BREAKING: Trump responds to intel scandal, says it’s nothing more than presidential harassment!

Last night we told you about a new ‘scandal’ report in the Washington Post about Trump promising something (we don’t know what) to a world leader (we don’t know which one), so bad apparently that it caused a whistleblower to run to the IG of the intel department.

But Trump is responding to the story now, calling it fake news and explaining that he is always aware that the intelligence services are listening to his phone calls:

We pointed out last night that the two sources were FORMER officials (read Obama officials) and that we simply didn’t know enough about this to draw any conclusions. And we still don’t, other than what Trump added to it today.

I urged strong skepticism about this report last night and that hasn’t changed. Trump paints the report as absurd and, along with his explanation, he sounds believable doing so. Unless something changes that, there is literally nothing to see here.

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38 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump responds to intel scandal, says it’s nothing more than presidential harassment!

  1. Color me shocked that Trump dismissed it, i.e. gave his standard response.

    All we know is that Trump’s hand-picked IG determined this was a matter of “urgent concern,” which means it involved one or more of:

    (i) A serious or flagrant problem, abuse, violation of law or Executive order, or deficiency relating to the funding, administration, or operation of an intelligence activity within the responsibility and authority of the Director of National Intelligence involving classified information, but does not include differences of opinions concerning public policy matters.

    (ii) A false statement to Congress, or a willful withholding from Congress, on an issue of material fact relating to the funding, administration, or operation of an intelligence activity.

    (iii) An action, including a personnel action described in section 2302(a)(2)(A) of title 5, constituting reprisal or threat of reprisal prohibited under subsection (g)(3)(B) of this section in response to an employee’s reporting an urgent concern in accordance with this paragraph.

    Maybe it’s nothing. If so, I don’t see why the DNI is not reporting it to congress as legally required.

    1. Maybe this is of some concern. Maybe not. I’m numb to anonymous Obama officials coming out and leaking something that they shouldn’t have, providing their spin that almost never turns out to be legitimate.

      If this was the result of a complaint that has some teeth, why not let it ride and see what happens?

      Time and again, these leaks are timed and formulated – particularly to WaPo – in order to get ahead of the story to create some sort of distorted narrative.

      Then the larger issue is the purpose of the filing itself. Was it made to get ahead of the dropping of the IG report on FISA abuses? Quite possibly.

      1. If this was the result of a complaint that has some teeth, why not let it ride and see what happens?

        The way the law is laid out, that’d require informing Congress.

    2. If you’re lucky, the Democrats will finally have something to impeach Trump. Keep your fingers crossed Slantry.

      1. I don’t care about that. I do care about people following the law, which the DNI is not doing. And if Trump did something egregious, I want to know about it.

        1. I remember discussing with you the fact that Hillary broke the law with her handling of classified information. You didn’t seem to be that bothered by it and defended the non-prosecution.

          Yet another legitimate Obama scandal that just kind of disappeared because of the corrupt system protecting him and other Democrats.

          1. I said I didn’t think it was criminal; I didn’t say it was okay. I don’t think this is criminal either.

  2. I DO have to admire they way Trump just keeps on keepin’ on, and is able to do the job while being bombarded daily w/ leftist drivel and threats. I remember they used to laud Bill Clinton w/ the gift of compartmentalization. Well he’s got nothing on Trump.

  3. The issue here seems to be that the IG has classified the complaint such as it is at this point and time as an “urgent concern” which according to the law obligates the Administration to inform the House and Senate Intel committees what it is about. The Admin is stonewalling that for some reason.

  4. Unnamed people, sources and said on the condition of anonymity! Who could it be? I think stories (lies) like this shouldn’t get any print anywhere.

  5. Well, Trump has been right every time he called a story fake news & the MSM & left has been proven false & liars. That’s the track record so….

    1. He has to be baiting them right??? Either that or these people really are as stupid as we have long suspected…. I would like a camera man at CNN to pan down once in a while so we can see if their anchors shoes match… LOL

  6. it’s not presidential harassment but obstruction by Obama holdovers and people who hate this country. Remember the walls closing in stuff for 2 years when Mueller was doing his thing. All proven to be lies

  7. Breaking News:

    A new scandal rocks Washington this afternoon as former officials report that Donald Trump claims in private meetings and phone calls with world leaders to actually represent the American people. Under conditions of anonymity as they are not allowed to speak to the press, these officials accuse Trump and members of his administration of falsely representing the outcome of the 2016 election and claiming for themselves the powers and privileges of the office of the President of the United States. We’ll keep you posted as this bombshell story unfolds…..

    1. Hell, even Phil Mudd from CNN who’s NT said last night, the president has the right to say or make any promise to another leader, he was pissed, called the guy who did it a “snitch”

  8. I think I saw this supposedly happened in March of 2017. That would explain “former” officials and also why the IG is dismissing it.. Want to know where this is coming from? Right here. Sciutto up to his BS again.

    Jim Sciutto
    Fit the whistleblower’s complaint into a disturbing pattern with Trump:

    – shared intel w/Russian officials in Oval (May 2017)
    – confiscated notes from Putin mtg in Hamburg (July 2017)
    – sided w/Putin over IC in Helsinki (July 2018)
    – vowed not to spy on North Korea (June 2019)

    1. also why the IG is dismissing it

      The Intel IG seems to have rated the matter as being an “urgent concern” which seems to be the reason for this story.

      1. Right now the Obama IC is under investigation by John Durham. Brennan and Clapper could be in a lot of trouble. For all we know they could be the two former officials. The feds must be getting close and people are getting very nervous.

        1. If it’s all a big nothingburger as people allege, the admin is handling it completely wrong by stone walling Congressional Intel Committees over it given that informing them is required by law after the IG rates the issue credible and a matter of “urgent concern”.

          1. Disagree. Why would you give anything to the Dems in the House??? They leak like a sieve. BTW……….who said the IG said it’s a matter of “urgent concern”. That’s what the article states.

            Also, tried to find more info. and the DNI Legal Counsel said this is not an urgent matter so he’s defending Maguire.

  9. Presidential Harassment!

    I swear, these two words make him look like more of a sissy than Barack in mom jeans trying to throw a baseball.

    But what do you expect from a progressive. Trading in perpetual victimhood is their bread and butter.

    1. So, who could stand up to 97% negative media coverage better than Trump? I don’t see anyone who could do it any better… if they went after Cruz like they do Trump he’d not look all that good either. Harassment is exactly the right word for 97% negative coverage.

        1. no- trump has unprecedented negatie coverage – no other potus was investigatet for 2 years on bogus fake evidence and the press treated it like it was a bonefied investigation. it turned out to be a joke — press shrugs and says so on to impeachment and they cover that as though it is a serious thing- on and on and on— they have made more money from trump than any other president.

        2. No, this is new. I’ve been alive nearly 60 years, I’ve never seen ANYTHING LIKE THIS.

          Liberals have been able to cow every Republican into submission until now. They might still get to Trump but not so far.

          1. People attack the President. It’s what they do. Ask Trump about those “investigators” he sent to Hawaii. Ask Bush about the assassination movie. The media themselves get especially [redacted] during times a “Republican” is in power.

          2. But Trump isn’t the catalyst. The Water Boy, Zodiac Killer, Pizza Fork, and Please Clap would be getting it just as bad.

            What they’re really pissed at is that this was the national response to Obama. When 2016 came around and it was time to judge Emperor Zero, the country said “F*ck that, we’re going in the opposite direction, I don’t care how we have to do it, but we’re doing it.”

            It was the slap in the face to Last Black’s leadership (and to a lesser extent the middle finger to It’s Her Turn, which ended her forever) that pissed them off. The fact that Tiny Hands Magoo is a total jackass just makes it easier for them.

  10. Trump’s point about he always knows there are many listeners… not to mention translators is a good point.

    How egregious can it possibly be? Trump has every right to set foreign policy, un-elected hangers on do not set policy, or get to determine what the President can or cannot say. There is nothing he could possibly say that would be illegal. He can classify, he can declassify… he’s the President! He could actually make a deal with Putin and it would not be illegal. Like Obama gave billions to the Iranians… not illegal, because he was President.

    Some people just don’t seem to get that Trump is President, he sets the policy. If you don’t like it vote against him, that how this system works.

  11. Where are all these Democrat stooges coming from today. It’s pretty obvious… and it’s a free country, but really not one of you is fooling anyone.

  12. Trump: “…is anybody dumb enough to believe…”

    The cult will be cowed by his transparent attempt to manipulate. “I’m not dumb,” they’ll tell themselves, “so I don’t believe it!” Meanwhile, non-cult folks will just wait for the details before reaching any conclusion about what to believe.

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