BREAKING: Speaker McCarthy says the House will investigate Biden’s handling of classified docs

It’s just being reported that Speaker McCarthy has said that the House will investigate Biden’s handling of classified documents.

McCarthy wants to ensure that the law is “applied equally”.

Here’s more from Axios:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said Tuesday that the GOP will investigate President Biden’s handling of classified records to ensure the law is “applied equally.”

Republicans have jumped on Biden since the White House confirmed that at least three sets of classified documents from when he was vice president were discovered in his former office and his home in Delaware.

“Before the election, they found out President Biden had these documents not under lock … Prior to an election, they kept it secret. At no time did he get raided by the FBI,” McCarthy told reporters Tuesday.

“They put a special prosecutor only after other people raised the issue … It just does not seem fair. This is why the American people get so upset and distrust their government when they see that the law is not applied equally.”

“I have concerns when any classified documents are anywhere else … but the one thing I will say here too is a president who just left office is not the [individual] who’s packing up their boxes, who’s not moving them, so how much does he even know in that process?” he added.

“It’s not a fair process when you equalize this out, and that is what is wrong with the system,” McCarthy said. “You want the American public to trust the final answer. That’s why the House will oversee and look at these investigations as well.”

This is a good move by McCarthy. Even though a special prosecutor has been appointed, I doubt anything serious will ever be investigated and that’s exactly what is needed.

Especially given the outrageousness of Biden just leaving classified documents laying around in the garage, and then claiming it was secure.

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