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UPDATE: Bolton says Trump NEVER asked for his resignation — BREAKING: Trump FIRES John Bolton

Trump has just tweeted that he’s fired John Bolton as his advisor, saying he strongly disagreed with many of his suggestions…

This comes on the heels of reporting yesterday that Bolton vehemently disagreed with Trump over setting up a meeting with the Taliban at Camp David. That should tell you quite a bit.

What’s interesting is that Trump often says he likes having differing opinions around him. But now he’s firing Bolton? Sounds like more than just a disagreement.

I thought it was fantastic the day that Trump hired Bolton. He’s as solid as they come and I think it says something not so good about Trump that he’s dumping Bolton like this.

UPDATE: Bolton added this…

UPDATE 2: John Bolton has been busy texting people telling them he was NOT fired:

UPDATE 3: Just to make it a little clearer, Bolton said Trump NEVER asked for his resignation…

So essentially Bolton is saying he couldn’t work for Trump anymore and offered his resignation, and Trump is wanting to make it look like he fired Bolton because of his ego.

Ugh Trump.

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253 thoughts on “UPDATE: Bolton says Trump NEVER asked for his resignation — BREAKING: Trump FIRES John Bolton

  1. This is a reckless stupid act by Trump and therefore I won’t vote for him . He is listening to the code pink pro Iranian people

  2. Scoop, you’re right that it says something not so good about Trump to fire Bolton.
    Still, Bolton lasted longer than I thought he would.

  3. Not much of a surprise considering recent events. The article in the Atlantic pretty much nailed it a week ago.

    Also like someone said, eventually the guy turns on everyone. Terrible decision in my view

  4. Goodbye Walrus! I think this is good, the neocon warmonger needs to be gone! Time for for a new person to be in this role.

    1. Yeah…we need to appease faster, unilateral surrender on all fronts, who needs to protect national interests, support allies, or understand the war being waged against us…just give them what they want and they’ll go away.

      If they hit us, kill 3000 unarmed civilians on our soil, we just pull a Slick Willie: lob a couple of expired cruise missiles their way, declare victory, and then invite their patrons over for tea and biscuits at Camp David. That should buy us a couple more years.

      Yay appeasement!

  5. Flynn, Mattis, Bolton…that’s it, there is nobody left who understands the jihadists are at war with us, that dealing with dictators is not like dealing with property owners, or that there is a moral/national interest angle to foreign policy.

    This is very bad. Who’ll be there to counter-balance the muddled do-gooderism of co-presidents Ivanka and Jared?

  6. I would have fired him too. It is one thing to disagree, another to read about it in the paper the next day.
    We assume it’s about the Taliban meeting but it is more likely due to Bolton being against leaving Afghanistan altogether which was also all over the news.

    1. Wait just a minute. El Rushbo just speculated it was Bolton’s idea to invite Taliban to camp David.

    2. Every question, especially in international relations, only has two possible choices, like the rest of life. Either we’re in AFG or we’re out. We can’t have a footprint there like we have in the Philippines where we’ve continued a ~30 year armed struggle with insurgents (the third insurgency in the Philippines we’ve had to deal with since 1945). We can’t keep bases there because of their proximity to Iran, China, Russia, and India…nope, either we’re all in — every last uniformed member of the military and reserves — or we’re all out, not even a single rep from USAID or the DOS.

      Binary choices make life so simple…

  7. Bolton is a hawk. Trump is not. I’m surprised that Bolton lasted as long as he did without quitting of his own volition after the kissy face treatment of Rocketman. I think the only reason why Trump hired him was because he saw him on Fox.

  8. Bolton was a sane voice in the chaotic Trump administration. He was fired just bc he had the brains to stop Trump from meeting with the taliban. I hope Trump replaces him with someone of his caliber.

    1. Trump was jealous of Bolton because Bolton got credit for stopping the meeting with the Taliban, not Trump. It’s that simple.

    2. Who could that possibly be?

      Look at the history here. Flynn, Mattis, Bolton, and a slew of folks I didn’t like much like Sessions, Tillerson, etc. …except for Nikki Haley, nobody has left this administration with their reputation intact and without the personal, public rebuke of the president who only ever hires the best people…until they aren’t, then he fires them.

      Haley is an exception, until one minor critical tweet, and now she’s persona non grata too.

      Who with brains would sign up for that?

      This is why co-presidents Ivanka and Jared have an advantage: blood and marriage — they can’t be fired. Better, they know how to feed the right information to push the right buttons to get what they want — they’ve been doing it for decades. So, they appear to always agree with him even as they steer him, to the degree they can, where they want him to go. It doesn’t always work – he does have independent thoughts on many issues – but they know where they can push, and where they can’t.

    3. If only that were true. One of cabal invited to Camp David was balking and Trump didn’t want to risk being stood up. Only by the grace of G-d have this disastrous meeting been averted.

  9. Very bad news. John Bolton was one of the few people in the White House who understands the severity of the global threats our nation faces. I pray to God that Trump names someone with the same intellect as John Bolton. We need more hawks.

  10. Trump never liked Bolton and his stash. He only picked because others told him too. Trump will be his own national security advisor.

    1. He had a TV presence. That is how he got hired. I also suspect that he’s been his own NatSec advisor for awhile

  11. What an idiot! “Don’t you dare disagree with me Bringing the cockroaches to Camp David !….Bolton was the best person to have. I’m guessing the Progressives he’s got in there didn’t like him. In fact, they never liked him.

    1. He offered to resign and the President told him they’d talk about it today. Bolton woke up to see via tweets that he’d been fired instead. He’s getting less respect than the Personal Assistant who leaked about Trump and his family got.

  12. If he is willing, I hope President Ted Cruz (or Ron DeSantis) chose John Bolton as Secretary of State in January 2025. Our country needs his brains and instincts.

  13. I don’t understand why anyone would want to work in the Trump administration. It’s like they don’t know that going into this, Trumps going to get his excitement by using his famous line on you eventually… you’re fired, the very same thing that made his television show so popular.

  14. Can’t wait to see all the MSM F**ker’s who called Bolton a POS, say
    “I disagreed with Bolton…. but he was a good man with principles.” Just to spite Trump.

    1. Based on the updates, they’re more likely to zero in on Trump lying about this. Sharpiegate showed how easily that triggers him.

  15. I understand lots of conservatives like Bolton, but Trump ran and got elected on a decidedly anti-war less-military platform. Bolton as a choice was never consistent with the campaign rhetoric.

    1. True. Trump is a nationalist populist. Bolton is a conservative hawk. Both never seemed compatible.

    2. I think Trump hired during a rough patch. Bolton is popular on Fox etc, so he brought him in to please the base, I don’t really think it was a genuine move he truly desired, more a PR one.

  16. You know, if Jeff Sessions was not such a weakling, Michael Flynn would still be National Security Advisor.

    1. No way. He wouldn’t have lasted either.

      Look, I though making Mattis SecDEF was wrong because we shouldn’t make laws for single individuals — everyone should play by the same rules. That said, Mattis was excellent as SecDEF. He was easily the strongest person in the administration. He was smart, so he chose his battles and approaches well, but I don’t for a second think he was a yes-man.

      Flynn is not as strong as Mattis and not as smart. I like Flynn. I read his book and agree with much of what he wrote. But if Mattis didn’t last, there’s no way Flynn could have lasted.

      As for Sessions, who I liked as a senator, well, his reputation was destroyed too. He’s no longer trusted by conservatives and no longer the darling of the MAGA minions. He made his bed…

  17. 10 bucks says Pompeo is gone before the end of the year as well. And lord knows I dont trust Trump with security and foreign policy after he invited terrorists to Camp David.

    1. I’m OK with that. If Pompeo leaves, he will most likely run for US Senate in Kansas. At least he will still be in Government.

  18. You know, it is days like these I wish Rubio and Kasich got out before super Tuesday and let Cruz take Trump head on.

    1. YOu are so certain Cruz would be happy with Bolton and not want to go a different direction besides WAR?

  19. The last time I expressed my view on Bolton I was banned. So, I’ll just say: I’m not a fan of John Bolton.

    1. There is nothing wrong with that. Bolton’s days of warmongering are over. We need a different strategy now.

    1. Well given the fact the PA who leaked about his family seems to be getting more respect, I’m gonna say he’s got a good one.

    2. Either no, or Bolton’s patriotism is overriding it. I believe Bolton would not have disclosed this unless he is deeply concerned about our national security under this president.

  20. Oy vey! The White House is like a revolving door. It sounds like Trump wants all yes men who will agree with him on every single issue. It is important to have differing opinions. Bolton on not agreeing on meeting with the Taliban was the right move.

    1. I suspect that Trump has been the “yes” man; he needs to stop taking advice from the old guard who created the swamp he claims he wants to drain.

  21. I have NO idea why Trump ever hired Bolton, part of the old guard, in the first place, so this was bound to happen. Trump needs to choose people he can trust and stop taking advice from the old GOP…they were failures, patently NO different than the DNC. Want to drain the swamp? Start with your own people and disregard the people who built the swamp in the first place!

  22. I believe Bolton and Trump would love to get rid of Pence too then if he could.
    This is really a step down for Trump. He’s strong on Supreme Court and Israel but weak on just about everything else.
    Tariffs, Wall, ally treatment, NoKo, Iran, Taliban FUBAR negos…
    He’s a mess.
    He’ll still get my vote. What can we do? Allow communism? Sad state of affairs.

    1. Yup. Same situation as 2016. Trump was not good, but Hillary Clinton was evil, corrupt, and would literally end this country. 2020, Trump has done some good things (especially with the Courts), but doing things that frustrate me, however the Democrats support communism, radical Islam, infanticide, and want to see the literal destruction of not just our country, but the entire world. We have not had a real Presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.

  23. I love my family. I want them to succeed in life. They will never work for me.

    No one is immune to bias when it comes to nepotism.

    And in case you haven’t guessed…yes I believe Ivanka, Jared and even Don Jr have had a lot to do with the President’s staffing decisions and his policy.

  24. heh, Allahpundit: If a super-hawk natsec advisor and an isolationist autocrat-hugging president can’t make it work in this topsy turvy world, what hope do the rest of us have?


    1. Nuke Iran would’ve been more like it. I’m in favor. It will come down to that anyway. Better before they get Nukes than after.

  25. I’m surprised Bolton lasted as long as he did. Bolton has seen more and knows more than Trump. He’s probably been a bit too forceful for Trump’s ego. By the by, if you’ve never read or heard Bolton’s book Surrender is Not an Option, check it out. It gives you some great insight into the man and how he thinks. It’s also more truthful than the bs people keep throwing around about him. Great minds attract hordes of mindless haters.

    1. Bolton is too smart to be in this administration. His talents and insights were wasted. He only knows 4,456,865rd level chess and that’s just not high enough.

  26. Bad move Mr. Trump. Bolton is and was the finest and best. Quit listening to your family members on policy making decisions. A soft Trump is a bad Trump.

  27. One of Trump’s failings is his inability to select the right staff, cabinet members and advisors. Another failing is not being able to keep the good ones.


  28. As of this moment, the only person who knows anything about foreign policy from the Trump administration is Mike Pompeo. I am praying that Trump does not give him the boot.

    1. I’m to the point where I’d rather let Trump be liberal and meet with the Taliban and the president of Iran which is what he wants to do. If conservatives and Republicans don’t like his strategies, then they should replace him as the nominee or the American People can replace him in the general election. Right now, Trump is scapegoating conservatives for his bad ideas.

    1. If we’re going by the opposition to Trump’s idiotic planned Taliban meeting, Pence will leave the ticket for “health reasons” or to “spend more time with his family.” 😉

    1. Romney’s objective is to undermine the President whenever possible, but plenty should be piling on over this decision.

  29. Sorry Trump. The world is governed by an aggressive use of force. Bolton was a solid person to have in the cabinet. Him leaving is a big blow to his administration.

  30. Mark Levin has always been a strong ally of John Bolton. Mark has always called out every single weak Code Pinker who has undermined Bolton. I wonder what his take will be on this. Presumably, not too good.

  31. I’m with Bolton on this one. I believe he resigned on his own, as his personality would not have been to stand by at all or even appear to endorse a taliban meeting like this. I don’t agree with it either. I think Liz Cheney nailed it with her comments. This is a bad Trump moment.

  32. Why are people so upset? Trump know more than anyone about national security and everything else. He’s a genius. The well-oiled machine is humming along.

    1. Like I said earlier, what Cheney was to Bush, Javanka is to Trump. The GOP needs to a better job at nominating competent constitutional conservatives.

  33. I’ve always liked John Bolton and have also said Trump listens to the wrong people. Heard on Fox earlier there were a number of people close to Trump who didn’t like Bolton……….Javanka???? If so those two need to go back to private life.

  34. So Right Scoop believes Bolton’s word over the President based on what evidence?
    Maybe it’s Bolton’s ego that is trying to be spared.

  35. I was surprised Trump hired Bolton in the first place, due to Bolton’s neo-con credentials… Trump wants to get the heck out of Afghanistan and Bolton wants the US to stay there forever. Trump must leave a US military team over there for training, surveillance and counterintelligence purposes; maybe Bolton wanted to keep too many troops over there? Like we’ve had in South Korea and Germany for over 50+ years?

    Now, I’ve been saying for the past few years, Ivanka and Jared must be sent back to NYC. If they had a hand in Bolton’s firing; they should have NO such power.

    1. I don’t think they do have that kind of power. I think they may think they do but I doubt Trump’s giant ego would allow him to be led around by the nose by his daughter.

  36. This forces me to rethink my support of Trump. This whole episode was awful. He doesn’t know what he’s doing on national security and won’t listen to wise, intelligent advisors. I have the utmost respect for John Bolton and know his version is the truth. Which points to Trump’s obvious and intentional lie for his own ego, and to publicly try to humiliate a fine person who opposed his ill-considered decisions. That is sickening.

    I have no confidence that Trump, if re-elected, will follow through on any promises to conservatives, in fact, I suspect he will turn well left in order to placate the Dems, hoping to stave off impeachment or whatever. He fears the left, he doesn’t fear decent people. What has he actually accomplished for us? He’s a paper tiger. He backs off of every threat, the border is still a mess, he kisses up to the worst international actors, he’s erratic but predictably a pushover on the world stage. He just wants to be fawned over and when someone doesn’t play along he’s vindictive. Just like he treated Ted.

    I know it’s too late now, but I do wish someone would primary him, and I wish it were Ted. Bad times. I don’t know how we survive 4 more years of Trump OR of the evil socialist Democrats.

    1. I’ve been saying for months that once Trump is re-elected and doesn’t need to feign attachment to conservative causes, his administration could turn into the Jared & Ivanka Show.

    1. Ted knows this is an awful move. I’ll bet Bolton would have been NSA, SoS, or SoD in his administration. It is sad though that Ted can only praise Bolton to let us know his concern, rather than criticize Trump.

    1. Oh, I’m sure. Trump has been making awful decisions. Threaten Iran, then openly admit to the world that he chickened out because he can’t take the thought if casualties.

      Bolton would not have made those tweets unless he was deeply concerned about the President’s ability to handle our national security.

  37. BREAKING: Turns out that last night Trump sent Bolton a handwritten note (in Ivanka’s handwriting) that said, “Do you want to stay with us? Yes / No.”

    John apparently circled yes, but then Donald scribbled it out and circled no.

    With a Sharpie.

    Dun dun duuuuuun!

  38. Also just like to point out how a lot of past stories first reported turn out not to be true so let’s see how everything pans out. 2 Alpha males not good either lol.

  39. I think it’s possible to evaluate this situation without resorting to character assassination. Especially the asinine “Bolton loves war” garbage from the Ron Paul left.

    Trump ran on ending the Afghanistan “war.” I personally think that he swallowed the leftist/Paulist Koolaide when it comes to that whole, “Neverending wars,” idiocy.

    Normal people know, without having to be brainwashed, that the enemy gets a vote in this war business. Literally no one has produced evidence that our withdrawal from any of it–from our lone outposts in Africa, to our airbase in İncirlik, to our operations in Pakistan, and our mending relations with Saudi Arabia–will be treated as anything but a victory for our stateless enemy. It would increase recruitment and attacks on us and our allies.

    This is the common sense Bolton brought to Trump’s advisory council.

    But Trump is sworn to try and get us out. He hasn’t revealed his actual plan, if he has one. But clearly, it involved a risk Bolton felt was too high.

    Trump feels comfortable enough to take the risk. And a sh*tload of Republicans (and Trump-voting Democrats) want him to.

    I don’t. I know that any precipitous withdrawal will cost us far more than we’ve spent already. The jihadis, like the left, will never stop trying to destroy liberty.

    So it’s an impasse.

    1. Trump ran on ending the Afghanistan “war.”
      That’s a promise he needs to break. We have to keep a significant force there indefinitely or we have Obama’s Iraq withdrawal disaster all over again.

    2. How right you are. We have seen this scenario play out several times when it comes to retreating/withdrawing without total destruction of the enemy. I am really tired of those who have no sense of history and actually believe that that these very bad actors are going to go quietly into the night. We seem to want to give our enemies the “time” they need to rebuild their forces and weapons..

      How utterly dangerous.

    3. Your second to last sentence says it all K-Bob. Every time, da*n it, every time, we have withdrawn/retreated because we have some who do not have the stomach to stay the course because war is really messy and horrific, leaves us in a very precarious/vulnerable place of weakness. Our enemies know this about us and any “peace” we think we achieved at that moment in time is truly a mirage.

  40. I think Bolton is a good man, but I never thought he was a good fit other than the fact that he would give an opposing POV to Trump. They are complete opposites on war. Bolton is a war hawk while Trump is a non-interventionist except for limited and highly necessary engagements.

  41. I’ve never been much of a Bolton fan and couldn’t really see him as a good fit with Trump. Two large egos are bound to be a problem.

    However I did respect Bolton to a certain extent. If he’s going to be one of those on the outside taking potshots at an administration he worked for I will have no respect for him. NONE!

    So tired of these stupid people acting like children.

    Whether he resigned or Trump fired him – it’s time to move on. The “he/said – he/said” crap serves no one well.

  42. Perhaps some clues can be found in a Reuters article on Bolton’s departure. Reuters reported:

    A source familiar with Trump’s view said Bolton, an inveterate bureaucratic infighter with an abrasive personality, had ruffled a lot of feathers with other key players in the White House, particularly White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney…

    White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said “many, many issues” led to Trump’s decision to ask for Bolton’s resignation. She would not elaborate…

    U.S. officials have said it was Bolton who was responsible for the collapse of a summit in February between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi by recommending the presentation a list of hard-line demands that Kim rejected.


    1. Good thing that meeting collapsed.
      I’ve met Bolton, that doesn’t ring true.. But we already know Trump lied about the resignation. The source is simply doing Trump’s bidding and smearing a brilliant patriot.

  43. BUFFOONISH Trump.

    But, anyone who can still view Trump with a thimble’s worth of objectivity won’t be surprised by this.

    John Bolton is a BRILLIANT man and his departure is NOT good.

    Likely, Bolton told Trump how UTTERLY STUPID and NAIVE it was to want to meet with the Taliban murderers, and Trump, being the petty, self-centered, egotistical [email protected]$$, threw a tantrum, berated Bolton who, being the BIGGER man, offered his resignation which likely caught the schmuck off guard.

  44. You don’t think Bolton has an ego? He supports continuing an almost 20 year war with no goal and attacking Iran. Who has the bigger ego?

  45. There is no doubt here who is the most honest and who will tell us the truth about Bolton’s leaving.BOLTON.

  46. Shortlist for Bolton replacement includes:

    – Brian Hook
    – Ric Grenell
    – Ricky Waddell
    – COL MacGregor

    (OANN) @jackposobiec

    1. A mute with no hands would be the best person for the job. That way Trump doesn’t have to listen to him speak, and the mute can’t communicate in sign language.

  47. OK, well O/T…Americans need to stop consuming fish, shellfish, and any crops grown on the left coast of the USA, from Cali to Alaska and all points in between.

    Japan’s Environment Minister lied this week, saying that they could no longer contain the contaminated water from the Fukushima Dai-Itchi Nuclear Power Facility and that they would have to “dilute” the chemicals by dumping them into the Pacific Ocean…but when did the Power Plant ever STOP leaking into the ocean?

    Further corroboration is from Global Research and 28 Signs that the west coast is being fried from nuclear radiation. For instance, Alaskan Polar bears, seals and walruses along the Alaska coastline suffer open sores and fur loss; sea lion deaths off Cali coast; Canadian fish bleeding from their gills and eyes; diminished sockeye salmon populations; recordable amounts of Iodine-131, Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 are being recorded in all Pacific Ocean fish and shellfish; radioactive debris flows have been hitting the Cali coast for years since the Fukushima disaster…

    Of course, those who do not care about this can simply say, “We all have to die of something!”

    1. Really? I haven’t heard about this at all. You would think it would hit my local news. I’ll check for it.

      Edit: This is from a very reliable local Los Angeles new station:


      Eight years after Japan’s worst nuclear disaster, the government is not sure what to do with the contaminated water that remains — but its environment minister says dumping it into the ocean might be the only choice.
      No mention of animal or sea life.

  48. It much longer than I would have liked, in fact, Bolton should never have been anywhere close to Trump’s administration. He is a mentally sick individual of continuous cowardice, he is slime’s slime.

    Congratulation on making the country more safe and much better off….

    How about consulting Chris Kobach on Bolton’s replacement. He is really bright and a patriot of the first rank. NSC is not his area that I am aware of, but that is good for two reasons. 1. Kobach is honest and very bright so he will bring reason and intellectual rigor to the selection and 2. He is not part of the neo-con, CFR BS crowd on thoughtless drones who could not run a lemonade stand but think they have an understanding of the world. Lousy people that have been screwing things up for decades.

    Avoid them at all costs. Bolton was one of their darlings.

    1. Regardless of one’s policy disagreements with Bolton, there is no evidence that Bolton is “a mentally sick individual of continuous cowardice…”

  49. When it comes down to it, you’ve got to have someone in your cabinet with whom you’re compatible with. Bolton served at the President’s pleasure, not the other way around. I trust Trump to do the right thing. MAGA!

  50. It’ll be interesting to hear Mark Levin’s take on this. I wrote earlier that a *lot* of Republicans want Trump to just walk away from Afghanistan. I just looked at a few such walk-aways on the tweeter, and man, they really hate Bolton.

    The creeping Paulism on the right has overtaken a large swath of Republicans, and they don’t even recognize where it comes from.

    1. Twitter? Doesn’t sound like a first source for military knowledge. Do any of the Twitter “Paulites” know anything, or just taking the path of least resistance to get Twitter creds?

    2. Mark really likes John Bolton and if a Cruz were Prez., he would be there right from the get go and still would be there…I suspect Mark won’t go there much or slam those who hated Bolton and still do. He’ll call out an issue but usually blame those who “convinced” Trump to go along. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mark and listen everyday (almost). I have learned more from him than anyone. At the beginning of Trumps term, Mark used to hit him directly and praise him on the good things…he stopped doing that.

    3. I want to hear what Levin says as well. I respect him because he’s one of the few that tries to be objective. As it sits I’m pretty angry with Trump.

    4. Afghanistan/Iraq were Bolton’s babies so I was surprised that Trump even hired him in the first place. But I did like having him in there as a balance to any potential pacifism.

  51. Many who go to work for Trump seem to leave their jobs exasperated and angry. Many of the president’s fans will insist upon interpreting this as just a bad series of cabinet picks who turned out to be insubordinate, lazy, bad at their jobs, or secretly opposed to the president’s agenda. Do you think everybody Trump chose for all of these positions turned out that way? And if every one of them turned out to be such a lousy choice . . . at what point does that reflect upon the man who’s choosing them?


    1. I think Trump is very difficult to work for. And I think the people he picks tend to be celebrities with big egos of their own. This is Trump’s style, and he is the only option for America so it matters little if we agree with his style or not.

  52. It would have been so easy, if the President had just said “Bolton came to me and said he was leaving. “Exactly as it happened. End of story.

    1. Usually his ego doesn’t bother me. I do an eye roll and place it in the “this is how Trump rolls” column. But this one really pi**ed me off.

    1. Mnuchin is a liberal squish who convinced Trump to weaken sanctions on Iran, and Pompeo is just going along with whatever idiocy Trump wants.

  53. Rand Paul rejoicing at the firing of John Bolton, who painted Bolton as a war mongerer, is to say the least a slanderous false characterization.

    In Rand Paul’s eyes’ this is how he sees it: “We have peace in our time”

    The Ron Paul Libertarian Appeasement apple (Rand Paul) doesn’t fall far from the naive and dangerous appeasement tree ..

    30 Dec, 2011
    American Thinker
    Don Feder
    To Get Ron Paul’s Insanity, You Have To Understand Libertarianism – an ism every bit as delusional as Marxism

    I don’t think firing John Bolton was not the right move. Bolton was a Reagan hawk, and you need hawks, as well as doves, to have a good balance in any admin foreign policy decision making process, otherwise you end up with a weak and fatal Neville Chamberlain appeasement admin.

    But it’s Pres Trump’s decision, he’s the commander in chief.

    I pray Pres Trump doesn’t fall prey to naive appeasement diplomacy that weakens America, which was unfortunately exhibited with the thought of even contemplating serious high level Camp David Talks with the Taliban.

    1. No, see, you need hawks and falcons. And then some ospreys and eagles! And then we have to turn them into robots! Predatory robot birds that will fly in formations and tear the eyes out of our enemies with razor talons! Then when they’re blind, we send in our robot cougars and panthers and sharks! And dinosaurs! Robot t-rex’s and raptors! YEA!

      Man, the robot future is going to be so awesome!!!!!

      I forgot where I was going with this.

  54. Very bad Trump. This is blatantly imbecilic, and is based solely on Trump’s ego. Bolton did nothing wrong, and was entirely correct at calling out Trump for wanting to meet with a bunch of child-molesting, wife-beating, murderous Jihadi scum like the Taliban.

    It’s shameful that so many on the right are running to defend Trump on wanting to meet with a bunch of Jihadi scum. Especially so close to 9/11, which the Taliban supported. Disgusting and shameful.

    1. Not me. I don’t always agree with him but I usually don’t speak up about it. I’ll just let other people beat him down because I don’t want to come across as a Trump hater. Usually I’m pretty supportive, but this has angered me a lot (between the planned meeting, the location, and how he went about Bolton.

      I strongly agree that Trump’s ego is driving the car. I accepted him working with KJU only because it calmed KJU down. I never believed it would be as successful as Trump hoped. However, I am vehemently against meeting with the Taliban under any circumstance….especially in the U.S..

  55. Trump is going to lose me at this rate. The man is so into himself that he can’t even allow Bolton to resign, doesn’t ask for it, then blind sides him with termination. Trump wanted to be the big man on campus. Right now he has my stern middle finger.

    1. Putting a liberal in the White House and surrounding him with conservatives was never going to work. Trump’s liberal beliefs were always going to become dominant over those of his conservative advisers.

  56. This was predictable… Bolton and Trump both have the best interests of the country at heart… I truly believe that. I tend to believe Trump believes he fired Bolton and Bolton believes he resigned because he brought it up… I think it was mutual and doesn’t matter one wit. They understood the conversation differently. So what?

    Bolton’s voice was valuable, until he started to take things into his own hands and subvert Trump’s decisions. If he had accepted that Trump disagreed, and that Trump was elected, and Bolton was not elected… he could have stayed.

    Bolton is a hawk, Trump is just not. He wasn’t a hawk in 2016, he isn’t a hawk now.

    If it was ten years ago I would think Trump was off based trying to end the longest war ever, but it’s been decades now, and I can’t see how we make anymore progress. We should just get out.

  57. A lot of rabid, ungrateful comments here today. I don’t care what you say. President Trump is the greatest American president in my lifetime. To me, what he has done far exceeds even President Reagan’s accomplishments. I trust his wisdom and judgement over John Bolton’s. It seems to me that Bolton was a war-monger who could not get along with anyone else in the administration and questioned our president’s actions which is a big no-no to me.

    1. “To me, what he has done far exceeds even President Reagan’s accomplishments.”

      Dude, we are not speaking Russian today because of Ronald Reagan. He is definitely the greatest President in modern American history.

  58. John Bolton’s Mustache
    My mustache will never surrender!

    Long live John Bolton’s Mustache!

    1. oh he’s right up there with Clapper and Brennan, and others….”Swampers” he thinks he’s more important than he is…

  59. Two men with huge egos and strongly opinioned supporters disagree on the actual idea/conversation regarding the parting of ways… who would think that could happen? sarc

    One of these huge egos was elected, the other was not. One served at the pleasure of the other. Bolton won’t have the influence outside of the administration he had within it, it might have been best for the country if he could have humbled himself a bit more and stuck around…

    But it is what it is.

  60. Actually I’ve been reading that Bolton has been leaking things he disagreed with to the press… in that case all respect for Bolton gone. How did that “secret” Camp David Meeting become so un secret? Hmmmm Bolton pulled a Comey. Who would have thought him capable of that kind of treason?

    1. I’ve been suspect of him for awhile…old holdover that is now butthurt…he wants it his way or the highway….And even more concerning is that Pence was in agreement with him.

  61. The above evidence shows Bolton’s first impulse is to get the media against Trump… that’s not a good point in his favor.

    1. How else was he supposed to correct Trumps comments about his [Bolton’s] leaving this Administration.Allow Trump to have the last word on it,even though Bolton felt the President was not telling the truth.

  62. Imagine being fired for not wanting the Taliban in US during 9/11. Such a move can only be made by a stable genius. Or maybe it was the stache…. can’t imagine Trump was a fan of that.

    1. The real #TDS is slowing slowly getting exposed. It’s when you think Trump is an upstanding and honest character and defend at all cost no matter the magnitue of damage to the GOP or conservatism and tea party sorta movement in general it may be causing by shifting the line as to what is conservative and what is liberal. Talking to the Taliban on 9/11 seems like a pretty clear line only an Obama or other uber liberal on how we deal with adversaries sorta character would cross.

  63. A) Sounds about right.
    B) As long as Fleitz is the hard-ass in the way that he sounds (like Bolton sans the rough edges), I’m fine with it.

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