BREAKING: Trump to address abortion next week

The issue of abortion is something former President Trump said he will finally address next week and my guess is it will be something that may appeal to swing state moderates.

Here’s the news:

Former President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that his campaign will address the issue of abortion next week, just after a Florida court paved the way for a six-week ban on the procedure.

At a campaign rally here, Trump addressed a question from NBC News: “Do you support the six-week abortion ban the Florida Supreme Court just upheld?”

Amid boos from the crowd, Trump, a Florida resident, responded as he shook hands with others on the stage, “We will be making a statement next week on abortion.

I know it won’t be something that many of us like, but Trump knows we’ll vote for him any way. I really think, with past things he said and rumors about where he might end up, that this compromise on abortion will be aimed squarely at getting him elected.

I will always give Trump credit for appointing a Supreme Court that got rid of Roe v Wade because that is huge, namely because it allows many states to ban abortion outright if they so choose. And they should choose that!

But abortion should be outlawed at the federal level because too many lives are being snuffed out in states that believe unborn baby-murder is some kind of right. It’s absurd. All life should be protected, especially those who can’t protect themselves.

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