BREAKING: Trump BACKS OFF on threat to close the border, throws car tariffs into the mix…

Trump just spoke to reporters about the border and said some things you’ll definitely want to hear.

From what I can glean from this, Trump is now backing off of his threat to close the border.

He claims that in the last few days Mexico has begun to comply with the US and is now sending people back to their own countries who are trying to cross their southern border to come here.

But Trump doesn’t take closing the border off the table completely. AND he is adding tariffs on car imports to the mix of punishments for Mexico.

Trump is now giving Mexico a one-year warning, arguing that if they don’t continue to stop central American migrants from coming to our border and they don’t put a stop to drugs coming over our southern border, he will put tariffs on car imports from Mexico. If that doesn’t work he says shut down the border.

The problem with the tariffs is that they will hurt consumers here in the US, not just the manufacturers Mexico. But we’ve said all this before and apparently Trump doesn’t really care about hurting consumers.

So it sounds like to me that Trump is not going to shut down the border right now because he says Mexico is now doing their part to stop the flow of migrants.

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60 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump BACKS OFF on threat to close the border, throws car tariffs into the mix…

  1. If the cost of a vehicle has to go up to prevent illegal invaders from pouring over the border, I’m all for it. How much longer before we lose complete control over our own nation from the latest progressive onslaught to fundamentally change America into a socialist Republic? Maybe U.S. auto manufacturers should start pressuring, and leveraging the economic impact their withdrawal would have on Mexico, instead of constantly attacking the President and working against our national interests. Free trade has never required an open borders policy on immigration.

  2. So if they don’t stop the drugs he is going to hurt the American consumer and the American economy right before the election. Sounds like a plan.

  3. Predicted that one 100% accurately on TRS last night. Gee, that was hard. All bloviate, no action again.

  4. After giving Mexico a years warning and If the Drugs don’t stop or largely stop within that year,we close the Border.Wow,you just caused everyone south of the US border to be shaking in their boots.Sounds like a few drugs will be allowed to come into our country via Mexico.Will thisbe run by a lottery to see who the distributor will be.

  5. Ok ,now that Trump has shut down the Border,did McConnell also do his part and go nuclear with that mass of conservative Judges he promised,so we will have enough Judges on the 9th Circuit to neutralize that courts unbelievable crazy decisions.

  6. Fresh off my market feeds … just to illustrate what he says doesn’t matter as its all over the place


    Quite the word salad

    Apologies for the caps … cut n paste

    1. Yes. All throughout history, leaders have always read prepared statements with the same, exact wording, on every possible subject they addressed. Until Trump.

      Totally a new thing.

        1. Cool fantasy, bro.

          I respect reason; well sourced facts, and logic. You are doing a great job of avoiding all three.

          1. If you can’t see that he takes all sides of an issue multiple times, you must respect blinders too. Anyway, your have a right to your opinion … atleast we are not in Russia or China

  7. Fox10 Phoenix published this vid on Saturday, April 2…

    …where Trump said he would close the border. But here’s the thing:

    Go to 3:40, thru 4:20…

    “Or we’re gonna close large sections of the border, maybe not all of it.”

    So this is video from two days later is no scoop by Politico. The assumption he would just shut all commerce down was overblown bulls**t from the start.

    But social media and a 5-second “news cycle” has people making insane claims just to get noticed.

    No one has been clamoring for an end to trade with Mexico. Trump certainly hasn’t. Republicans definitely haven’t. So the assumption was bizarre and unwarranted from day one.

    Anyone with a sense of caution beyond that of a moth knows a 2 second sound byte is not, and cannot be “policy.” If you want to know what the policy is or will be, you ask questions. Lots of questions.

    This used to be obvious.

    Bonus: at the end of the vid I linked, Trump brings up the pending report from IG Horowitz, and threw in the word “treasonous.”

    That’s pretty serious talk, right there.

    But like most regular folks, I’ll wait for the report before making claims about what he means.

    1. @muckjumper
      Seriously? So the greatest country in the world isn’t capable of securing its own borders? Blaming OUR Governments failure on another country is a cop out.

      If Mexicans were traveling thru the US to gain illegal entry to Canada & the US wasn’t stopping them, is that the US’s fault?

  8. Trump makes a lot of threats that he doesn’t follow through on. He’s a paper tiger.

    1. Moved embassy to Jerusalem.
      Started building the wall.
      Cut funding to universities not insuring free speech.

      Yeah, sure. Never follows through on anything.

      1. Yes, he moved our Embassy to Jerusalem and that was awesome.

        No, he hasn’t cut funding to Universities, he THREATENED TO, but HEY, at least you’re telling the TRUTH now about building the Wall. New construction FINALLY starts this month.

        NO need to apologize for falsely claiming Trump was building NEW Walls prior to 4/1/19 when it was only replacing existing walls though, we understand many can’t help themselves, especially since Trump was LYING about New Wall too.

        1. He already signed the EO on university funding. It’s done.

          He started building new wall in 2018.

          Sorry to ruin your fabulism.

            1. The point is, the policy is in place, and is actively under enforcement. You do understand that new investigations take actual time, right?

              And congratulations for linking to our conversations here. Each time I linked to articles pointing out two things:

              1) Border wall construction began in 2018, when actual new miles were completed. I backed up my claims. You don’t have to like it, but it’s a fact.
              2) Trump changed replacement fencing to the new wall specifications, so the open borders clowns claiming it was “only replacement wall” were full of crapola. And with each new mile of new fence built, look even more pathetic and stupid.

      2. @k-bob
        Actually there is no mention of funding “cuts” to universities, etc. in his EO.

        Public universities/colleges etc are already required to ensure there is freedom of speech on campus. This directs the 14? Agencies to ensure this is what is being followed.

        1. The possibility of no longer receiving that grant money means it could be cut. Pretty straightforward concept.

      3. Moving the embassy and building the wall are not threats. I am happy he came through on those promises.

  9. Trump does not want to make economic sacrifices to solve the illegal issue. Time to get back to the drawing board and find another way .. like cutting off benefits and mandating e-verify or something simple like that.

    1. He’s going to have to get Congress on board for that, and I don’t think he’s that skilled a negotiator. Granted, he’s got a hostile Congress – but apparently that’s what the American people wanted when they voted for more of the same with their binary choice shackles on.

          1. @k-bob
            Mexico has no interest/incentive in controlling migration or drugs.

            Allowing Mexico a year then he might shut the border down is ridiculous. A crisis demands action now, not after an additional million asylum seekers flood our country.

            Interpret it whichever way you want. We still have freedom of thought.

  10. He claims that in the last few days Mexico has begun to comply with the US and is now sending people back to their own countries who are trying to cross their southern border to come here.

    Is that actually in any way true or verifiable? Because, you’ll excuse me Donald if I don’t take you at your word on all this border security stuff.

        1. Bingo.

          Captain Lazy is once again passing on the hard work and kicking it back to Congress, where he KNOWS the Democrats will stop any and all measures to stop the influx.

          Good call Prez…

          1. Great Caesar’s ghost, man! Don’t you know what this means???

            You’ve discovered the legislative process!!!

            I’m not sure the Founders called it “lazy,” but I’m sure they knew it would be slow.

    1. The first three letters of Trump and truth are the same. and that should be good enough for you

  11. Whatever it takes. I really don’t care about how politicians’ reputations “look” regarding the border. Just get the job done.

  12. Again with the tariffs. I really think he doesn’t know how tariffs work. Really. This was about keeping business routes open for our trucks to get to Mexico and sell. Now, what happens if they decide to tariff our goods?

    1. I agree. Trade wars is something I’ve never been able to get behind, he is in a tough spot though. If Mexico is getting any foreign aid maybe it’s time to review that.

  13. The border should be closed for at least a few years. If Mexico was on the Canadian border, they wouldn’t let any in.

  14. Ok, so does anyone in the room really believe that the Mexican Government is in anyway capable of halting or substantially diminishing the illegal drug trade across the border?

    1. Sure when we convince all Americans to stop taking them.

      Better way to put it there will always be too much money to be made smuggling. We need to just legalize them and stop this silliness. Prohibition did not work and our trillion dollars fighting the drug war seems to have increased the deaths not lowered them.

  15. Have you ever played with a kitten by teasing it with a length of string and when the kitten pounces on the end of the string, you pull it away? We are the kittens.

    As an aside, if the o’traitor hadn’t pushed his “cash for clunkers”, there would be more used cars available to those who can only afford a used car. Then maybe the tariffs on cars wouldn’t be such a problem. But I suppose it would be something else—as it always is..

  16. LOL!!! … So predictable … All bark, No bite … especially when Trump is continually “neutered” by Pelosi, and now McConnell.
    Trump has all the wind at his back but once again, caves to the “swamp” he supposedly “drained” … lol #SoWeak

  17. Why wait a year? Does Trump know for a fact Mexico is now doing the right thing? Please Donald don’t be like Obama and draw a red line and then cross it. That’s weakness!

    1. Too late. He showed us how weak he was when he praised Putin and threw our Intelligence Community under the bus. He showed us again when he caved to Kim Jong Phatboy.

      He could and should pause ALL immigration.

      That’s been done in the past and he could do it again.

      As President, he can enact a directive to HALT ALL Visas and Green Cards.

  18. 1 year? So, enough time for another million invaders to gain entry to the US. Silly me, i thought we had a National Emergency/Crisis!!!

    I imagine they will cooperate with us like they did paying for the wall / s

    I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that the most powerful country in the world threatens another country (any country) because the US refuses to fix OUR immigration/security problems.

    1. Talk to Congress. They’re the ones refusing to change the laws. The GOP really needs to step up, especially if they want to win in 2020.

    2. Exactly … the whole “National Emergency” bogus-ness was to make it look like Trump was winning when actually he caved and lost the upper ground…. it’s nearly always Scripted Reality with these 2 branches

      1. @archang3l
        I wish he had gone after the Republican Congress when we had control. Dems gave him less money & he signed for the expedited catch & release, no restrictions on anyone entering with a kid, plus restrictions on barrier funding. NOT a good deal at all.

        1. 2 months after Trump was sworn in I told my trumpster friends that Trump wouldn’t be building “the Wall.”

          They not only rejected this, but swore to me how I was wrong.

          The reason I KNEW Trump wouldn’t be building “the Wall” (I use Quotes because Trump referred to a Big, Beautiful Wall, Hundreds of miles long, NOT “some Wall here, some Wall there, some Wall NOWHERE at all) because I could see how LAZY Trump was.

          The reason Obama, as evil and diabolical as he was and is, was soo effective was because Obama got in the FACES of Leadership on Capital Hill and DEMANDED they shove his radical agenda through. He was a presence there on Capital Hill and the Democrats felt the pressure.

          Pelosi once recounted and quoted Obama during the fight for Obamacare, saying Obama said “Get. It. Done.”

          Trump, on the other hand, is more content in his bed or in a comfy chair, sending Tweets or Emails. He IS NOT, NOR NEVER WAS a hands-on Commander-In-Chief, and sadly, that was EXACTLY what we DESPERATELY needed.

          We KNEW McCONnell and Ryan were RATS, and we were told that if only we sent the “outsider, businessman” to DC, he’d shake things up.

          Look, I’m happy for the Embassy move in Israel and I’m happy for the Tax Cuts, although they could have been MUCH bigger, but spending is now the HIGHEST EVER, Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum are hurting Americans, we CANNOT afford a Forced Paternity Leave plan but Trump wants it to sign, we CANNOT afford a $1.5 T infrastructure bill, but Trump wants that too, requesting BOTH in his 2018 Budget, and 30 miles of Wall here, 40 miles of Wall there, which does NOTHING but inconvenience the illegal rather than STOPPING THEM is NOT “Winning.”

  19. A year?! Gee by then we should have a couple million or more here….Waiting 3,2,1…Mitch and company to shoot it down….Call these crooks out Trump. They are not there to help you…

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