BREAKING: Walmart and Publix join Trader Joe’s, Costco in dropping MASK requirement – plus NO vax check

Take the mask off. I know most Scoopers did already, but if you’re wondering about individual businesses that no longer have a mask requirement within their stores, there are a lot now.

Probably the most important one is Walmart. But Trader Joe’s, Costco, Publix and (maybe) CVS* have dropped them too. CVS, Publix and Walmart have pharmacies (Costco might too, I don’t know) and that’s a big step that will DEFINITELY tick the libs off.

Walmart is still going to state that their policy is you have to wear a mask if you’re not vaccinated, but they don’t intend to enforce it I guess. Honor system sounds like.

That’s just a token move for the press though. The fact is they’re saying forget the masks, masks are over.

You know why?

Because masks are over. They have been for a long time and now people are finally admitting it.

Hey it’s better than nothing.

*There’s a bit of a question about whether CVS is still requiring them or not.

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