BREAKING: Watch smug Kamala cast tiebreaker as senate Dems whoop and cheer their huge tax hike, climate scam MONSTROSITY

Like all bills ever created by Democrats, the Inflation Reduction Act is exactly the opposite of what it is named. Over 80,000 new IRS agents to harass small businesses and the middle class – or at least the middle class with the wrong politics – a massive “green” slush fund and buyoff/bribe machine, $400 billion in new “social” spending, $700 billion in tax hikes, higher gas prices and, in turn, higher food prices.. it just goes on and on.

That’s what they call the Inflation REDUCTION Act, and what CNN and MSNBC are waving pom-poms and hugging each other about.

The press and the Democrats colluded to lie about it, as Ted Cruz pointed out already today. Here is smug Kamala casting the vote and the sustained cheers of the Democrats putting a coat of varnish on the coffin they’ve almost finished for the American dream.

It is truly revolting. They are sick.

It was passed through reconciliation and will now go back to the House for a final vote, where it is pretty much guaranteed to pass.

We may update this post with more information. I’m too angry to say more at the moment.

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