Breitbart editor invited to CPAC advocated for pedophilia in newly emerged video

Gay Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who was invited to speak at CPAC this year, is on video advocating for consensual sex between older men and 13 year old boys:

Milo claims that the idea of consent is ‘oppressive’ and argues that older men having sex with 13 year olds is completely reasonable because they are just helping those 13 year olds find out who they are.

In fact he redefines pedophilia as being attracted to a child without “functioning sex organs”, arguing that doesn’t apply to 13 years old.

Good grief!

And this is the guy that CPAC has invited:

Democrats are already jumping on this scandal:

It will be a disgrace if CPAC allows this guy to speak after hearing this. And I’d add further that if Breitbart has any sense of decency they will also show Milo the door and forbid him from writing there.

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that this video isn’t new, but has been around for a while. It emerged this weekend because of his invitation to CPAC. It doesn’t matter, as it is still a despicable and needs to be out there, especially in light of his CPAC invitation.

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