Breaking! Ted Cruz comes out AGAINST Trump closing trade at the border [FULL statement]

The TedNado has come out against Trump’s threat to shut down the border to all trade and everything else because of the illegal immigration crisis.

Here’s his full statement:

That is surprising given how Cruz has supported nearly everything Trump does since he won the election. He knows he’s gonna get some pushback from Trump supporters on this.

But he’s not the only one – Sen. Cornyn is also against it, and he told Trump himself:

Texas Sen. John Cornyn phoned President Donald Trump on Tuesday night to share his concern that closure of the U.S.-Mexico border would a “terrible mistake” that would “inflict unintended harm on Americans.”

The two Republicans spoke for about five minutes, Cornyn said.

“I know you are very frustrated,” the Texan recalled telling Trump. “Let us try to work on some other approaches.”

That personal appeal built upon Cornyn’s earlier public statements, along with increasingly dire warnings from business leaders, economists, lawmakers and other experts that a closure of the U.S-Mexico border would cause cataclysmic damage to the economy in Texas and beyond.

It sounds like Trump didn’t really care to hear the opinion:

Asked if Trump was receptive to his message, Cornyn demurred.

“He’s hearing that from a lot of different sources,” he said, before offering his sense of Trump’s thought process. “It’s a sign of his frustration that this has become a zero sum game and more of a political matter than people actually trying to solve the problem.”


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178 thoughts on “Breaking! Ted Cruz comes out AGAINST Trump closing trade at the border [FULL statement]

  1. I don’t see this as a complete rebuke of President Trump, just looking for a better solution than the heavy handed “fire for effect” tactic the President is taking right now.

  2. Well, the Koch brothers called Ted.

    Kudlow came out and said they’re working on a way to continue to allow commerce through our borders. As always, the knee-jerk reactions from many boggle my mind… especially, coming from Cruz.

    1. I think he sees more econ data than many on here do and maybe it does not look all that rosy. If I had to guess, that plays into his thinking.

      1. @thor77
        I agree he has data but this is a knee-jerk reaction… this is about illegal immigration, not commerce. I doubt Trump has commerce in his bullseye when it comes to the border.

        1. Closing the border entirely will affect commerce. If they can come out clearly as to how they plan to do it, it would help. Perhaps a little more than a tweet to describe what he wants might go a long way

        2. @ciceroni-excogitatoris Trump announced this last week on March 28th. Cruz announced his objections one week after. The Koch Bros are not big donors to Cruz. Cruz didn’t knee jerk or bow to a donor. This is about BOTH illegal immigration and commerce for TEXANS and that is exactly what Cruz’ statement says.

    2. @ciceroni-excogitatoris
      Koch bros calling Ted. I sincerely doubt that. Marsha Blackburn was their big donation last year, $21,000 I believe.

      Ted is simply explaining why any disruption at the border would be a negative effect. He has very valid points.

      1. @sam
        His points are valid but I see this as a knee-jerk reaction. As I mentioned, I doubt Trump will close the borders to commerce. This is about illegal immigration, not commerce.

        1. @ciceroni-excogitatoris
          Perhaps a knee-jerk reaction, but then Trump wasn’t exactly clear on what he meant by “closing the border”. A bit of clarity on his part would go a long way. Cruz definitely addressed the illegal immigration as well, so kudos to him.

    3. @Ciceroni You know better than that. Mexico is a big trading partner and closing the border would be bad for many businesses. The auto industry alone depends upon parts from there.

      1. I understand commerce is very important, Doc. What I’m trying to say is that I doubt Trump would shut down commerce with Mexico. The border issue has to do with immigration and people being able to “apply” for asylum at any port of entry.

  3. Ted is correct on this shutting down the border will go both ways. Mexico is still one of our biggest customers of our manufacturers. Something like closing the border will hurt us as much them.

    The sad problems is this problems will not resolve itself until there are severe repercussion and cost from the illegals to the average Democrat. When that kind of expense happens our country will fail economically which is exactly what the ` Democrats ‘ Communist want.

  4. Hey Texas Ted you can always primary President Trump if you don’t like the direction he is taking the country in.

    1. And get decimated again by populist and squishy “republicans” who will never vote for him ?

  5. That’s all well and good coming from two Texas Senators who are doing what is best for their state. And I believe closing the border to trade would be bad for the economy – but…

    Stop talking about having to do something about the border and DO IT!

    Cruz and other GOP members of both the House and Senate have said something must be done for years. Yet nothing happens except the problem grows worse.

    Talks cheap… 😡

    1. Politicians and Hot Air … you would think the balloon business would be a great fit for them. I must admit Cruz is better than most, but a politician after all

      1. @thor77 – I also think Cruz is one of the better ones, at least he has a brain. But he too talks a good game but does little when he’s up to bat. I keep hearing we don’t need him on the Supreme Court, where I think he’s be spectacular, but in the Senate fighting for us. What fight has he won? That’s how you score fights itsn’t it? Wins and loses?

        1. Cruz does talk a better game than most, and is more polished. And you are right about not scoring wins. But that is also a function of how RINO the party has become. Between a wishy washy party and a president who changes directions very often, I’d be surprised if he can get anything done. But of course, he can stop promising, if the politician in him will permit him to do so.

        2. @kenoshamarge When Cruz filibustered Obamacare, his argument was all about defunding it. The GOP refused to stand with him on that and thoroughly attacked him. Texas’ sole purpose in electing Cruz was to fight against Obamacare. (We refused to send David Dewhurst to the senate solely because he was “next in line” and a GOPe favorite. Texas grassroots stood up, said no and nominated Cruz solely for the Obamacare fight.) Many GOP senators pilloried Cruz for that filibuster but Texas conservatives hailed him. As far as Texas conservatives are concerned, Cruz has done exactly what we sent him to the senate to do, which is why we stood with him for re-election.

          I’m certain you don’t understand what Texans expected him to do but he did what we asked. Not Cruz’ fault that the slimy, liars of GOPe refused to honor their commitments to their voters. Cruz has consistently stated that “We (GOP politicians) must honor our commitments.” They don’t listen. Not his fault.

          Since his re-election, he has sponsored/co-sponsored several bills in the senate that have passed. He’s not interested in serving on SCOTUS, regardless of who (outside Texas) thinks he belongs there. He does not think he belongs there.

          1. @golfcartone – I didn’t say he should be a justice, that’s his choice of course – I just think he make a spectacular one.

            I know that Cruz was hung out to dry by his own party, and many of them hate him as much or more than the Dems do, over Obamacare.

            I was specifically talking about the border. And not just Cruz but every damn Republican who talks a good game but never seems to accomplish what is needed. And meanwhile everyday illegals, including gang members come into this country. Millions more criminals every year. And they talk…

            1. @kenoshamarge You edited your comment significantly, since my reply to you. You took everything you said about him going on SCOTUS out. You were not specifically talking about the border. You said he hadn’t done anything since he’d been in the senate. Everything in my comment was based on what your original comment said. I have nothing more to say.

              1. I haven’t edited anything. Evidently you read something into what I said that wasn’t there.

  6. Is this still news? Yikes… so Trump is seriously considering closing the border? He is so unaware of the world around him.

  7. I heard on the radio this morning that trucks at some ports of entry in Texas are now having 12 hour waits to get through because so many CBP officers have been sent to deal with “families”. This while Trump hasn’t closed the border, yet. The migrants are beginning to impact trade. Will the business lobby demand something be done?

    1. @michelle-lee

      Will the business lobby demand something be done?

      It’s a good question but the “business lobby” wants cheap labor, at any cost.

  8. I agree with Cruz that to close the border is counter productive but Ted also needs to address the illegal immigration problem in congress that nobody is fixing. Just talking about the need to secure the border is not enough. We have talked about it for decades.

  9. Senators Cruz and Cornyn represent the interests of the citizens of Texas. Of COURSE, they are opposed to closing a border across which flows $45,000,000,000 worth of commerce EVERY MONTH.

    It would be news if they SUPPORTED closing the border.

  10. Mexico and Canada are huge trading partners. I once read that a billion dollars of commerce crosses the Ambassador Bridge every single day. I’m not sure how much goes back and forth across the Mexican border, but it’s a significant amount. How about shutting down tourism and putting a heavy tax on remittances? We are nearly self-sufficient in oil, what if we quit buying theirs?

  11. Something I read earlier this week: if the border was closed completely, the automobile manufacturers would run out of parts to build cars in about a week.

    And that’s just one US industry.

    1. @Finrod Yeah especially American cars. Due to the foriegn content laws, foreign cars made here often have more domestic parts.

    1. @k-bob
      A couple points regarding the article.

      “While nearly 90% of Central Americans passed an initial credible fear interview, only 9% were actually granted asylum”.

      If 90% are passing the credible fear interview, how does that slow anything down? They still get released into the US.
      So if 1000 people claim asylum, 900 are still allowed in. Of those 900, CBP has stated only 8-10% show up for their hearing. That’s still way to many illegals remaining in the US.

      2nd point – The 10% who “didn’t” pass the test (100 using my figures) MUST be seen by a judge within 10 days. We currently have 394 judges spread across the US. Each hearing is scheduled for a “minimum” of 4 hours, so 2 asylum cases per day/judge or in harder cases 1 per day.

      Even adding judges (I can’t remember how many were approved right off hand), the current backlog as of January 2019 was 809,000.

      I’m not sure how this proposed “solution” will help. Am I missing something?

      1. 4 hour hearings? Wow, no wonder everything’s backed up. It’s not like traffic court where each case is heard for 2 minutes .

  12. I have to agree with Ted but we also need to do something now about this mess. It is a national emergency and we need troops down at the border to protect what’s coming across. We also need a ton of judges who can process and send back the majority of migrants. This needs to get done yesterday!

  13. Gotta disagree with Ted on this one. Between Mexico and Congress they’re backing Trump into a corner. If something doesn’t get done we’ll have no choice.

    This Houston channel did a great job actually showing what is going on at the Texas border. Within minutes the border patrol officer they were riding with came across dozens…who were LOOKING to be taken in by border patrol. Including men from Sri Lanki.

    Video story and text here:

  14. Texas is one state that has been conservative. The liberals know this and would like for California liberals to all move to Texas to turn Texas blue. They want our electoral votes. If they can’t do it one way, they’ll try to do it another way. Shutting down trade might be one way of weakening Texas. We need to build the wall, secure the border (with the military if necessary), and keep trade flowing.

  15. I don’t believe Trump will shut the border down! He’s just threatening to in order to get the right people to the table for negotiations!!! Have you not learned anything from Trump by now???

    1. Oh y
      es …I’ve learned Trump bark is much less than his bite. ..Bloviating Americanicus

  16. Our economy would get hammered almost immediately if we completely shut down the border. Ted is absolutely correct to raise the alarm here. From what I’ve heard from Larry Kudlow though, the administration wasn’t planning to shut down commercial freight anyway.

  17. Closing the border affects millions of American jobs. I agree with Cruz.

    Mexico was the United States’ 2nd largest goods export market in 2017.
    U.S. goods exports to Mexico in 2017 were $243.3 billion

    Top exports: machinery ($43 B), electrical machinery ($41 B), mineral fuels ($27 B), vehicles ($21 B), and plastics ($17 B).

    Exports of agricultural products to Mexico totaled $19B in 2017, our 3rd largest agricultural export market.

    Exports include: corn ($2.7 B), soybeans ($1.6 B), pork & pork products ($1.5 B), dairy products ($1.3 B), and beef & beef products ($979 M)..

    I believe the Dems, in their appropriations bill of Feb 15, called for more judges & processors to handle the paperwork as well as drones, updated security equipment, etc. although nothing seems to be happening.

    1. @sam Mexico became this big exporter of AG products because the Dems in DC and in CA shut down America’s bread basket in CA, blaming it on some stupid tiny little fish. If they hadn’t done that, we’d not be in this situation, depending on Mexico for many of our AG products. In fact, we should have competition for all the products you mention. That’s what capitalism is all about, as opposed to picking winners and losers under the globalization scheme or the united Americas scheme. The United States of America should NOT be dependent on any other nation for any product or reason.

      Drones? Updated security equipment? All a gimme gimmick for these tech donors to leftist politicians. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. “Technology” is NOT the best or the most economical way to secure the border. Why? Let us not forget the endless upgrades these tech companies force everyone to make all the time that cost big bux, not to mention the horrors of hacking or when the equipment’s technology develops a “glitch”.

      A wall goes up for a certain cost with minimal upkeep costs. NOT a wall for 2000miles. Walls where they’re needed. Walls work.

      1. @golfcartone
        The items I mention are exported “by the US” TO Mexico. (I didn’t even bother with what we import).

        It seems like every country we deal with has a reciprocal deal of some sort to balance it out in “theory” which makes no sense to me. (We build a tractor & sell it to Mexico & they build a tractor & sell it to us).

        Agree on the security gadgets, however some were requested by CBP & BP. A bonus for those in Silicon Valley or Tech companies that are donors to whichever party. I’d actually have to go back & read that part of the bill to verify what they put in there.

        I have no problem with barriers where BP has requested them….but only BP, not Congress. The bill Trump signed in Feb which supposedly adds another 55 miles won’t have anything done on it til mid Sept I believe. It was NOT a good deal to sign.

        1. @sam LOL I misread. Brew does that sometimes. LOL

          I agree it wasn’t a good bill to sign. It had some form of weird amnesty in it, too. However, I think that’s the fault of the GOP for many reasons, all of which we all know.

          Yes, what BP asks for is what it should be but of course, that’s not what the dems believe nor do many of the GOP. BP is asking for walls. Congress should provide proper security and stop being such azzhats just because Trump is President. IMO

  18. For all those who think Texas will be economically hit, guess who is the biggest trading partner of the state of Arizona?

  19. Meanwhile, Rome is invaded.
    When you have a sinking ship you can argue about how to bail water, navigate to land, and who gets credit later. But the first step on everyone’s mind should be to PLUG THE F*CKING LEAK!

    1. Yep…pretty hard to fix the leak at one end before the leak at the “connection” is still leaking..and leaking real bad…

  20. Dammit. The selfish senators and people of Texas don’t want to make the sacrifices that NYGino is so willing to do. The nerve of those people. Just continuing our conversation from yesterday …

    1. Really @thor77 ? You’re going to call out @nygino for something you disagreed with both of us saying on a different thread on a different day…pretty cheap shot.

      1. A. I did not finish it with Gino yesterday as it got late.
        B. It was a spirited discussion, he made his points and I made mine. This is merely a continuation considering it’s the same topic
        C. If you have a strong coherent viewpoint, you can discuss it anytime without feeling that you are being called out. That’s kinda snow flakey.

        1. it’s not kinda snow flakey actually it’s kinda stupid when he’s not on THIS thread you are calling him out making yourself look foolish @thor77

          1. Looks like your feelings were hurt because not many others want to make that sacrifice you were so intent on making. So you resort to calling others foolish and stupid. Deep rooted liberal habits, I guess.

            1. Good morning to you too @thor77 Now I’m not only a snowflake but a liberal 😆 you have no idea who I am. I will tell you this I cannot even remember when I have had my feelings hurt by anyone, let alone some anonymous keyboard warrior that I don’t give one second of thought to unless I am being polite and answering when I get a notification that you are on here howling your opinions at me yet again. Do yourself a favor find a person outside the box ( your computer or phone ) and yammer away at them. I am not interested in wasting another second of my life trying to talk to someone that is intent in digging in their heels and spouting nonsense to me/at me. Going to make a pot of coffee now and start my day. I have hit the pretend ignore button now. Have a nice life.

      1. I was addressing him by highlighting his name. In all honesty, did you even remotely feel I was addressing you it anyone else? It was in context of the same discussion from the previous evening and I’m quite sure he would have known what I was talking about.

        1. Well excuuuuuuzzze me. I’ve known Gino for a long time. If you backbite him, I’ll say something.

          1. Why do you feel asking him to continue the discussion that I was having with him is backbiting? I respect your friendship with him, and sure, friends should look out for each other.

            But if you and I had a discussion on a topic a few hours ago, and another post comes up on the same topic within a few hours, and I mused what you thought of it so we could continue, would that be backbiting you?

            1. How will he see it? Unless you reply directly to one of his comments, it won’t go to his inbox.

              1. Isn’t he a mod who sees everything? He has stepped in to conversations before that were not addressed to him, so I don’t see how this is wrong.

                I wasn’t addressing this to you, and yet you chimed in. Look, there was no malicious intent, if you can believe that. Other than that, if you feel the need to wade into this, by all means do so. I’ve see you here ever since I started coming on for the last 3 plus years and take you for a reasonable guy. Just not sure why you think this is equivalent to backbiting, as I posed to you earlier. As far as I think, he is a mod and will see it and will understand it was continuing our earlier discussion.

                1. I see your misunderstanding.
                  Mods aren’t omniscient, they’re just regular folks who monitor threads when they happen to be here. It’s rare for them to be on an old one.

  21. Of course Trump is pissed…mostly cause of people like Cornyn and others who have no balls…Shutting the ports of entry will not fix the problem though. Trump needs to call the Rinos who are helping the Loons out…He doesn’t need them anyway . What have they done? Squat!

  22. What a conundrum. Why aren’t Democrats being asked about it or are they? The media should be in Democrat faces (like they would Republicans) asking repeatedly why they won’t do anything to help stop the crisis at the border.

    1. @squirrelly Yes, the media should get in the faces of Dems. But the media are marxists too, who relish the destruction of Texas. And one way or another, this does big damage to Texas.

        1. @squirrelly Oh I know you understand and I understood you. I was just bantering with you. Trying to add to your comment. (I gave you thumb up before I replied to your orig comment.) Sometimes, the message intent gets lost in this commenting system. All good.

    2. @squirrelly
      I get your point Squirrelly, however what meaningful legislation did the Republicans pass for the 2 years they controlled everything? Did THEY give the president full funding? Republicans only banded together after they lost the house.

      This is not a one party problem although most like to blame just Dems & media asking Dems anything meaningful is a laugh.

      1. I completely agree. I’ve made comments about those 2 years plenty of times. I blame them all.

  23. The President can close the border to all civilian non-commerce related traffic. He can also order the military to conduct in cooperation with CBP 100% inspections of all inbound equipment and verification of legal purpose in the country.

    But that’s too obvious, so bloviate and do nothing will be the end solution once again.

    1. They aren’t coming in throughthe ports of entry. While everyone is busy checking people at the port or babysitting the ones literally turning themselves in, 1000’s more are pouring in Everywhere else on the border…The port has a pretty good record of catching illegals, drugs etc. that do try..These invaders have been told how to come and what to do to stay.
      Trump has all kinds of advice from people who don’t want this stopped

  24. We’ll have to wait and see what Trump goes with. They’re trying to find ways to keep the trade open. Surely Cruz knows this.

    I take issue with Cruz saying that the Democrats have obstructed Congress from being able to fix the problem. Yeah, maybe now, but the Republicans did NOTHING over the two years they had complete power to do so. Why is it that they only pretend to act tough when they know they can’t succeed? Two years, Cruz….where the eff were you THEN?!

    It would effect my job too. Four days out of my five day work week are spent pulling orders that go to Mexico.

    1. DC always swallows them up sooner or later, even Cruz and Lee. :unamused:

      1. @scope-formerly-pinecone I still think Cruz is one of the good ones. He started off fighting hard but he also was uncompromising and that doesn’t get anywhere. I get that they have to be able to compromise (and I’m not saying “cave”). I just really did not like what he just said.

  25. Makes me so furious about these illegals! Tucker just had on that they caught another MS13 & another guy that had been deported twice that raped, & drown a girl that was jogging in NJ. He frequented the park there. :exclamation:

  26. I tried a few weeks back to make this point about Texas’ trade relationship with Mexico and got slammed for it. I agree with Cruz on this.

    Texas-Mexico relationship is complicated and made more complicated by the United States Congress and shame on them! BTW, I still support Trump but closing down our border will significantly hurt Texas. And so does illegal immigration. One big circle jerk until DC gets its s*** together.

    1. I honestly can’t believe Texas hasn’t seceded yet. If I were Texas, I’d totally be all “Enough of your sh** America. I’m out.”

      1. @atomicsentinel At the 2016 TXGOP convention, secession came within 1 vote of passing to be put on our platform. We’ll see what happens for 2020.

  27. I HATE this crap stop airing your dirty laundry in public talk to each other behind closed doors give your opinion behind closed doors and stop thinking the only state is TX. We voted him in to do a job let him do it.

    1. and stop thinking the only state is TX

      I think we’d all be pretty pissed if he started working for the interests of California.

        1. My point is, Congress represents the people of their constituency. Ted’s allegiance isn’t to the people of California or Minnesota or New Jersey – it’s to Texans. They’re who hired him. I’m not a Texan. I don’t expect him to advocate for me as my voice in Congress. That’s what my State’s senators are for.

          This is basic civics dude.

          1. First of all I’m not a dude and neither are you so try speaking intelligently @atomicsentinel. My point is , and you know it, this is NOT just a TX problem it is a USA problem. No need to answer I’m tired of the back and forth with you.

            1. For Ted it’s just a Texas problem. If the President can’t find a solution that works for Texas, then I wouldn’t expect Texas to support it.

              Again, this is like Intro to America.

        2. May want to reassess your comment as to AAT having a “asinine comeback” Ruthie. I’ve seen better replies on HuffPo.

          Perhaps you should ask why Cruz shouldn’t make policy decisions on behalf of TXsince, he kinda is the Senator from there?

          1. No I will not reassess my comment to her I stand by what I said Thanks anyway @airforcevet98

          2. Her problem isn’t with the message, it’s with the messenger. If I told her that Hitler was bad, she’d start praising the positives that might be associated with him – just to avoid acknowledging that I’m right. It’s dumb.

            1. Lord you really are ignorant @atomicsentinel typical of you trying to stir shyte as usual.

                1. Is there a reason you have decided to stalk and harass me @atomicsentinel ? Isn’t being banned from another site that has a motto of don’t be a jerk not enough for you ? Perhaps don’t be a bitch could work here ? What say you @therightscoop ? She is being relentless here.

            2. @AT – Speaking of dumb – your analogy is just that. Do better or stop calling other people dumb.

              1. I didn’t call anyone dumb. I called what they say and how they act dumb.

                Because what they’re saying and how they’re acting is dumb.

    2. @ruthiedoggiemom – I agree! Why can’t the Republicans just work things out in private!!! STOP feeding the MSM. WTH is wrong with them. It ticks me off when they do this.

    3. Well … following up on yesterday … the people/senator of Texas …sacrifices… never mind

    4. @ruthiedoggiemom This effects Texas in ways that most other states are not effected. Mexico is Texas’ largest trading partner and Texas is Mexico’s largest trading partner. That isn’t the case in the rest of the country. At the same time, it is true that illegal crossings are killing Texas. All the while, Texans are spending billions of our own money to try to protect our state which helps the rest of the country, too. I don’t see the rest of the country trying to support their fellow Americans here in Texas. We are in more trouble and have more threat from this immigration BS than any other state in this country.

      I’m not trying to argue with you. I’m just giving you some details that maybe you didn’t know. If you did, my apologies.

      1. Sorry my friend @golfcartone can’t agree with you on this one. Having a nephew in NY that died from a heroin OD and seeing what MS-13 has done overtaking towns on Long Island and the murder and mayhem they have caused this is very much a 50 state problem.

        1. @ruthiedoggiemom I’m sorry for your loss, Ruthie.

          Yeah, the drug problem is huge here, too. They run their operations nationwide out of Texas. They have HQ in Houston, Dallas, Lubbock, SanAntone and Austin. MS13 is also a big problem here and the strong arm for the cartels. I forgot to include all this in my comment. Our law enforcement is stressed to the max here with the variety of problems.

          At least we can disagree with each other without being offended.

          1. Thank you :heart: and goodnight At least we can disagree with each other without being offended. definitely

    5. @ruthiedoggiemom
      Senator Cruz is “representing” Texas, as he was elected to do.

      When asked by media about something/anything and a Republican has no response, the media will gladly make something up. I’d rather have a response, especially from someone as intelligent as Cruz.

  28. I don’t get this. I never assumed Trump meant to include shipping in his close the border statement. I’m not sure why people read that in to it.

    It makes a lot of sense to close all immigration at the border-especially asylum requests. That’s obviously the problem he’s addressing, not trade.

    Has someone been screaming about the terrible problem of trucks full of produce?

    1. “I’m not sure why people read that in to it.”

      I’m genuinely curious now. What exactly does closing the border down mean to you?

        1. Yep. Trump haters read all sorts of things into “what he really meant.” Normal folks just wait to see what actions are taken.

          1. @k-bob
            Funny thing is Cruz & Cornyn thought the same thing as quite a few others, but, yeah, ok, they’re just Trump Haters.

            Trump very seldom explains things with clarity. He would do well to stick to written statements. At that, he’s good.

              1. @k-bob
                Hey, just agreeing with your post about Trump Haters. Cruz & Cornyn didn’t “wait to see what actions are taken” before issuing their statement so I’m guessing they “may” have felt there was some confusion on the border closure.

                It was a good statement with valid points.

                1. All members of set A have characteristic X

                  Is a very different proposition from

                  All items with characteristic X are elements of set A.

                  My logic was of the form of the first. Nowhere did I claim, imply, or infer that Cruz or anyone else you care to name are Trump haters.

                  If you want specific names, then that’s a separate, but uninteresting conversation.

          2. How terrible of us to assume that “closing the border” means closing the border.

            1. @finrod Where is the hue and cry over commerce with Mexico? Let’s see who’s been demanding a stop to transportation of goods so we can find out how Trump would accede to such apparently immense pressure.

      1. I’m not the one with a crying need to insist Trump speak in perfect language so that objections cannot be raised.

        1. I didn’t ask what it meant to Trump. I asked what closing the border down meant to you as you seemed shocked people thought it included trade.

          1. Emotion claims are not arguments. My personal view on what the phrase means is immaterial. I’m neither in charge nor in need of an explanation.

            1. “My personal view on what the phrase means is immaterial.”

              You brought your personal confusion up. I didn’t. The whole post I originally responded to in fact was you airing how confused you were people were worried about trade. I’m merely inquiring about the basis for said confusion.

                1. Me: “The whole post I originally responded to in fact was you airing how confused you were people were worried about trade.”

                  You: “I made no such claim.”

                  Literally your first paragraph: “I don’t get this. I never assumed Trump meant to include shipping in his close the border statement. I’m not sure why people read that in to it.”

                  Further down: “That’s obviously the problem he’s addressing, not trade.

                  Has someone been screaming about the terrible problem of trucks full of produce?”

                  Let’s quote the man himself here: Trump alleged Mexico was stealing the state’s automobile business and told the crowd that if he closes the border, then “it means you’re going to make more cars right here in the good old USA.”

                  So how about answering my question about what you feel “closing the border” means as I’m still curious about the basis of your confusion about trade worries as a result of it happening.

                2. I know what I wrote. You are inventing “confusion.”

                  Either you aren’t aware of word meaning, or you’re just determined to sell your strawman.

                  I addressed your question. It’s meaningless. Repetition doesn’t change that fact.

                3. Look I’ve all but given up hope of you answering what I thought was a simple question I asked at the start but if that’s the level of snark your left with after a day, you might as well have ignored the last post

                4. I *dealt* with your question. For at least the third time: It’s irrelevant.

                  Once should have been all you needed.

    2. Umm … maybe he could have spelt it out clearly unless his access to Twitter was taken away

    3. Closing pedestrian and personal vehicle lanes does very little to hurt the Mexican government. The only way to make them feel the pain is to shut down the transport lanes, even if only for 4-5 days. Produce is perishable and most of that money would be lost while we would suffer increased prices for a little while until California crops ripen.

      Trade is where the pain is and is the biggest card in Trump’s hand.

    4. Part of my statement down thread:
      “I thought the whole plan was to shut down the border with the exceptions that allow legitimate commerce (trucking shipments) to continue as well as individuals with proper ID that cross the border daily for work. That’s what I got from Kudlow’s explanation yesterday anyway.”

      1. @landscaper That seems like an assumption that is actually related to the stated problem. And it makes sense.

        Some folks apparently want to assume things were meant that are unrelated to the problem.

  29. He’s right..all the stuff he said we need to do isn’t getting done and it’s intentional…Besides Trump said yesterday after speaking with Mitch, he agreed shutting commerce won’t help.
    HOWEVER, the cost of these people coming here will far out way the cost of anything we have ever seen…
    We have to fix the problem…it starts with corrupt politicians and corrupt Lobbyists who want cheap labor…

  30. I am going to politely disagree with Cruz on this border issue. Some things worth noting…..1. The border has not been shut down yet. 2. If the border is shut down, it will help halt the flow of illegals coming into this country. 3. There may be a short term impact to our economy, but we will adjust as Americans. 4. Letting goods flow across the border, even in limited amounts should help. 5. Congress on both sides of the aisle seem to care more about cheap labor and bringing in disease and collapsing the economy instead of working on protecting US Citizens.

  31. Didn’t Larry Kudlow mention they were thinking of establishing something for trucking lanes from Mexico? If that could be done properly surely that could help, but you can bet the cartels would start loading up semis with drugs and people. Easier to check though, but would be a slow cumbersome business.

  32. Ted’s right and his statement doesn’t actually knock Trump at all. Instead he goes for the Democrats.

  33. Love ya, Senator Cruz, but disagree on this one. While the temporary economic devastation is a real issue, our fading national sovereignty, as we are invaded repeatedly with apparent impunity, is more important to me.

    1. Cruz is right…We need to first enforce the laws which is congress. All this other stuff is useless until we first fix that. Closing the ports of entry will not stop them from coming in…

  34. Is anyone actually shocked by his statement that this is a bad idea? I’m more surprised by the number of people cheering the idea on.

    1. @dinodoc

      Yea I think Trump jumped the shark on this one. Something has be done though.

      1. I’m not disagreeing but the proposed action is “something” in the liberal sense (ie counterproductive and damaging) as opposed to productive action.

    2. Because, I fear for some it is not about being conservative as much as it is about defending the President.

      As a party, and somewhat as a movement we have abandoned principles for our guy winning and the other guy losing.

      1. Amen to that. If we can’t call out our own, we’re no better than the leftists.

      2. You do a disservice to those who genuinely think Cruz is wrong. I’m no Trump supporter – don’t like the man but in this case, because of all the talk about doing something, that has gone on for years with nothing being done, maybe a short, quick punch might jar some energy for actually fixing the problem loose.

        Some people are always knee-jerk supporters – some for Trump and some for Cruz – how about the issue being more important than who Love which politician? And that’s something I cannot ever understand – loving a politician. I’m always surprised that their spouses do.

        1. That is a fair, and reasonable opinion to have on the subject. The personality is less important for me, this could be any Senators statement, and it does not change the fact that closing the border, and if Cruz’s statement is to be believed, injuring the economic health of our Country in order to deal with Illegal Immigration is cutting off ones nose to spite your face.

  35. Ted’s Beard isn’t wrong. It’s basically the same argument we make about gun control. Yea, we’ve got a problem with gun violence. But the answer isn’t to punish legal gun owners with a sweeping act that harms the law-abiding more than the criminal – it’s to focus on the actual problem.

    And I say this as one who’s vocally advocated shutting down the southern border to put the screws the Mexico. Maybe there’s a way to do both. Find some way to offset the damage it would do to border-state commerce. How precisely does this hurt Texas business? Is it lack of personnel, or lack of trading partners/routes, or something else?

    1. Okay, your a mom and pop store, you sell Sombreros that are made in Mexico. They get shipped across the border once a week. President Trump closes the border to all traffic. As a mom and pop, you don’t have the resources or capital to plan ahead for these things. Now, you are cut off from your supply and miss a shipment. The selection in your store starts to dwindle, as business continues. You sell your inventory, but cannot replace it with new Sombreros. Within a week or two you are completely out, you shutter your doors, and are using your profits not to invest in the business, but instead to feeding your family. Then when the border reopens, you do not have the business to buy goods to sell, and you and your employees are out of work.

      That scenario would play out with every business that has any dealings across the border, and the smaller the business the smaller the margin for error and the harder it effects them.

      1. Different scenario @williamwigman illegal alien jumps border finds way to mom and pop store decides to rob them. Things go bad PD finds dead mom and pop lying in a pool of blood.

          1. No not at all you think it doesn’t happen ? @atomicsentinel you obviously have never witnessed what MS-13 has done.

            1. I didn’t say it didn’t happen. I said that you went with the most extreme example – which btw has nothing to do with solving the economic concerns of Texas.

              “Listen, if you shut down the border you could really screw up our business.”
              “If we don’t shut down the border, GANG MEMBERS WILL ROB AND MURDER YOU.”

              I’m thinking there’s a fallacy in there somewhere bro.

        1. I was only addressing the potential economic problems with shutting down the border. But I might say that that logic works with a lot of other things as well.

          That is like saying drunk divers kill people, so in response we are going to stop people from driving.

          Now, the economic problem for that plan is that, no one can get to work. GDP becomes zero, but hey no drunk drivers would kill anyone.

      2. Right, so what kind of solution can we apply to that problem that will offset that damage? Sell the sombrero’s to the government temporarily instead? I’m sure the GSA could use some party sombreros.

        1. Or, potentially avoid doing the thing which hurts our economy, in order to fix a totally unrelated issue like illegal immigration.

          You do not go to the doctor and say, “Doc, my foot hurts because of this bunion, so chop the foot off.” “Yeah, it will leave me with a handicap, but the bunion will be gone.”

          1. Agreed. Same thing with the gun control argument I made.

            You don’t harm the good just to thwart the bad.

    2. Please tell me what good it does to close the ports of entry…The parts that need closing permanently, are the rest of the border. The New Mexican Prez is a dictator and could care less who comes here…The entire reason they come is because of the corrupt politicians we have here…right in our own back yard…
      Cruz is right and all through his primaries he was open and honest about the laws especially on immigration. Did you know it is Illegal for an Illegal to collect any benefits? Did you also know it’s Illegal to collect any benefits from the government when you come Legally until at least 3 years after immigrating? This is where it has to start…

  36. He did not follow through on his promise in December. Putting Troops on the Border ,putting those trying to come in our country illegally onto a plane and send them back home.But do it for more than two weeks,and not similar to last December when the Troops and their support went home for the Holidays.That was the weakest show of force I have ever seen.and obviously that little trick did not work,.because behind our backs the illegals were allowed to stay after some kind of phony process effort.

  37. I’m a little confused, which isn’t difficult 😯 because I thought the whole plan was to shut down the border with the exceptions that allow legitimate commerce (trucking shipments) to continue as well as individuals with proper ID that cross the border daily for work. That’s what I got from Kudlow’s explanation yesterday anyway.
    Which brings me to this. Is it really a ‘border shut down‘ if any movement going north and south is allowed?

  38. Ted’s looking out for his state, which is his job to do as Senator. This is a principled stand for him since he’s intervening on behalf of the Lone Star state. He’s been one of the loudest voices supporting Trump on illegal immigration & the Wall & has been screaming from the rooftops about illegal immigration before Trump ever ran for office.

    Ted is not the enemy on this. There’s a way we can do this…

  39. I’m a huge fan of Ted but I don’t really agree with him on this – at least not on all of it. Trump has already indicated that he’s willing to compromise to an extent in order to keep commerce going as best as can be done. But closing the border at this point seems like all that he can do. Congress just talks, points fingers and does NOTHING substantial to stop this invasion. So in this case, I’m giving Trump the edge.

    1. I think that was more or less what Ted was saying. Closing the border is a bad idea but Congress is forcing this by their obstruction and the dems defiant lawless policies.

    2. Yep.

      I dislocated my shoulder many years ago. I knew if I didn’t have it re-set, it was going to hurt like hades for a long time and be useless until I did something about it or by miracle, it got itself back into joint. I chose to have it re-set.

      It hurt like hades for a very short time, I was be back to being healed and… back to work in short order.

      No difference here.

  40. He’s got a good point – how is closing the border supposed to help when the problem is illegal immigration?

    The only way I could see this as making sense would be if he was putting economic pressure on Mexico so they have to stop immigrants flowing through their country… but I doubt that would work and we need to trade with Mexico too.

    Plus its just a ridiculous demand to ask a country to change their own immigration procedures. This is our problem, Mexico is in no way obligated to solve it for us.

    Cruz is right, the problem is Congress. The Democrats will never let Trump have anything. They can’t, its political suicide for them. They don’t appeal to moderates, they’re far too extreme. What they’re hoping for is some kind of “grass-roots” movement where their base (who supports abolishing ICE and most all immigration laws) gets super motivated and topples the other side’s base, who will no longer be motivated after watching all their guys get beat down every time.

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