BREAKING: Speaker Pelosi just got smacked down by the House for using offensive language about Trump!

Pelosi was trying to hold a House vote a little while ago to condemn Trump’s tweets, but all of that is on hold now because Rep. Doug Collins called her out on some offensive rhetoric of her own about Trump and now everything is on hold.

Chad Pergram explains it this way. I’ve taken this from his tweets:

Pelosi on the floor now speaking about resolution condemning President Trump. Pelosi says Trump’s language is “not only divisive but dangerous.”

GOP GA Rep Collins asserts that Pelosi’s words broke decorum & demanded they be “taken down.” Hse will have to decide if her words are in order. If ruled out of order, Pelosi could be banned from speaking on the flr the rest of the day. Collins asked Pelosi to withdraw her words.

Here’s what Pelosi said in full and Collins’ objection:

Pelosi on the flr: There is no place anywhere for the president’s words which are not only divisive but dangerous and have legitimized and increased fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color.

GOP GA Rep Collins: I ask the Spkr of the Hse if she would like to rephrase that comment. Pelosi: I have cleared my remarks w/the parliamentarian before I read them Collins: I that her words to be taken down (taking down words is where a mbr is alleged to have broken Hse decorum)

Pegram continues:

Extraordinary that a member of the minority would flag the Speaker for their remarks on the floor. Pelosi said that her words were cleared by the parliamentarian. “Taking down words” is the parliamentary equivalent of being pulled over for speeding. You MAY have done something wrong. But they have to determine that first. Hse could vote either way. Or Spkr could withdraw the offending words.

The Hse vote on condemnation for Trump will be pushed back now because of the Pelosi contretemps and the parliamentary infighting.
The condemnation will be later tonight. This is eating up a lot of time.

When a mbrs words are “taken down” on the flr, they must sit until the Hse makes a ruling and decides whether the words are in order or out of order.

It NEVER takes this long to review the conduct or language of a member. This is supercharged because it deals with the resolution condemning President Trump and the fact that this involves the Speaker of the House.

Pelosi was supposed to stay on the floor while the House judged her words, but she LEFT the floor which is a violation of the rules:

On the kerfuffle on the flr involving Pelosi…When words are taken down, the member accused of using inappropriate language must be seated in the House chamber and wait for the ruling.

Pelosi appears to have left the floor..which is a violation of House Rules themselves when someone’s words are taken down. That’s partly could be why this is taking so long. This is not just a rank and file member. This is the House Speaker.

The Democrat presiding over the floor then leaves and refuses to preside any longer:

Things have gotten really weird on the Hse flr. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) was presiding over the House. And then he told the House he was trying to make a fair ruling about Pelosi but people weren’t cooperating. So Cleaver then just said “I abandon the chair” and LEFT!

Dem NC Rep GK Butterfield now presiding after Cleaver left the chair amid the dispute over Pelosi’s language.

Cleaver as he left the flr, refusing to preside any more: I came in here trying to do this in a fair way. We could be in here on another motion to take down words of a friend of min. I never want to pass on an opportunity to escalate, unfairness is not enough.

And in a surprise ruling, Pelosi’s words are ruled inappropriate and now they are voting to strike them from the record!

Talk about irony. She’s trying to get Trump’s words condemned and her own words and condemned in the process!

UPDATE: It gets even better. Pelosi is in timeout for the rest of the day!

UPDATE: The House held the vote and Democrats have voted successfully NOT to strike Pelosi’s words from the record, even though the House ruled against her. Big shocker.

NOTE: I was obviously mistaken earlier when I said her words were stricken from the record. In my enthusiasm I failed to note that they were still voting.

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115 thoughts on “BREAKING: Speaker Pelosi just got smacked down by the House for using offensive language about Trump!

  1. We don’t expect anything different from Pelosi and the Dems. But it is refreshing to see the Republicans stand up for a change and show a little backbone. Good going, guys!

  2. And with all this, the head of PP, Lena Wen was fired from PP today for not promoting abortion enough.

  3. Does anyone think for a nano second that the JihadSquad will stop with their racist statements and speeches even after the wild and crazy show it’s causing Pelosi. They really really want to bring up articles of impeachment very badly, mistakenly believing that that will remove him from office, and would help them to win in 2020.

  4. Hand her a dunce cap & sit her in the corner LOL! These politicians waste the taxpayer’s time & money!!! Can someone please get this through their self-centered heads.

  5. Let’s have a vote today that we don’t like his tweets? Really? Then what? What does it do? Do you friggin jobs that we put you there for and remove the shackling of American citizens and industries. Protect our borders. Don’t have an “all in favor of we didn’t like his tweet say I.” Stop wasting the tax payer money on your pettiness.

  6. Anyone out there still wondering why nothing of any importance gets done in our Congress? What an embarrassment, and in front of the world..

    1. Yes Hidy, it is a terrible embarrassment but on the other hand if we can keep distracting them with shiny objects we can hopefully keep them from passing bills of destruction. 2020 is coming soon!

  7. Karma doesn’t care who you are, your position or your finances.
    Poor Nan….it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

    She’s come undone
    She found a mountain that was far too high
    And when she found out she couldn’t fly
    It was too late

    It’s too late
    She’s gone too far
    She’s lost the sun
    She’s come undone – The Guess Who

    She’s in her office knocking back a few Scotch and waters.

  8. Help Mark Levin come up a with name for the squad. Not that he needs help.

    1. Suicide squad…ehh scratch that. Makes them sound cool & none of them are even close to good looking as Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn)

    2. I believe their chosen name the Squad just came on line in the last few days. I want very badly for those on the right to stop using it, and come up with something better. Limbaugh today kept referring to them as the squad. No, no, no. I’ve decided to call them the JihadSquad. They are clearly on a jihad against America.

        1. I like that also sjmom. I like to keep squad in the name as then they are instantly recognizable then.

            1. I like your terminology but it’s not politically correct. Haha. It’s disgusting that the right allowed themselves to comply with the politically correct.

        1. I didn’t get JihadSquad from Limbaugh. I read it on twitter from someone else. Limbaugh kept referring to them today as The Squad.

  9. I wonder if Omar will be called out of her pow wows with CAIR to vote to condem Trump’s non-racist tweets.

  10. The House of Representatives is a national embarrassment, but if Democrats in the House want to play this game, Republicans should seek out all their ‘hateful’ words/tweets related to their political target (Trump), or the reason behind this resolution, and add them to the congressional record.

  11. Shirheen Qudosi tweet-

    “Ilhan Omar is going to get more people hating Muslims than ISIS ever could.”

    I would add Talib to that also.

    1. Agreed. GOP should be sandbagging every one of these. Here in Texas we call it “chubbing”. Minority members nit pick every minor rules violation, cause a long break, point out that’s a violation as well, move to table, call for a quorum check, offer interrupting motions, call for lunch at 10:00 am… Gum up the system.

      It’s hell on a Speaker.

  12. Screw Pelosi and the Democrats. Here’s how they are…

    Dems…Trump and supporters are racist Nazis that are no different than the KKK. MAGA equals make America white again.

    Trump….Omar should go back to her country of origin and fix it instead of coming here to fix our problems.

    Dems…We must condemn Trump’s racist comments.

    Screw you Pelosi. I’ve had more than enough of your divisive rhetoric that you seem to think is perfectly fine while you blame Trump for being divisive.

    1. Hi Kong

      Pelosi is toast. If all goes according to plan, the democrat party is toast in the 2020 election cycle.

      1. I hope, but they managed to take the House last time and we should have been just as eager to keep them out then…and weren’t.

  13. As long as Nancy’s inmates keep running the asylum the GOP should win handily in 2020. You go girls!

  14. I actually read today that someone is claiming that calling anyone a Communist is the new N-word. How do you get there from here?

    PS-Yes that claim was made by a black person.

    1. But they can use “racist” to their hearts content…my, my, isn’t that just special!!!?!

      1. The left doesn’t seem to grasp that the term “racist” has been so over used it is no longer valid. That’s to bad as their really are racists in this country. Most of those racists are sitting in the Dem. party right now.

    2. Because they have no argument against it. All they have left is the race card & they’re playing it to the hilt.

      1. They are still trying hard to re-live Barack and Moochell Obama’s days of race rage. Race relations were never as bad before Obama got elected, with too many whites falsely believeing that the first black president would heal the country.

        1. Conservatives & the GOP have been called racists far longer than the Obama years. All the Obama years did was put it front and center for all to see and was no longer able to dismiss as a “conspiracy theory”. Fast forward to Trump, and even before those tweets, Trump was “racist, KKK, white supremacist/nationalist, bigot, homophobe, etc”. No one cares anymore

          1. “Conservatives & the GOP have been called racists far longer than the Obama years.”

            That may very well be true Air Force Vet, but during the Obama admin. it went into overdrive. Prior to Obama race relations were pretty good in my opinion.

  15. All this from the party that refuses to condemn racism & anti-semitism within their own ranks, none from this “squad” condemns violence done by Antifa at rallies, acts of terrorism done in Antifa’s name this past weekend, or in Omar’s case, can’t even condemn al-Qaeda & scoffs at the threat they still present.

    This is why Trump is going to win 2020. The Democrats have cried wolf too many times. No one is buying what the Dems are selling. If people were buying it, they’d have a more favorable view of AOC, Omar and this “squad”.

  16. The Democrat let circus called the House continues in its quest to be a laughing stock. They want to condemn the President for saying true words & what’s next, give the true four racist a medal. What a freak show.

        1. Haha. She just may be looking for something a little stronger tonight. Perhaps heroin?

        2. With those four radical chicks in her face, she’d probably drink aftershave if that’s all she had!

  17. So catch this one. CNN had Richard Spencer, an actual white supremicist on as a guest today. How does that happen?

  18. I’ve just heard on the radio news that 4 House R’s are joining with the Dems. calling Trump a racist. No doubt Amash is one, but I don’t know who the other 3 are yet.

    1. Amash is not a Republican, but yes, unfortunatly he sided with the D’s.

      Bill Hurd (TX) was one, as well. Hurd rhymes with turd, in an appropriate literary turn.

    2. “After posting on Twitter about his thoughts on impeachment, Amash did receive praise from Reps. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. and Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.”

      Trump should’ve included Amash in the get out of our country, Amash’s father is Palestinian….

      1. Now that explains a great deal, I was not aware of that little tid bit of news. Thanks!

    3. There were 4 Republicans and 1 “Independent. The members of the GOP were Will Hurd of Texas, Fred Upton of Michigan, Susan Brooks of Indiana and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania.Oh and the newly minted “Independent” was Amash.

      1. Oh, the brave. I’m sure they were among the first to voice their opinions. Or, maybe they arrived late after checking which way the wind was blowing.

    1. Glad to see the GOP fighting back finally. We’ve got to adopt a Dem tactic and make missteps like Trump’s words into a positive. Always go on offense!

      OT – I have to log in on every article with Disqus and it’s getting pretty tiresome.

  19. Tomorrow’s Trump Rally will sure be interesting. Why would a businessman live in Queens, NY if he was/is a racist? Why did he sign prison reform? Why is the black unemployment so low? Hispanic unemployment so low?

    Queens, NY isn’t exactly KKKville..

  20. Again, why is it decisive, derogatory, dangerous, or whatever when someone on the right says something true, and yet, the leftists democrats can use foul, curse words to say anything fanatical about the right?

  21. This is hilariously analogous to the Muller Investigation. They threw these boomerangs
    out to hurt Trump and both came back to hit the Dems square in the face.

  22. Seems to me the divisive rhetoric is coming from the Cod Squad. None of them would condemn the antifa terrorist attack on a US government facility. Wouldn’t even respond. Maybe Trump can lend one of his balls to the Senate and they can condemn the 4 biotchs that hate this country and start more sh*tstorms than anybody.

  23. For Pelosi as speaker of the House to continually say a sitting president is only trying to make America white again seems like a racist comment to me…they should be censuring her in congress.

  24. Wow. I just read that Ayanna Pressly, one of the jihadsquad, said on July 2, in a speech, that if ICE facilities don’t see the light, they would see the fire. On July 13 an antifa member tried to light an ICE facility on fire. The Antifa member, in his manifesto, used the same language that Cortez has been using such as calling ICE detention facilities “concentration camps.” Does anyone doubt that these Democrat Socialists and Antifa are connected?

    1. This Is why those like Pelosi are doing what they are doing. She is terrified because this “SS” squad does have anti-fa as their faithful army.

      1. There is in fact a connection between the group that recruited, funded, and helped get elected the 4- Justice Democrats, and Antifa. Cenk Uygar is a co-founder of the JD group. There are videos with him supporting and speaking positively of Antifa. Of course all of these radical and violent leftist groups/orgs are funded by none other than Soros through his many funded orgs. Soros never sends a personal check with his signature on it. He funds his orgs that supply the money. There is also a youtube video of Antifa members in CA demanding that George Soros pay them the money promised to them for their “work.”

  25. Remember when NY Gov. Cuomo told conservatives they didn’t belong in his state. Remember the media outrage when the Governor told NY citizens they were not wanted and could leave? Remember how the media tried to label him a racist? Me neither.

  26. The House is nothing but a joke. Why do we pay any more attention to them? We should revolt against their unjust and political rulings by refusing to obey. Pelosi needs to be replaced and I’d like to see her die.

  27. Dumb joke of the day: (Bedsides Pelosi and the DNC)
    Why is it always cooler at the ballpark?
    Because of all the fans!

  28. What a fuster cluck.

    Trump makes a crass tweet. The Conservative Paragons (/s) over at Twitter review the tweet and say it’s not racist or against Twitter policy. Pelosi calls him a racist from the floor anyway, breaking House Rules. A minority member calls her out, the parliamentarian concurs, and then, when Pelosi is required to sit for the discussion and vote, she leaves!

    The House should have had a vote of no confidence in the Speaker at that instant. Motion to table the taking down of words, and move to no confidence. Maybe she makes it, maybe she doesn’t.

    Classic, Republicans fail to go for the throat. Pelosi lives.

    1. True. But Trump did manage to do one thing right. He kept AOC, Talib, and the rest of the simpleton squad as the face of the democrat party. Even thought Pelosi’s botoxed face is supposed to be. These four morons are a gift to the Republicans. Nancy and other members of leadership wanted nothing more than for them to shut up and stop tweeting. Trump lobs a softball at them, and once again chaos ensues.

    2. As you note, the whole premise is laughable, These are the same ladies whose rant from the week before was that Pelosi was a racist and this week, Pelosi chose to unite behind these same ladies to bring to the floor of the House a vote condemning Trump’s tweets. She stood with those who believe her to be a racist just like Trump.

      Then Pelosi ‘s remarks are questioned and found to be against the House rules so she lies about her words being OK’d beforehand by the parliamentarian and then the idiotic faithful in her party chose to go along with the lawlessness by not striking her words from the record.

      In a heartbreaking way, you have to love the keystone cop atmosphere on the floor of the House because the Democrats have lost the last brain cell that they may have possessed today.. Lets be honest, the Circus Maximus has nothing on the modern day plantation known as the democrat party.

  29. Let me know when the Dems condemn antisemitism specifically and the people uttering it from their party. Then I’ll worry about whatever offhand stupid thing Trump says.

  30. The Democrats put on quite a display of chaos, dysfunction and incompetence. Democrats can’t pass a simple non-binding resolution, without blowing up their own rules of decorum and procedures. The resulting chaos was so severe the Dems “Gavel Guy” running the show, got so overwhelmed that he dropped the gavel and ran away to hide in his safe space!

    People, think about this – this same group of incompetent people want to control all of us from cradle to grave??!!

  31. Did any Republican vote to keep Pelosi’s “Statement of Hate” on the record? Or should the question be, how many voted for…

  32. Huh! Banned from speaking for the rest of the day…shame on you Nancy…
    What a spectacle and a disgusting one at that!

  33. Interesting turn of events… I’ll say it right here, the GOP will retake the House in 2020.

    1. If everything is by the book, I completely agree. However I am really worried that the Dems are cooking up some real treachery that goes beyond stuffing a few ballot boxes. I think they are planning an election steal the likes of which we have never seen before, and will never see coming.

      I pray I am wrong.

      1. I share your fears. The democrats have become completely unhinged and have become extremely dangerous. I hope the republicans are up to the fight.

        1. The Senate hearing about Google manipulation just ended. In the 2nd Panel there was testimony from Dr. Robert Epstein about exactly how Google et al manipulated millions of votes for Dems in 2016 & 2018, and have plans to manipulate up to 20 million more in 2020 unless they are stopped ASAP. And this guy is a Dem himself who voted for Hillary, but actually loves our country and is terrified at what Google is doing.

          Check it out on the other thread:

      2. No, you’re right.
        I’ve been preaching this nonstop to friends and other boards. They are going to fight to The death to cheat and steal the elections.
        Our side sits on our thumbs and does NOTHING!
        2021 will be the beginning of the end of our intact country.
        Just watch.

      3. I do pray that you are incorrect, but as it is said (paraphrased), “Those who ignore history…”

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