BREAKING: Trump just announced another American hostage FREED!

Trump has just announced that his administration, working in tandem with the UAE, has freed an American hostage in the country of Yemen.

Here’s the announcement:

This is great news! Trump has clearly put a priority on freeing American hostages held in other countries. We’ve now seen this play out time and time again.

In case you aren’t familiar with Danny Burch, he has been held hostage since 2017, indicated from this NY Times article written in September of that year:

An American oil worker was abducted from his car by unidentified gunmen on a busy street in the Yemeni capital, his wife and colleagues said on Monday.

The American, Danny Lavone Burch, 63, had spent years in Yemen working as an engineer at a Yemeni oil company when he was abducted on Saturday morning.

“They did it in broad daylight in front of everyone,” Nadia Forsa, Mr. Burch’s wife, said by phone from Sana, the capital.

“I knew that something was wrong,” she said.

The police later told her that witnesses said he had been stopped on a busy street in Sana by five armed men in civilian clothes who drove a pickup truck with no license plates.

After they took Mr. Burch away, two of them parked his car on a side street, where Ms. Forsa later found it, she said.

“When I saw the car, my heart fell,” she said.

She told the couple’s sons that their father was traveling and that she looked upset because he had not told her ahead of time. “I don’t want to ruin their lives,” she said.

The abduction took place in a part of Yemen that is tightly controlled by the Houthis and where Al Qaeda is not believed to have an active presence.

I’m very glad this long saga is over for him and that he’s been reunited with this family.

A great success for the Trump administration!

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30 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump just announced another American hostage FREED!

    1. Worth watching. Did you know there may be more guns in homes now, but as a percentage fewer homes have guns than in the 60s.

  1. Thank you Mr. President! Even though he didn’t serve in the military, he knows not to leave any citizen behind. That is what he is fighting for, we the people!

  2. Nice that he was still alive to rescue.. The Iraian backed Houthis know a US hostage is more valuable then a dead infidel. It must of been hell for him.

  3. Tell me again your liberal loons of the DemonRat party… is he a hater?? Praising God for the release and THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT! MAGA 2020

  4. Great news!! And without handing over $150 billion in cash!! I expect this to be on the evening news!!!??

  5. Kudos to Trump! He, more than any other president I can think of is truly freeing Americans who have been taken hostage and bringing them home. Keep it going Mr. President. 🙂

  6. Excellent news. So happy for these hostages who are finally able to make their way home to their families. It’s wonderful to have a President and his administration who are not forgetting these American’s being held hostage……………..unlike the Barry administration.

  7. Awesome!!! Thank you Trump for helping these hostages to come home! And he doesn’t even need to pay for them.

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