Breaking: Video shows tanker truck barreling through protest, no one seriously hurt [Updated]

This is awful. There is video of a tanker truck barreling through a protest in Minneapolis while protesters run to get out of the way.

Here’s another angle:

I haven’t seen any reports of people being hit, but it just happened, so I will update with more information as it becomes available.


I heard from reporters that the guy is white, and that they dragged him out of the cab and beat him up. Police swooped in to try to help him get away from the mob.

Here’s another video close up as they try to get to him:

UPDATE: That tweet was deleted. I’m thinking because it makes the protesters look really bad. But don’t worry, I found another copy of it:

Pretty terrible. I have to hope that it was an accident. They said the freeway had been closed before this for an hour, so I’m not sure how he got through. But the fact that he tried to stop makes me think it was an accident. I hope…


Fox News is reporting that the man was arrested for trying to run over protesters, and that he suffered no life-threatening injuries…


Here’s the video of the cops coming to get him:

Unfortunately it sounds like they pepper sprayed some of the people who helped him get away from the mob! Fog of war and all that.

Also it doesn’t appear that anyone was hit by the truck, thank God, though some people say protesters suffered minor injuries.

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