BREAKING: Trump disavows “send her back” chant at rally last night

It’s being reported now that Trump has disavowed the “send her back” chant at his rally last night, which referred to Ilhan Omar, saying he disagreed with it and felt a little bad about it:

The comments from the Oval Office just aired on the news so I’ll post video of his comments as soon as they become available.

UPDATE: Here’s video of Trump’s comments:

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144 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump disavows “send her back” chant at rally last night

  1. For those of you who want to see how this exchange between President Trump and abc’s jonathan karl happened, Twitchy has the story. Karl pressed the President with winners of the Special Olympics present. They were being honored and the leftist media hacks could not even give these people their honor. Maybe the President didn’t want their honor disrupted by slimey media. So it is okay for the left to keep up their hate, violence, indecency and overall disgusting behavior but a chant by citizens is a problem. And the right using this leftist media narrative is an on going problem.

  2. ESPN Gets Political Again As Dan Le Batard Rips Trump Rally:

    “It is so wrong what the president of our country is doing, trying to go down getting reelected by dividing the masses at a time when the old white man, the old, rich white man feels oppressed being attacked by
    minorities,” Le Batard said.

    Because using racism to attack ‘old white men’ as racists is so woke…

  3. That’s really too bad. I disagree with Trump. No doubt some at the rally last night that chanted will not be any too happy.

  4. There is a difference between “She should leave” and “send her back.” Trump was correct by sticking to the first.

  5. Omar was asked today what she thought about the rally chant “send her back.” She stated in part- “This is about us fighting for what this country really should be and what it deserves to be.”

    No, wrong Omar. I and millions more like me don’t want the America you have in mind. America doesn’t, and never has supported anti-semitism and supporting terrorist. We really really don’t support sharia law.

  6. Good Trump. I think he’s right. The mob got away from him last night, which is a good reason to not incite the mob.

    Still, if Omar did lie to get citizenship, did commit fraud to get into college, did marry two men at the same time, and did marry her brother to get him into the US, (or any combination of those), then her status DOES need to be examined, especially her status as an elected official.

  7. Trump should say the “send her back” chant is directed at sending her back to civilian life. Get her the heck outta Congress.

  8. Trump did the right thing by disavowing the send her back chant but that won’t satisfy the Trump haters. He will be criticized now for not attempting to stop the crowd from chanting send her back.

    1. I think it would be vastly unfair to expect anyone to try and get control of that mob of hooting baboons. Impossible task, once they’ve all been whipped up into their cult frenzy.

      1. LOL..I watched the speech last night and thought how much fun it would be to go to a Trump rally…no I don’t idolize Trump but he does give some great speeches at his rallies and they look like a lot of fun.

  9. I am very happy to hear that. That chant is hurtful to many people in this country and should not be normalized. A stranger told me to go home to my country once and it was a kick in the gut because I am so proud to be an American and I knew it was my skin color she had a problem with . Your heart aches for your children who knows and love only America. No need to allow ignorant people to make them feel as if they don’t belong. It will drive them into the arms of the anti-America left.

  10. This is the Trump I don’t care for that much. He whips the crowd into a frenzy, then walks it back a day later.
    I remember well at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio in 2016 where he trashed Ted Cruz so much that the crowd were preparing to lynch Heidi Cruz, and Ken Cuchinelli and Mike Lee had to escort her out of the convention for her own safety.

  11. Heh. He’s aware there’s video, yes?

      1. I’m honestly amused that he’s blatantly lying in an attempt to distance himself from it. Your joke about getting in trouble with the wife might actually hold water.

        1. That’s not Trump-like. I imagine reporters got to Melania and questioned her about his remarks, so maybe she had a freakout and got involved. We don’t know what the heck goes on behind the scenes. Hillary used to throw stuff at Billy for the things he does.

        2. Which husband would Omar get in the most trouble with? My money is on the brother she married and committed immigration fraud with.

    1. That’s a deepfake, I’m sure. Someone at CNN just held the pause button for 13 seconds. Yea, that’s it. Thaaat’s it. That’s the ticket.

  12. Your man king just threw you all under the bus and agreed with the powers that be that you are all xenophobes and racist. Nothing wrong with send her back. We are now living in an insane society. We have allowed our country and our government to be infiltrated with the most vile and disgusting sorts on earth. A lack of wisdom and foresight and zero God Given Discernment has brought us to this point. We have allowed the education dynasty to indoctrinate the masses in political terrorism teaching all things antithetical to the Christian values our country was founded upon. We are raising a whole generation that just don’t know any better. And we have been flooding our country with immigrants, both legal and illegal, that are not assimilating or assimilating into a corrupt version of what our country should be. All by design. ON BOTH SIDES. Where is your power. With each person that increases our population, you power decreases. When we were promised 1 in 30,000, now it’s 1 in a million. You have allowed them to continue to consolidate power and you are being distracted by the circus. Continue looking at the left hand and don’t pay any attention to the right. Stay out of Babylon and open your eyes.

    1. Hint, the way you write reads like:

      Your man king just [blah blah blah, not bothering to read something so obviously TDS]

      1. I apologize for insulting your man king. Just me, but I think your loyalties should lay elsewhere.

        1. The problem isn’t that you insulted him. It’s that you insulted everyone with a generalization that isn’t true. If you can’t even approach the audience of people reading your words with any respect or honesty, you can GFY.

          1. Your ending comment was very crude. hmm. With that said, I apologize for the generalization. “Some People” literally worship this man the same way many will worship Satan when he comes claiming to be the True Christ. Rev. 13:8 Time is short. I saw the rally. This man king will say patriotic and pro Christian things on one side of his mouth then curse and use g-d damn out the other side. Proverbs 4:24

    2. I wouldn’t call it throwing us under the bus, I would call it a misstep. Every thing else I agree with. In the end it’s always a mistake to put all our trust and hope in mankind, they will disappoint every time.

    3. Hope you’re praying for an Awakening because only God can fix what is wrong with this country. We also need to trust the Lord to do it. His ways are not ours (Is. 55)

      1. Absolutely. Every day. I pray we all stay awake and persevere until the end. Coming soon.

        Rev. 22:20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

  13. This won’t mean anything to the Left. They’ll still complain. It’s all they know how to do.

  14. He must have disagreed with the chant , itself, because to disagree with what was being said is impossible when he was the one who brought it up. C’mon, Prez. Don’t play Dem games.

  15. “Vote them out” would be a better chant but that too will be called racist. Even if that chant is older then old and has been used by Democrats for many years.

  16. Wow, haven’t seen him throw his supporters under the bus like that before–he probably got in trouble with Melania or something.

    He could have just said, people are obviously not happy with her anti-semetic and anti-law enforcement comments and expressing their outrage like everyone else.

        1. I dunno. Holding a nationally televised event to essentially tell someone to go back to Africa is a bit much.

          1. Right but the left is always hearing dog whistles even when nothing racist was meant. Their outrage isnt believable.

            1. Here’s someone from The Daily Wire:

  17. Isn’t the chant equivalent to if you don’t like America, then leave? To me this was a misstep. Besides the Left never walks back their rhetoric.

    1. My two cents is this. I don’t have a problem telling someone who seems to hate our country and cannot say anything good about it that they are free to leave. But using the term send her back sounds like force..forcing someone to leave. that is the difference I see.

  18. I watched the speech last night and I thought the chant of send her back was wrong but it was only a small portion of the crowd who chanted that. I had a problem with the cursing. Some of Trump’s colorful language doesn’t bother me too much but I didn’t like him or his son saying G-D. That is the first time I heard him say that and I hope Pence or someone advising him tells him to knock off using that word.

    1. Considering how loudly the crowd cheered when he said it, he will no doubt make a point of adding it to all of his rallies in the future.

  19. Yeah he better have.

    The dumbest thing Trump could do was awaken Black voters to come out against him in 2020. A big part of the reason why Hillary lost was that turnout was low in my community. Black folks were sick of the Clintons. Hell a lot of Dems were. Increased minority turnout equals flipping a few states easily, and Trump losing in 2020.

    And for any of the dummies that were defending Trump’s comments over the weekend or the crowd last night. We know racism when we hear it or see it.

    I’ve been told to go back to where I came from, or to go back to Africa for years. Even though my family has been in this nation hundreds of years longer than some of these racist dum dums who’ve sought to belittle me.

    We know the score when it comes to that tired ole rhetoric. So please don’t play us for fools if you try to minimize how bad this actually is for the Trump or for the nation. I’ve been getting contacted by family members who NEVER vote…saying they are amped up for next year.

      1. Is this reddit or something? I mean the low level trolling attempt is cute and all, but its not impressing anyone here.

        1. What’s even cuter is the constant victim mentality you have. So people told you to go back to…. So what? The only power they have over you is the power you give them. And the crying wolf call of “racist” got old years ago? Grow the hell up with that b.s. Omar is typical of someone who comes from a sh*t country, then proceeds to sh*t on the country that bailed her sorry *ss out. Pathetic.

    1. ……yeah right,the blacks have really been supporting The President up until last night huh.Who played you for a bigger fool than that black idiot in 2008, BHO who the Blacks supported wholeheartedly. Sharpton,Booker,Farrakan and many others of your so called leaders have done more harm to the blacks than any white person could ever have done.It does not sound like you even stay in touch with your family, It sounds like Trump is bringing your family together,What else do you want to talk about Dummy,I see you did not mention Black employment is as high as it has ever been with this President in charge of the economy.Did your family talk about that when they called.They probably did not have time calling from work.

    2. Huh, now GTFO is “racist”. Everything is racist with leftists. It’s all hypocrisy from Democrats. Joe Biden said racist things, no problem. Omar said many many racist things, no problem. Pressley said some horribly racist things the other day. Democrats had no problem with it.

      It’s a shame, too, because I think that real racism is horrible and should be something we could all agree upon. But no, Democrats insisted on going to that well so often that they drained it.

  20. I only watched about 20 minutes of the rally before having to take care of something so I didn’t hear the crowd chanting. The one issue I do have with Trump was the cursing I heard last night and in past rallies. I just don’t like it.

    1. You may not like it, but it is clearly red meat for his base. Every single time he uses profanity at these rallies, the crowd cheers and cheers. Trump loves the extra adulation, and so he deliberately and gratuitously shoves cursing into his rallies.

      1. “We’re gonnna’ impeach the mother-f*cker”. Loudest I’ve heard the dems in a long time.

      2. Now do the profanity, racism, anti-Semitic hate, and overall hate for our country from the jihad janes.

  21. Eh, in the scope of things, this is nothing. I don’t mind at all if Trump says he didn’t want them to chant it. Media just trying to stir up more non-controversy trying to separate him from the base. It’s what they do.

    1. Based on some of the arguments here, what’s wrong with it? Or is telling an immigrant to go back where he came from due to a political disagreement wrong in your view?

      1. I don’t care if she was from Mars. If she wants to trash the country she can go back where she comes from. And guess what, they don’t like women in politics in her native country.

        1. And this one committed immigration fraud but the white knight you replied to cares nothing for the laws of this nation.

      2. You’re white knighting for the anti-Semitic rag of oppression wearing muzzie who committed immigration fraud. There is a lot wrong with you.

        1. In this case they were alleging he was a member of a Neo Nazi political party in Hungary, which would have been cause to send him back. So what in your view differentiates the two cases?

            1. As for the link, bring it before a court. If she’s found before an impartial observer to have committed immigration fraud, she can face whatever consequences are spelled out in the law. Otherwise we’re essentially doing the same thing Tricky Durban did. Which circles back around to my question of why his letter is evil but the chant was all in good fun? The same standards should apply to both cases.

    2. Boom! This is exactly the kind of hypocrisy that fuels leftist politics. They will try to get a right-leaning politically powerful immigrant kicked out of this country by hook or by crook.

      But suggest that an America-hater like Omar should go elsewhere if she’s so unhappy and “RACIST!!!”

  22. … I understood it Mr. President the crowd was responding to your own words.I did not see the speech ,but that is normally what happens

    1. The crowd was responding to the actions and vicious hate from the jihad janes. How about we discuss their hate and calling for abolishing ICE. That led to a leftist attacking a detention center a few days ago. He was killed trying to shoot it up and blow it up.

      1. All of a sudden it seems everyone has forgotten Omar’s vile anti-semitic and anti-American screeds enough to attack the Trump supporters for chanting another version of Love It or Leave It.

      2. The President said nothing even similar to go home,if you do not like it here.That is all I posted.If he did not then I apologize.

        1. Some here are not holding the jihad janes responsible for their hate and violent rhetoric. People are getting fed up with them. They are not untouchable. Some are treating them as a special class because their color. Give me a break. You don’t get to spew hate then cry your skin color protects you. That is what omar and the rest of the jihad janes are doing.

          1. Thanks Desiree I am with you ,If it was possible I would send the entire Squad home,how did four incompetent nuts like this make it to the Congress,then find each other .I have never seen this many anti Americans with the same agenda sitting in the same Congress before

  23. So let me get this right:

    A crowd chants “send her back” and the press implies Trump’s a racist…


    Omar introduces an anti-semitic BDS resolution, compares it to the boycotts of NAZI GERMANY and nothing from the woke press?

    I didn’t vote Trump in 2016, but this lying & blatant hypocrisy is why I’m voting for him in 2020

  24. I don’t disagree with the chant, I believe she should be sent back home and out of our Congress.

      1. Her home is somewhere in MN I think. So yeah send her back home Congress doesn’t need her

  25. Trump said more than that he disavowed the chants. He also called out the vile jihad janes.

  26. So the jihad janes are the only ones with First Amendment Rights? Newsflash, so do the people who chanted. Again, don’t like it, leave!

  27. Since I didn’t listen to rally perhaps I have this out of context. I often said send John McCain back home cause Congress didn’t need him. So was this chant automatically racist? Did they mean send her somewhere besides MN? IDK

    1. Someone on twitter made the point that they may have meant to send her back to MN. Obviously everyone else has read the minds of those chanting.

  28. The President failed here. “Send her back!” would have been changed if Omar was from Iceland.

    1. The point is people coming from crapland dare to say our country is crap. Get the irony and understand the reasonable reaction from the informed people?

      1. The President had no reason to back down. Every time one backs down to the media hounds, they want more. He should have said to pi$$ óff.

      1. The point of my comment was to point out that even if she was a white, male who identifies as a cis-gendered, “Send her back!” would still have been the right chant.

  29. Just watched the rally. Trump stood motionless (more or less) and had no expression on his face. Usually, when the crowd is chanting something he likes, he’ll engage with it. He didn’t, so….there you go. The chant went short, and he moved on.

    1. Out of a speech that went approx. 1 hr and 47 minutes, with the chant taking up about 3-4 seconds of that speech, this is what everyone is focusing on? The left was going to find something in his speech, anything at all, even taken out of context to complain about, and everyone on the right knows that absolutely. Yet some on the right think the chant was so awful and terrible and fed into the lefties hands. I disagree with Trump disavowing it. Suppose the chanters meant that she should go back to MN? Once again we are being led by the politically correct crowd who gets to decide what everyone is allowed to say.

    2. What I don’t get is why some here think those who chanted this are not entitled to their Right of Free Speech. omar sure runs her filthy rag of oppression wearing anti-Semitic muzzie mouth.

      1. They have a right to say what they want. We and the president have a right to say it made us uncomfortable. Omar should be investigated and thrown out. There is a right way to do it without making us look like a racist mob.

        1. Made us “uncomfortable”. What the hell does that even mean. These jihad janes are violent haters of our country. You go ahead and be uncomfortable. I will do as I please.

          1. No problem. I have children to think about and while you are not racist when you say go back to your country, it is a phrase used by racists against non-white people. I fully support the president taking on the anti-America left.

        1. I agree with you AFVet which is why I wish Trump would not have disavowed the chant.

  30. So IMO, the chant should have been vote her out. Which will be a while considering she was recently elected.

    1. She is a Rep. AFVet. She is up for reelection in Nov. 2020. She is a fantastic gift to Trump’s re-election campaign.

    2. I would have chanted – “INVESTIGATE HER FOR IMMIGRATION FRAUD”, but that doesn’t sound as good as “SEND HER BACK”


  31. Don’t apologize. You didn’t say it and your supporters have every right to say it. I say it too….

    Send her back!!

    It’s not a serious comment. it’s facetious. If the Dems don’t like it…screw them.

    1. Can’t wait until they prove she married her brother, and hopefully Trump does send her back.

      1. It’s going to be very difficult to prove it because they can’t get the records. I hope they do though..

  32. Weak! Do NOT disavow. I’m a LEGAL immigrant, stood in line as it should be and became a US Citizen after 10 years. Many of us REAL immigrants REALLY want to be here because the USA is the best country in the world!!! I left a former commie craphole in Eastern Europe. While it’s a great place now, I still love it here the most and am raising my kids as 100% American, while teaching them some things from the homeland, but to be kept at home. I’m so lucky (and came here on MERIT!), that I can afford a private school where the kids still say the “Pledge of Allegiance”, STAND for the National Anthem, while a select group of classmates EACH day put up and then at the end of the day take down the BEAUTIFUL STARS AND STRIPES.

    1. That was a great article. And the article is right, Americans wanted Piers Morgan to go back where he came from because of his anti-American rhetoric, not his skin color.

  33. So what say you now, Trump supporters who defended the chant?

    Some of you spent the morning attacking myself and others for criticizing the chant and stating that it was disgusting and called us “democrats” and “snowflakes” for our opinions, claiming that Trump is AWESOME and speaks just like YOU.

    Well, now Trump says he DIDN’T like the chant.

    Spin that. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

    1. Trump loved it. To think otherwise is to be as gullible as the left is. By disavowing, he basically removes responsibility from himself, while not telling the crowd to stop it. If you remember, after the campaign when supporters chanted “lock her up” he said “no, no we should just leave her alone”. Why. Because the outcome was achieved. Prior to that, he let them run with it. He is using Rules For Radicals against them and they aren’t liking it. Good. Who wants to bet the next rally, if he talks about Omar, it’s chanted again? Trump will do his “No, no we shouldn’t say that”. But people will continue. He knows what he’s doing, so does his crowd for the most part. He’s all but creating a catch phrase for his political opponents. “Send her back” is Omar’s “Where’s the beef?” Their reply is “RACIST!” which is s strategy they have already tried on him, and for the most part failed. Sure, dumb dems will believe it. Who cares? He couldn’t win them anyway. If this wasn’t a plan, he would’ve apologized for his first “back to where they came from” comment.

    2. I criticized those who wrongfully called it racist. Which is blatant stupidity. I also wondered if you got sick in the stomach when you heard Omar’s anti-American comments. You said you did chastise her comments. I said if you did, then I apologize.

      I speak for myself. Whether Trump agrees with me has no relevance in my opinions. I’ve got zero problem with what those folks said. Not even a little tiny bit. Now, if they were talking about someone that just disagreed with their particular view on things? I wouldn’t like it. However, this is a terrorist loving, Jew hating, America hating POS. So, no problem with it.

      1. I was speaking about a couple of Trump supporters whose responses were “colorful” to say the least, one to the point I blocked him.

        You already expressed your point and honestly, I didn’t mean you.

  34. No one see what Trump just did… the MSM will continue to cover the chant and more people will learn about the hateful Omar and continue to make her one of the faces of the Democrat party. President Trump is again playing the MSM and anti-Trumpers on both sides of the aisle.

          1. The sentiments are little different. He tweeted, “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” He wanted them to leave. His supporters wanted him to kick at least one of them out of the U.S. That all four are American citizens did not matter to the President or his supporters.

            He never resumed speaking “quickly” at the rally. Today, he reconsidered his position, though there’s a risk that my thinking he reconsidered it could be incorrect.

    1. Reagan would unequivocally reject Trump and the direction Trump is trying to take the country. Reagan was optimistic. Trump is pessimistic. Reagan believed in the dignity of the free individual. Trump is self-centered and nihilistic. Reagan was principled. Trump is unprincipled. Reagan believed in unifying a nation of diverse people. Trump believes in dividing the nation’s people. Reagan believed that immigrants enriched the nation. Trump believes they weaken it. Reagan was everything Trump was not.

      Indeed, Trump tried to build a relationship with Reagan. Reagan, who understood who Trump was, did not afford Trump that opportunity. For example, the September 15, 2015 issue of The Wall Street Journal reported:

      Mr. Trump got the White House’s attention in late 1987 when he hired an advertising team that had worked for Mr. Reagan’s 1984 re-election to produce full-page ads in national newspapers blasting American foreign policy. “America should stop paying to defend countries that can afford to defend themselves,” read the “open letter from Donald J. Trump,” which went on to suggest, “There’s nothing wrong with America’s Foreign Defense Policy that a little backbone can’t cure.”

      …Mr. Trump increased the volume of invitations to the White House in last two years of Reagan’s second term, including one for a La Toya Jackson concert, “a world premier event,” at Mr. Trump’s casino in Atlantic City, N.J., and a New Jersey Hotel/Motel Association dinner where Mr. Trump received awards.

      “There’s no question he was looking to promote himself as much as he could, figuring out ways to get invited to things,” said Ken Khachigian, a longtime aide to President Reagan. He said there is little evidence that Mr. Reagan had affection for Mr. Trump.

    2. Doesn’t matter. Just like I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t like George Washington’s opinion of Reagan. Especially after enacting gun control in ’86.

    3. JFK would almost certainly approve of Bill Clinton’s exploits, unless Jeffrey Epstein starts squealing like an Arkansas Razorback…

  35. Mr. President: This is no time to go wobbly on us. Stand your ground and please don’t try to sensor your supporters. The people have a right to have there voices heard and nothing to be ashamed of. Omar is an anti-semetic racist and terror supporting radical and I am glad you are calling her out, along with the others in the Jihad Squad.

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