Breaking: White House has confirmed lawsuit against Arizona law SB1070

Via HotAir: Remember the lawsuit announcement on Arizona’s SB1070 that we broke yesterday? Well the White House has now confirmed that Sec. Clinton was right:

It was unclear yesterday whether Clinton’s comments were simply a prediction or mistake or whether instead she was getting ahead of a planned announcement by the administration.

Now a senior administration official tells CBS News that the federal government will indeed formally challenge the law when Justice Department lawyers are finished building the case. The official said Justice is still working on building the case.

By June 8 they had already made up their mind but told the people of Ecuador instead of telling Gov. Jan Brewer, who they met with just days before. How insulting. My guess is that they’ve known about this for much longer, but were waiting for the right time to make the announcement. Looks like we forced them to go ahead and announce!

So instead of doing their job and protecting the border, they are going to spend millions challenging a law that was only passed because they are not doing their job of protecting the border. The ultimate hypocrisy. Sounds to me like they really don’t want anyone protecting the border.

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12 thoughts on “Breaking: White House has confirmed lawsuit against Arizona law SB1070

  1. So, other than the typical lefty-seminar talking points(all smear,no substance)which means you haven't read either the Arizona or the Federal law, just how is the Arizona law unconstitutional? How is it unfair? One final question;If you are standing at Arizona's southern border,looking south,into what country are you looking?

  2. The Federal Government's decision to challenge Arizona law is the right one, given that this state law is unfair, unconstitutional and will only lead to racial profiling.

  3. I really think the outcome of this will be Gov.Brewer serving up Obama's “manhood” to him on a silver platter with a smile.

  4. I don't think the feds will make any attempts at security as that would probably be seen as an admission of guilt. Of course they'll try to use anything to make Az. look bad, as has been the fed's course of action all along. I talked to a family member that works in LEO and in the prison system and he says they work with the feds in some capacity on a regular basis,so i wonder about the harm this can do to the relationship between the feds and local LEO's. I also am excited to see this come about because of the Homeland Insecurity Czar's and 'Ice Baby' Morton's childish “we don't have to!” approach to the problem they caused. It (will?)would be nice to see a judge stand up as an equal arm of the gov. and hand the feds a beatdown on this.

  5. The Feds are visiting Gov Brewer on June 28th. They set up this appointment after Hillary's loose lips sunk the Obama ship about the lawsuit. It's not the DOJ coming out. Do you think there will be a half ass attempt to secure the border and if she turns it down because of the ineffectiveness of the plan, they will try to use that against her in the lawsuit? My understanding is that the Admin. is not suing on constitutionality (racial profiling) but on the fact that Arizona is trying to trump the Feds? Anyone with thoughts?

  6. He opposes the law, also. He had a closed door meeting with the Feds that she was not invited to join. He had to go. She can't trust him. Can you imagine having an attorney that does not believe in what you're doing? Yikes…I'm outta there!

  7. I saw a post over on hot air that Gov.Brewer has told the Attorney General of AZ (a Dem) that he will not be representing the state in the lawsuit, She has retained outside Attorneys to do it. Sounds like she means business, of course I think she is being cautious and rightly so as he will be her opponent in the upcoming Governors Race in November.

  8. yeah feds! take this to court and get your heads handed to you! say this is unconstitutional! and then the court can also tell you what you're not doing is also unconstitutional!

  9. Is it bad that any time I see someone with common sense and a backbone I start hoping to see them gearing up for the 2012 presidential race?

    OBAMA IS LETTING DRUG DEALERS STREAM ACROSS OUR BORDERS! And you KNOW they're coming in with an unprecedented urgency while they've still got the chance, because eventually the American people will figure out a way to make something happen to shut this thing down!

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