BREAKING: Whistleblower reveals DOJ has official doc alleging Joe Biden participated in BRIBERY scheme with foreign national

A whistleblower from the DOJ and FBI has revealed to Chuck Grassley that both agencies possess an official document that details how Joe Biden exchanged policy decisions for money with a foreign national.

This bribery scheme occurred when Joe Biden was Vice President and I think you and I both have a good idea of exactly what this scheme entailed.

Here’s the letter:

The one policy decision that we know Biden perpetrated was the one he bragged about after he left the vice presidency, which was forcing the Ukrainians to oust their top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin.

Now maybe this was it and maybe it was something else. Biden probably had multiple bribery schemes going at once so it’s hard to say at this point.

Grassley told Fox News that they can request this document, as they have already, but the DOJ and FBI don’t like to cooperate with him so it’s unlikely they’ll get the document anytime soon.

But you can be sure that Grassley’s counterparts in the House, led by James Comer, will also do their damndest to get this document as well.

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