BREAKING: Trump announces his replacement for Rosenstein!

Trump has just announced his replacement for Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and his name is Jeffrey Rosen. He’s currently the Deputy Secretary at the Transportation Department:

Here’s the announcement:

Jamie Dupree points out that Rosen, as Deputy Secretary in Transportation, was already confirmed by the Senate in 2017:

That vote was 56-42 and 6 Democrats came over at the time to vote for him back then, including Manchin, Kaine, Warner, and Peters, all of which are still in the Senate.

Also it’s worth nothing that Rosenstein was set to leave in March, but it sounds like he could be leaving before that, depending on how quickly the Senate can confirm his replacement.

Here is Rosen’s photo:

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21 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump announces his replacement for Rosenstein!

  1. Another question mark,Jeff Rosen under secretary of Transportation to Elaine Chao who is the,wife of Mitch McConnell whose wife’s Family in heavily involved in the Chinese Shipping lines.So will Rosen as the Assistant AG have to recuse himself if called to investigate the possible connection of Chao and her family to the Chinese and the chinese transportation connection

  2. I am starting to see a pattern here. You must have Rosen in your last name for consideration for DAG. Hopefully this is Rosen without a Stain (RosenStain)/s.

  3. “Barr picked Jeffrey Rosen”

    This is a HUGE red flag. Barr is a hardcore swamp critter – can Rosen be any better?

  4. I can only hope that this appointment leads to cleansing the DOJ of the wholly corrupt and subversive activities that have plagued the DOJ for decades.

    Even though Jeffrey Rosen has already been confirmed in 2017 I expect the democrats to conduct themselves as they did during the Kavanaugh and Barr confirmation hearings.

  5. When you’re behind bars Rosenstank, I hope your fellow inmates take care of business. If you know what I mean.

  6. Rosen will be another one of the “best people” until he ticks off Trump and gets fired.

    Then he’ll be the “loser who couldn’t cut it, even at the DOT.”

  7. Doesn’t sound like it should be controversial. But I wouldn’t put it past the Dems to try to screw it up.

  8. Given that he’s already been confirmed by the Senate for a different position, I’m guessing they’re willing to put him in position as DAG even if the Democrats fight the nomination.

  9. Good to see the deep state is finally getting cleared out and replaced with people who aren’t interested in playing partisan games.

  10. Rosenstein should have been fired years ago. The president is fully within his rights to expel ALL of the appointed positions within all government agencies; however, letting all of this crap ride has clarified that demonrats and rinos actually attempted a COUP against a duly-elected president! DRAIN THE SWAMP INDEED!!!!

  11. I had heard Rosen was the choice. Barr knows him because they both worked at the same law firm. Guess it’s good to have someone Barr can trust as his DAG. Wish him well and hope he’s confirmed soon.

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