BREAKING: WAPO releases BOMBSHELL correction to past story accusing Trump of telling GA officials to ‘find the fraud’

The Washington Post is now admitting that they were wrong about a phone call in which they accused Trump of telling Georgia officials to ‘find the fraud’, a huge story the media scandalized to suggest Trump was asking Georgia to invent fraud so he could win or something.

Two months later, the Washington Post admits their story was FAKE NEWS, long after the consequences of the story actually mattered.

And remember, this story came out just a few days before the election of the two Georgia Senators, both of which Republicans lost. And now one has to wonder if this played a role in those loses.

What this correction shows us is that the partisan media is so bad in this country that well-placed ‘sources’ know that they can just leak anything without evidence and the media will print it, as long as it’s against a Republican.

It also shows us that, once again, the media doesn’t give a crap about having evidence as long as what the source tells them hurts a Republican. This sad little correction from last week demonstrates this because if they did care, heads would roll and they would make changes for the sake of their credibility.

And lastly, what we see here is that these big media publications know that their liberal subscribers don’t care if they screw up like this, as long as the net effect was that it hurt Republicans. They will keep reading and subscribing with no consequences. Just don’t let it happen to a Democrat.

What a vicious circus that feeds media malpractice.

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