[UPDATED WITH VIDEO OF THE DRIVER BEING ARRESTED] — SUV intentionally plows into Chicago mall

An SUV has plowed into the Woodfield Mall in Chicago and, as I suggested in the title, it looks intentional. Police say the driver has been taken into custody and there is no word thus far on any injuries.

Here’s what we know so far from CBS Chicago:

Stores at Woodfield Mall have been placed on lockdown, employees tell CBS 2.

A Schaumburg police official says no shots were fired.

There is video on social media showing a car droving into the mall. The user says, “This is not happening right now!”

A witness told CBS 2 that the car was driving erratically and that police have placed the driver into custody. Chopper 2 shows a door into the Sears store shattered, presumably by the car.

Witness Lateef Farooqui told CBS 2 that he was on the second floor when he saw a Chevy Trailblazer driving down the center of the mall “like you would a shopping cart.” The driver appeared to be younger, Farooqui said. He drove over a kiosk and then hit the Forever 21. The then ran out of the SUV and was caught by police.

Here’s a video showing the SUV driving around in the mall:

UPDATE: Here are a few photos from the scene:

Also I should point out that the earlier reports by some in the media of an active shooter were false, according to multiple reports from the police:

Another photo from someone whose mom worked in the mall:

UPDATE 2: Here’s video of the driver being arrested (the user who recorded on Twitter deleted it but I made a copy):

And here’s another:

We’ll update you with more when we have it…

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115 thoughts on “[UPDATED WITH VIDEO OF THE DRIVER BEING ARRESTED] — SUV intentionally plows into Chicago mall

    1. Thanks for the links.

      We already have forces in the UAE – we have a permanent USAF installation at Al Dalhfra (sp?), as we do in Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

      The article doesn’t mention the types of troops, but they did write “defensive.” My read on that is they are probably patriot or similar air defense artillery. To put that in perspective, there are scores of countries where we deployed or have currently deployed patriot batteries. Arrangements vary from a battery fully manned and operated by US forces (e.g. original plans for Poland and Czech Republic) to US trainers embedded with locals to only token US forces along with a contingent of contractors for maintenance (e.g. Israel).

      Ground or air combat units are one thing; trainers, advisors, and technical support personnel are just routine. As Saudi Arabia hasn’t made any attempt to invade Yemen, I can’t imagine we’re sending an armor or infantry unit. I am sure we’ll find out for sure soon enough.

  1. This “kid” couldn’t get his hands on a weapon, so he used the vehicle as one. He’s guilty, you cannot drive into a mall without trying to. And you don’t run from LEOs. Guilty! Throw the book at him and don’t let him out because of over crowding and good behavior. Wouldn’t you like me for a judge?

  2. Jesus Rodriguez, Guatemala, ticketed for failure to yield at Food Court, released on his own recognizance, promised to show up in 4 years for a hearing w/ 9th Circuit. ACLU to initiate lawsuit for$11M

    1. You forgot that he was also ticketed for “failing to signal / illegal lane change” at the Foot Locker.

      That’s funny Capt.

      That’s also mostly TRUE of many illegals that have been “detained” in the last several years. 🙁

  3. That black assault weapon needs to be registered, no one should be allowed to drive any vehicle off road in a mall. This vehicle is a weapon of War, and we need all assault vehicles off the road.

    1. That is plenty of fuel,can you imagine watching one of those Police Pursuits lasting about a day and a half.

    1. Wouldn’t it have been funny if he had of had one of the DMV employees in the vehicle with him to approve or disprove the issuance of license.

    1. The latest on that is that there was nothing asked for in return. So if this is in fact what the whistleblower was so concerned about he’s a moron and the Democrats will be making a mountain out of a mole hill and get egg on their faces…again.

      They’ll have to explain about Biden bragging about ordering Ukraine to stop investigating his son or they won’t get their billion dollars.

      1. Thanks kong,I hadn’t read the article,but what you posted makes a lot of sense.I cannot see the President having any problems with requesting another Country’s President too look into suspicious dealings regarding US Citizens.

        1. Yeah but when the Dems are behind it they will turn anything and everything into an impeachable offense. They might have a more difficult time with this considering what Biden did.

          That is…assuming this is what the whistleblower is so concerned about.

          1. regarding Trumps first term,we are into the home stretch now and they are not even close to the numbers for an impeachment.I believe Trump will clear this hurdle and go on to defeat whomever the left puts out there.

    1. I Know you are going to grind me on this one,however I go to the Mall once in a while [to the Food area] to have an occasional teriyaki chicken bowl with an unsweetened ice tea.

      1. Going to the mall in the 80’s was the best. Hanging out, meeting guys, getting free samples at the food court.

        1. We never hung out at the malls,but did have a Dairy Queen a couple blocks from HS and on Friday nights that is where most of us could be found.Boys talking sports and the Girls talking Boys

        1. Thanks WeldonTX. I go to a Chick-Fil-A and they are set up to dispense sweetened or unsweetened Tea.I say I will have the unsweetened Ice Tea and can you please mix in ice with the Tea.Its that simple.The same when I co to the mall for my teriyaki chicken,but I won’t repeat the dispensing process.Hope I answered your question. Chuckling silently.

        1. ….yes,especially if you have an idiot driving his vehicle off the wrong frwy. ramp and through the mall.Just something else I will have to be alert too. Thanks AT,have a nice weekend.

  4. Next Democrat debate: “It is a vehicle designed to destroy our environment and plow into crowded malls, so hell yes we are going to take your SUV!”

    Pretty soon, we are all going to be confined to padded rooms and only given vegetables to eat. I am so glad the Democrat Party is going to prolong everyone’s life while they kill as many of the unborn as possible. Like everything Democrat, the consistency of their message is astonishing.

  5. Fat and feral. This is what a better life for your children in America looks like, you illegal “family” border crashers.

    1. How long before the Dems will start saying AAA is a terrorist organization?

    1. I believe that it is time to boycott Nike for this aggressive act of attempted vehicular manslaughter by one of its customers. Could this be Colin in disguise?

      1. Chicago needs to make driving an SUV illegal. That will stop it from EVER happening again……right?
        Or maybe do a Government buy back of all SUV’s to stop this maddness……..

  6. I’m a little surprised that the mall didn’t have posts out to stop that. But that maybe something that happens when someone does it as I remember my student union didn’t have something like that until an old driver crashed into the building

    Tldr: Bonkers story.

  7. Will everytown for car safety, start a petition demanding that all the malls across America, release a statement asking that the customers stop open driving in their malls?

  8. Once again… a male using his weapon of choice to destroy or maim. Why is it, the perpetrator is never a disgruntled soccer mom, or a female church choir director??

  9. Were there no signs stating the mall was a vehicle free zone? A simple sign would have prevented all of this crime!

  10. Clearly this is Chevrolet’s fault. They marketed the SUV in such a way to encourage driving the vehicle through malls. They hyped up its power. In fact, we can’t use the term “sport utility vehicle” any longer, this was a BLACK “assault vehicle.”

    The Chevrolet assault vehicle lobby have too much power.

    We need a 15 day waiting period on buying assault vehicles (it doesn’t matter this guy had the vehicle a long time or stole it).

    We need horsepower limits on assault vehicles, no more than 50hp (it doesn’t matter any car driving through a mall was a deadly threat).

    We need capacity limits on assault vehicles, no more than 5 gallon fuel tanks (it doesn’t matter a vehicle with 5 gallons of gas could do all this damage).

    We need a ban on the private sales and to close the car show loopholes – from now on, every vehicle transfer must be done at a federally licensed dealer where they can run a background check (it doesn’t matter this guy either bought it legally or stole the vehicle and would have passed a background check).

    We need assault vehicle control now, while everybody is still all emotional. Won’t somebody please think of the children?!?!?!?!

      1. I think CNN reported it was a standard fully semi automatic with the clip option. They also reported witnesses claimed it had a silencer on the exhaust.

        I just can’t believe civilians can buy vehicles with standard fully semi automatic transmissions. It’s crazy. What civilian needs a vehicle like that?

        And a silencer?

        Again, how is it legal in America for civilians to buy silencers for their vehicles? I was told by a guy who worked at Meineke there isn’t any sort of a background check on who can buy a car silencer. Congress needs to ban these immediately. I sure hope the Fake Mexican has the courage to call for the confiscation of all car silencers — for the sake of the children.

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