BREAKING: Ted Cruz comes out AGAINST budget deal

Ted Cruz has now come out against the budget deal negotiated by the White House, McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi and McCarthy:

“The budget deal reached by administration negotiators and congressional leadership is yet another missed opportunity to rein in excessive government spending. This deal irresponsibly jacks up spending by $320 billion without real offsets, and suspends the debt limit into 2021. Instead of finally dealing with our nearly $1 trillion deficit and $22 trillion debt, this deal just kicks the can down the road again. Three years ago, the American people voted to move away from the big-government spending of the Obama era. We should work to restore fiscal sanity, rather than perpetuating Democrats’ big government programs. I urge administration negotiators to go back to the bargaining table and fight for the president’s priorities.”

I completely agree with Cruz, but honestly it feels like a losing battle to fight for fiscal sanity anymore. It’s not just that we have another big spending president. It’s also that we have McConnell and McCarthy, who lead the GOP in both the House and the Senate, who also like to put politics over fiscal responsibility. They talk the talk but that’s about as far as it goes. And this was the drumbeat with Ryan and Boehner too.

Look, I understand with Pelosi at the helm in the House that we aren’t going to get much in the way of fiscal sanity through the House. But I blame Republicans for being so milktoast for the first two years of Trump’s administration that they lost the House. And now this is what we are stuck with.

Remember when Democrats had the Senate and the White House? Republicans were told they only controlled the House and therefore they had to submit to Obama and Harry Reid. But now the board is reversed and I feel like Democrats are still getting their way when it comes to the budget and deficits.

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