BREAKING VIDEO: Student charged with murder after defending himself against mob attack at NC high school

A video has just been released this morning of a teenager defending himself against a mob attack at a high school in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Here’s the description of what happened at Southeast Raleigh High School, via Colin Rugg:

NEW: 14-year old student kills teen with a knife at a North Carolina high school after getting jumped.

There is a parenting pandemic in this country.

The stabbing happened in the gym at Southeast Raleigh High School after a brawl broke out.

The student in grey with the red hoodie can be seen getting knocked to the ground by a mob of teens. He then pulls out a knife and starts stabbing multiple students.

One student was injured and the other was killed.

The mother of the knife-wielding student says her son was defending himself and was “fighting for his life.”

“The whole situation is terrible. I feel bad for the other family but in return, I feel bad for my son because he was fighting for his life. It wasn’t a fair fight. I just don’t think it should have happened like that,” she said.


Here’s the video which blurs out the stabbings:

The teenanger has been charged with murder and I’m not sure why. He was being attacked by a mob and he defended himself the only way he could, with a knife. Sure, that was illegal to have in school but it protected him from serious injury or maybe even death. After seeing the video, I agree with his mom.

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