 40 firefighters were in action tackling the different blazes with police not ruling out a link between the outbreaks of violence.

Around 60 vehicles had been vandalised in total, Swedish television reported, with stones also thrown at police by masked men. Three caravans and a truck have also apparently been targeted.

This is a video from Johan Jansson which appears to show people wearing black going through parking lots. This looks like the same parking lot above, but before the fires actually started:

More video:

This is a google translation of the above tweet:

The video showing Sweden’s decay with the car fires at Frölunda square in Gothenburg was taken down on Facebook after it gained over 150,000 impressions in one hour!

And another video from Frolunda:

This is the latest tweet from Peter, who suggests firefighters are being attacked when trying to put out the fires:


Here’s a map I found showing where all the fires are located:

And more video from Frolunda:

UPDATE II: A statement from the Swedish Police (translated via Google Translate):

14 August 01.35, Update, Västra Götaland County
Below is a picture of the majority of fires that occurred on 18-08-13, after 21:00. The situation is calm, police are left on the premises.

A special event began at 21.17.

In all places the fires are extinguished by rescue services. No known personal injuries have been reported. In addition to previously reported fires, police were alerted to Gårdsten at 22.40 hours for cars that were burned, even these are now extinguished.

Frölunda: A group of about 6-8 masked youth fires and throws stones. 31 cars have burned and in addition to these 35 cars are injured. Nobody is arrested.

Nordost: A group of about 8-10 young people throws stones and fires. 15 cars have burned. Nobody is arrested.

Trollhattan: A larger group of about 30-40 young people throwing stones and fire. Six cars have burned and another few cars must be damaged. Here the roads blocked by young people, and they have also thrown stones at police and their vehicles. At the moment, identification of young people is ongoing.

Since most fires started within a short period of time, you can not exclude that there is a connection between the fires, the matter will be investigated. Police patrols will remain in the affected areas as long as deemed necessary.

We’ll update you on more as it develops…

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