BREAKING: Two officers SHOT in Louisville during Breonna Taylor riots [UPDATE: SUSPECT IN CUSTODY]

A police officer was shot during the riots in Louisville tonight, as shots rang out that sent police officers running for cover:

As you can see from the video, one police officer is telling everyone to take cover after more shots rang out in the second half of the video.

An officer can be seen pointing and saying that an officer is down. Later an officer confirms “we got one down.”

It sounds to me like someone began firing a high-powered rifle at police officers.

Alex Salvi from OAN reports that police have confirmed that two officers were shot and transported to the hospital:

All this over another justified police shooting that BLM lied about all year long. This is what they and their media enablers want. I pray these officers will be ok.

UPDATE: Livestreamer saw the people shooting at police. He said they weren’t shooting up in the air, that they were aiming for police officers:

UPDATE II: The officers are reportedly in stable condition:

UPDATE III: This is the moment the shots were fired, according to Drew Hernandez:

UPDATE IV: A suspect in custody related to the shooting of the two officers, according to the Chief of Police:

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