BREAKING: Trump orders immediate GROUNDING of certain Boeing jets

It’s just been reported that Trump has now order the immediate grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 9 and Max 9 jets:

Here’s the video announcement from Trump:

According to Bloomberg a few hours ago, here’s all the nations that have halted the same flights:

You can add the US to the list now!

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24 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump orders immediate GROUNDING of certain Boeing jets

  1. I heard on the radio that the last airliner to crash was from Ethiopia, and I don’t see them on the list.

  2. This is a textbook exercise of the “Airplane Clause” in the constitution. I’m sure all constitutional conservatives will agree.

  3. The FAA grounded the planes, not Tromp. The MSM is blaming him for the USA being the last, and they’re probably trying to pin the two crashes on him.

  4. Boeing have also released information about multiple pilots reporting the same issue that caused the crash off Indonesia and may have caused the crash in Ethiopia. They have also ordered that all of these planes be immediately grounded. And they are still trying to claim that this plane is safe to fly..

    Pilots in the US and elsewhere have been advising Boeing for a while now, that this particular plane will think it is stalling and pitch the nose down “aggressively” when it is put on autopilot on take off. Given how many of these planes are required to go into autopilot on or just after take off, it is a horrific issue.

    They had been ordered, after the crash of Indonesia, to fix the issue, but it seems they were still to roll out a fix. And tragically, another brand new plane crashed killing all on board.

    I think they were being exceptionally irresponsible, given this issue had caused one crash, and was reported and flagged by multiple pilots between then and now, and they did not ground those planes and kept selling them.

    1. I think autopilot is a problem because pilots are too dependent on them. I have seen multiple videos (of crash investigations) where autopilot played a huge role in why the plane crashed.

    1. I own Boeing stock, and wish I had bought more Monday morning at 9 o’clock.

      The stock actually closed the day higher, after the grounding so someone was buying.

      This tells me that unless they get really, really bad news, the stock is set to take off again.

      Either way, Boeing is a long term investment.

        1. Nah…I’m truly sorry for the loss of life, but I don’t necessarily see your comment as callous. Maybe I’m just too much of a realist.

          I still think it’s a good entry point for Boeing, again, contingent on the news not being really, really bad. Long term anyway, Boeing looks really strong.

          Boeing is a very good company with an excellent safety track record.

  5. After the US and Canada that should makes everyone. There should not be a 737 MAX flying in the world. After the software is updated and many hours of test flights, the question will be if the governments let them fly again or makes them wait until the cause of the crashes are finalized and if the update fixed it.

    1. Most of the cries for it to be grounded yesterday were from Democrats.

      Of course, now that Trump has done it, they’ll probly change their minds.

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