BREAKING: Two Planned Parenthood clinics are CLOSING in Ohio

Planned Parenthood has announced that two of their clinics in Ohio are closing due to lack of funding:

Planned Parenthood on Monday announced that two of its clinics in Ohio will close later this month after losing state and federal funding.

The two clinics will close their doors for good on Sept. 20; the five other clinics in that part of the state will remain open.

There are currently 26 Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio.

But there’s a sliver of bad news…

The organization blamed the closures on politicians who moved to “defund” Planned Parenthood for performing abortions. Neither of the two clinics performed the procedure, Planned Parenthood said.

Planned Parenthood makes sure to shut down facilities that aren’t performing abortions. Yes, we see their priorities.

But even with the bad news, it’s still good to see 2 of the 26 closing down, even if it only shuts down abortion referrals. It’s something…

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17 thoughts on “BREAKING: Two Planned Parenthood clinics are CLOSING in Ohio

  1. “There are currently 26 Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio.”

    Wow! Ohio must have a lot of blacks that need to be exterminated (Planned Parenthood’s primary function / mission).

    1. Bingo, sad but true

      Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, Youngstown
      Wherever there’s a large black population you’ll find the butchers at Planned Parenthood lurking nearby. They use Judas blacks to bring in the masses.
      Be sure each ki11ing center makes big money. My guess is none can compete with the astronomical numbers committed by the murderous Planned Parenthood in Atlanta, Georgia. Millions of dollars go the Democrat Party from their Atlanta slaughterhouses.

  2. I thought that was all they did. Do they actually perform any real services in the interest of women’s health? I suspect that if these clinics didn’t perform abortions, Planned Abattoir is saving the money for the ones that do.

    1. nope, just a money washing front for other leftists endeavors…RICO Statutes were written for them!

  3. FACT: PP CLAIMS to be all about ‘women’s healthcare.’


    FACT: PP claims that because their funds have been reduced they’ve chosen to close the 2 Clinics in OH that DO NOT PERFORM ABORTIONS.


  4. Even if the two clinics that closed didn’t perform abortions I’m sure that they were funnel points. They may not have been big enough for a full surgical center but I’m sure that they did their fair share of referrals. Abortion is a cash cow for PP so I just can’t see those two clinics not doing their part to keep the cash flowing into PP’s coffers.

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