BREAKING: White House admits they are aiding social media companies with censorship

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted today that the White House is actually flagging posts and asking social media companies such as Facebook to remove the posts that they claim have COVID misinformation:

I know the media and the left are going to collectively yawn at this revelation, but imagine for a second if this was Kayleigh McEnany revealing that the Trump administration was flagging posts for removal from social media companies. This would be a huge scandal and social media companies would have to come and apologize for working with the Trump administration to censor people. Of this I have no doubt.

In fact McEnany has already issued a comment on this revelation, making a great point by suggesting that the White House is actually bolstering Trump’s chances of winning his Big Tech lawsuit:

She’s exactly right. Big Tech social media companies have become regulators of speech and thus, by working with the White House, are in effect government actors. One might argue this violates the first amendment, in that the government shall not abridge or curtail freedom of speech.

Go get ’em Trump!

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