Breitbart’s Joel Pollack attacked as racist on CNN for trying to expose Obama radicalism

This is pathetic. On CNN this morning, actor Jay Thomas asks Pollack if he has a fear that a secret movement of black people will team up and try to kill white people, all because he is talking about Obama’s radicalism. And yet Soledad O’Brien never stepped in to even defend Pollack over such an absurd question. In fact towards the end of the video she is praising the “renowned Harvard Law professor”.

To his credit, Pollack handled it with much more dignity and substance than I would have, pointing out the radicalism within the policies of the Obama administration, which got completely ignored by Thomas and O’Brien.

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127 thoughts on “Breitbart’s Joel Pollack attacked as racist on CNN for trying to expose Obama radicalism

  1. Disgusting liberal tools covering for Obama instead of reporting the news as it is not with their love for the POTUS

  2. The way Jay Thomas brought the issue up was offensive. That ‘white guy to white guy’ comment was nothing short of race baiting. Totally uncalled for. Joel handled it great and showed why Breitbart has entrusted him with his legacy.

    Pollack simply shined. He took on an entire cast of hostile shills (save for Amy Holmes who deserves applause for her words of wisdom) and disposed of them all. Soledad gave him exactly what he wanted and so much more. Joel just sat back and basked in the glory of the CNN meltdown.

  3. Ashwipe hollyweird type Jay Thomas kept trying to smear Pollack as a racist without knowing anything about him like … he is married to a black lady.

    Thomas is a typical brain-dead reactionary progressive/lib/Obammunist.

  4. Amy Holmes is a brilliant, articulate young woman. I am so proud she is on our side in the fight against the 0bammunists.

  5. This was an impressive example of the Breitbart Legacy. Joel Pollack is a great example of leadership by example of Andrew’s determination to bring the truth to the people.

    Breitbart lives through Joel Pollack.


  6. This is just the start baby! And most American’s can’t relate and never had these associations themselves.

  7. Pollack was stone cold devastating in this interview! He kept a laser-like focus, drilled them down with their own words. He never lost his cool, showed an iota of frustration or emotion. Devastating. They will be sorry. You could almost hear O’Brien choke when he said, “I am glad we have you on tape now saying that.”….sweet.

  8. Professor Bell was a mainstream legal scholar. Because he critiqued racism – in the eyes of breitbartian nebbishes like Pollak – that made him a “radical”. Soledad whipped his tuchas raw.

    1. You missed the whole point moron. Soledad had to be fed the answers via her earpiece, but her director was not smart enough to know that Joel is married to a black woman. Good grief you people are making this too easy.

  9. The video is a red herring. Pollack and his ilk are pathetically trying to pin down the president based on guilt by association.

    But the most funny thing about the use of such a video is the way it shows how some Americans are willing to use the word theory to scare people. It is unbelievable.

    Americans like to point at other countries and show how shallow their politics are, or how other countries use religious fear. But in America we use fear of thinking. Fear of thought.

    “America is wunnerful, wunnerful, wunnerful.” Frank Zappa

    1. You realize Frank Zappa was a Conservative, don’tcha, ya dolt? You just laugh this one off. You don’t know squat about how the Breitbart team works. This was just the appetizer to get you laughing at how lame this was. That IS the point. This will unroll like a ream of indoor carpeting large enough to carpet Al Gore’s house. Sit tight. Buckle up. Grab some popcorn. And your ankles.

    1. I know, that would have been epic if he pulled out a wallet photo of his wife and said, “I guess I’m afraid of this woman too, she’s my wife”. Jay Thomas is the worst kind of liberal, you see him trying to jump in when Soledad was losing the debate, and then tries to trap Pollack in a no-win question, with the smarmy “c’mon, white guy to white guy”.

      What I think gets missed is how Thomas jumped in, trampling on one of Soledad’s sentences. To me, the attitude I got from him was that he wasn’t coming to her defense, he was seeing the writing on the wall, that she was losing, and he jumps in, trying to be macho. It totally goes over his head how male chauvinist his cutting HER off was.

  10. once again, a conservative either completely misunderstands MLK’s message or has intentionally mangled it to maintain this clumsy sense of self-righteousness.

    Dr. King was a socialist, in principle and practice. He advocated for economic equality, a guaranteed minimum wage, all implemented from the top down by the federal government. Frankly, Dr. King was significantly more revolutionary than BHO will ever be. that’s why MLK was so dangerous. not because he was committed to non-violent resistance, but because he was winning the most significant social debate by making this argument in a way that could not be countered, only silenced. that is, as excerpted from his final book, Where Do We Go From Here?:

    “I am now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective — the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income.

    …Two conditions are indispensable if we are to ensure that the guaranteed income operates as a consistently progressive measure. First, it must be pegged to the median income of society, not the lowest levels of income. To guarantee an income at the floor would simply perpetuate welfare standards and freeze into the society poverty conditions. Second, the guaranteed income must be dynamic; it must automatically increase as the total social income grows. Were it permitted to remain static under growth conditions, the recipients would suffer a relative decline. If periodic reviews disclose that the whole national income has risen, then the guaranteed income would have to be adjusted upward by the same percentage. Without these safeguards a creeping retrogression would occur, nullifying the gains of security and stability.”

    Those are Dr. King’s words. He was a proud and powerful socialist. Conservatives, unless you want to align yourself with his values, you don’t get to appropriate his memory and moral force.

    MLK is the left’s hero, not yours. Find your own.

  11. One of Andrew’s friends pointed out that he would say “So?” when people brought up various issues that he found absurd. It never really fits right to say So?, but I think Andrew would look at the jokers on this panel and say…. So?

  12. Those who pay attention already know that the lame-stream-media is in the bag for President Obama (respectful so George Clooney doesn’t get upset with me). The problem is there are more sheeple than there are of us. Spread the word.

  13. Pollak’s wife is an African-American. But, I guess the lame stream media thinks that’s racist too.

  14. Pollak needs to just flat out state:
    Obama is a radical. I don’t care what color he is. I don’t care if he is half-white, half-black, kenyan, Hawaiian, American, Muslim, Christian, etc. He is a radical that follows the teachings of Alinsky, a satan-loving, marxist. Rinse and repeat daily.

    End of the story.

    These facts cannot be broken.

    I wish RightScoop would pass this along to Pollak and Shapiro before they are eaten alive. Hannity is going to have to do all the heavy-lifting here without Breitbart around because these guys, unfortunately, do not have the experience to deal with the crazed, liberal left the way Breitbart would do it.

    By the way, I do not envy Pollak and Shapiro. The MSM is about to put them through the ringer, but they need to stay on message and keep repeating the facts. As Alinsky has shown all of us, repetition wins day. If you repeat things over and over or often enough, people accept it as fact. Let’s use their tactics against them to defeat them.

    P.S. No, I do not endorse using Alinsky’s tactics to promote or achieve our Conservative agenda because I think the tactics are evil and corrupt. But, I do think it is fair game to use these tactics to defeat a radical president that is using them to distort our positions and promote his radical policies.

  15. The video isn’t working for me on this site, but I saw this clip on mediaite.

    And Amy brought up a great point, saying that media didn’t bring this up and ask Obama how did he evolve. I know the answer he didn’t evolve but still the question was never asked, and surely they would beat the horse out of it if they were republican candidates.

  16. Grrrr, this infuriates me with a passion. Sole-snot(Thanks M_J_S!) ought to be fired for her snide, self-righteous, Obama-loving hide! How dare she dcide what the public needs to know or not? Of course CNN top dogs have probably already praised her for her braveness for coming to Obama’s defense. Useful idiots!

  17. The video in itself is nothing really but the bigger question you must ask yourself…Why can’t we see the whole video and why is the mainstream media squashing it? If there is nothing to this, why can’t we see it? There are questioning Santorum views on contraception and religion. There are questions on Romney’s religion. But yet whenever something is questioned about President Obama…Well you racist to ask…listen to the words of his defenders…why do you asked?..because he is black?….So this guy can never be questioned?…honestly liberals, That is your only excuse…it racist? It a sad commentary on your part!…I think the question why if the media is not bias, as they say they are…why these question are not asked of President Obama. But I think we all know why. It plainly obvious!

    1. Yes, and I do believe he was born in South Africa and his mom or dad worked for Nelson Mandela.

  18. These folks are heroes and I hope they keep exposing the evil that resides in the White House.

    CNN is a rag and so are their “renowned” guests

  19. Joel Pollack is no Andrew Breitbart !! It is a good thing Amy Holmes was there to turn the discussion back in the right direction. (Who is Amy Holmes?)

    1. No, he’s much more reserved and calm.. would make a great poker player:-))
      However, I thought he handled himself well contrasting intellect and logic with the CNN girls emotional tirades.

      It’s unfortunate that discussions such as these turn into entertainment venues designed to rouse the emotions rather than the mind so to keep people hooked until the next advertisement is shown.

    2. Gee Ken… really? I’m surprised you would say that. I thought he did a great job. He definitely has the reserve and that unruffeled quality when he tore the heart out of their rantings. I think he was great… and I look forward to see a lot more of him. He makes the rest look like the twits they are.

      1. I admit he kept his reserve and didn’t tear the idiots head off, but he still allowed him to lead him off into the weeds away from the main event. AB was great staying on topic. I hope to see a lot more Amy Holmes, she was great here.

  20. The real story is not Jay Thomas. He’s a C-list actor. The real story is Soledad O’Brien’s demeanor and attitude. As Pollack says in the interview, she is proving the point he is making by the way she is advocating for Obama. THAT is the point. Not only does the Democrat-media complex suppress news about Obama, they actively work defending him by attacking anyone who attempts to bring out facts about his past.

  21. In acting you never have to comprehend what your lines are… you just have to say them. So my advice to Thomas: stick to acting because “thinking” is not your strong suit.

  22. I almost can’t believe the ignorance and “outrage” on display by O’brien. She is what’s wrong with regards to race, in America.

  23. Jay Thomas is a liberal progressive Hollywood actor, he supports BHO. I am not surprised that he said that to Joel Pollak. This is not about racial anything it is about the TRUTH and the liberals can’t handle the truth. BHO was never vetted like the msm libs vetted Gov. Palin. Maybe if the media would have done their job we would know BHO’s background. But they didn’t, instead they all acted like a bunch of numbskulls and did not do their job, they went after Gôv. Palin.
    There is saying which is so true ” show who your friends are and I’ll tell you what you are”. Just take a look at who BHO studied with and who he hung around with.
    To you jay Thomas I think you are a raceist!!!

  24. Jay Thomas is a liberal idiot. Joel Pollack is intelligent, professional and did an excellent job. And Amy Holmes, is as usual, brilliant.

  25. I’m having a terrible time trying to reply to comments. Posting a new comment works fine. Any tips?

  26. Andrew was one of a kind alright, but I think Joel did a pretty decent job of setting Soledad straight whenever she tried to deviate and denounce.

    1. I agree. I hope Pollack goes it alone from now on. He and Howe did fine on Hannity last night, but I think they’d be better off to go with one face and voice. Pollack is very articulate and calm and doesn’t get rattled. Andrew was one of a kind. Joel is about as far different from Andrew as you can get and maybe that’s a good thing.

  27. The Obama supporters still have their heads in the sand. It does not matter what factual evidence you supply them with, they refuse to listen and continue to be deluded by him. Something is going on. A lot of it has to do with the stooges that are hand-picked to be behind him at each and every campaign speech. They act unnatural. And, they are the only ones we ever see and hear.

  28. The ultimate smoking gun on obama is going to have to be his passport, that’s it. That visit to Paakistaan, why? The Soviets invaded Afghanistan and were there from 1979-1989. Obama was 18 when that war started & 28 by the time the war ended, could he have gone to Afgaanistaan via Paakistaan to pick up arms for the Mujahideen against the Soviets?

  29. If you never thought the National Media was covering up Obama’s radical past and advancing his racist agenda this clearly shows the world that they have been. I love how Soledad squirms with irritation upon hearing the truth about Obama’s love for a racist Harvard Professor. I hope we see lots more of this in our future. It is clear the national media is a bunch of liberal biased garbage that can’t be trusted ever again. I turn to for the truth, rest his soul.

  30. This is just the start of Breitbart unpeeling the layers of Obama that the MSM refused to do. And it will be insightful and entertaining to watch the Messiah of the Left exposed.

    Kudos to Pollack for handling these idiots so well.

  31. Fidel Castro’s granddaughter is wrong when said the video was available in ’08. A footage from 2011 shows Mr Ogletree, obama’s friend who said: ‘Of course, we hid this during the 2008 election… I don’t care if they find it now.’ link to the dailymail article:

  32. First of all, what makes Jay Thomas an expert to come on here to talk? Because he’s an actor? Really? He admitted that he himself was a racist for just looking at the color of Pollack’s skin and nothing else. He should have been called out and excoriated for it.

    Secondly, that Black woman made a very important point. The LSM has forgotten that ‘it’s for the public to decide, not for the media to decide’ what is a worthwhile discussion to have. The LSM is making the decisions as to what we should or shouldn’t know.

    It’s why they are losing ratings and popularity and they don’t see it yet. Thank God for the internet and the blogoshere.

    1. “that Black woman” is Amy Holmes who works with Glenn Beck on GBTV Real News. She’s good.

  33. Jay “attitude” Thomas– This is him on a daily bases. *not kidding* CNN and the left/ New Hollywood etc. don’t care about the message here. I give Joel credit for holding his composer, but– he would fair better, to not waste his time on these fools.

    Andrew, sadly– he knew how to handle the lions den.

    I’m glad that these videos are being released, it doesn’t matter what the enemy thinks, it’s the “impression” that these videos will leave.

    It’s sad days for America, when the media is picking our candidates.

  34. And this is why this video is important… Given who the POTUS appointed as AG, this video is VERY relevant.

  35. I am so sick and tired of every opposition of Barack Obama being referred to as racism! Give me a break. This president is just plain and simply a power hungry individual and we had all better be afraid of him and his agenda. Has nothing to do with me being afraid of blacks. Should I be?!!??

    1. The real racists are the socialists – it shows in everything they do.
      The history of the ‘democratic’ party is one of rabid racism.

  36. Ya know, I am getting tired of “actors” and/or entertainers of this ilk! They are for the most jerks! Why would anyone waste their time on CNN or anywhere there is total hostility.

    I have lost all respect for people in general. They simply do not want to be responsible, so I am kicking the dust off my feet, and moving on to the next village. Amazing!

  37. Anyone notice LSM JournOlists like solidarrr O’brieno always jeopardize their ‘objectivity’ by doing infomercials for the dictator Obummer.

  38. ANOTHER INTERESTING STORY – How Obama got into Harvard in the first place:

    More on Young Marxist Radical Obama from someone who knew him then:

    Radical In Chief – a video interview with a man who researched Obama’s past radical activities –

    Weather Underground – 1960s-1980s:

    Breitbart Vetting Obama – Day One –

    Another Breitbart video exposing Marxists and OWS strategists in US –

    The Breitbart plan:

    “From today through Election Day, November 6, 2012, we will vet this president–and his rivals.”

    Truth is the best response to evil.

  39. Soledad O’Brien step in? She’s another commie, pinko, POS. I couldn’t stand her when she was a local reporter in the Bay Area!

  40. That’s the last time I watch anything with Jay Thomas in it! What a racist jerk!

    1. He is a jerk on many levels…he stated on Hannity that he didn’t want his kids to be like Tim Tebw because they would be..wait for it..bored! He would rather they get out and sleep with as many women as possible before getting married.

  41. Ignore the liberals – full steam ahead.

    Breitbart is waging a daily vetting campaign (of all the candidates) that will not end until election day.

    The liberals are scared, scared, scared.

    They only have a few words in their vocabulary: racist, -phobe, hate, bigot.

    They are only projecting, describing themselves.

    They have no evidence, no argument, no rationale, no logic.

    All they have are screams, slurs, snarls, smears, storming and savagery.

  42. This is why I could never make it as a journalist, because I could not sit there and listen to this drivel without responding. And my response would not be so gracious and I fear I’d be slapping these hypocritical jerks.

    1. They are supposed to respond and question though… My grandmother taught journalism for many years and that used to be the norm. Question, fact check and investigate. That is their supposed job. 🙁

  43. Interesting that they played the Ace of Race cards on this one. I wonder if there is something behind the tape they are worried about, or if they just saw yet another opportunity to label the the right as racists and the truth as hate speech.

  44. Typical lib tactic. When all else fails and you’re backed into the corner by facts, pull the race card! BTW, why would they have an actor debate Pollack on the Breitbart tape. Is evryone else running for cover??

  45. I gotta admit, I thought the video was a little underwhelming. His own memoir admits that he was attracted to Marxist radicals in college. The video just confirmed what he openly told the world in his book. And he if his first 3 yrs in office haven’t convinced people he embraces Marxism, neither will a video of him hugging some nut job professor

    1. I agree. It has all been hidden in plain sight. Hussein is the most radical of them all, and by far the most dangerous as President and Commander in Chief. Forget his past, we need pick only one of his subversive or unlawful acts since in office to make Derrick Bell look like Mr. Rogers.

      They know that the press, the DOJ, Congress, nor the courts will act to stop him or even expose him.

      1. The plan is to overtake the country with marxism. I knew this in 2006 when I actually saw and read about the Barack Hussain Obama that the media hid, after his election. They scrubbed the net. When I was posting what I knew, all I got was “you are a conspiracist” and “you don’t know” even when I posted links to this stuff. There is alot more too.

        1. I got the same too when I blogged about him before his election. These same people are still saying the same thing, “you can’t judge him by the company he keeps.” These will be the same who cry when we are the USSA, “why didn’t anyone tell us?”

    2. What we have with this video might be compared to the butterfly effect. Though seemingly small at first could have major ripple effects down the road. Also this video is only the first, I’m sure there saving the best for last.

      1. That was the brilliants of Andrew Brietbart! No so much that there is anything to it but the question is why the media hasn’t looked into this? That’s what Andrew was about! Exposing the media for the whores they are for “their” guy!

      2. I’m waiting for the tse-tse fly effect when video surfaces of the President hugging the late “My Favorite Martian” actor Bill Bixby. After that, I think Mittens will be a lock. Reportedly, Reverend Wright saw this tape today and said: “Butterfly, baby, damn! this thing is gonna sink my boy Barack for sure.”

        1. Go back to distorting the truth by getting your news from media matters, daily show, colbert show, aw hell the entire ‘lame stream big government liberal media’.

    3. However, after over three years of Obama, the mask is off now. People didn’t want to listen to anything negative about him back in 2008. Independents and moderates have fled from Obama now. They are the ones who will notice this tape and others like it now. Obama is wounded this year. He is not a strong president, and his lies are seen as lies now by far greater people. Videos like this one, as well as all of the connected stories from people like Thomas Sowell, who was interviewed about this back in the early 90s are coming to light now. I believe they will have an impact on those Americans who are disenchanted with Obama now, but who are still riding the fence.

      1. How it was in 2008:
        “You have to pinch yourself. A Marxist radical, who all his life has
        been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended,
        endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically
        promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power, anti-white
        racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former
        terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President
        of the United States. And apparently it’s considered impolite to say so.”
        Melanie Phillips, journalist, The Spectator, UK -11/02/08

        The truth was known then, but except for a few brave journalists, it was ignored, even by our FBI, CIA and CONGRESS!

        1. When I learned of this stuff, I tried to share with people. They ignored it. People ignored it, not just the FBI, CIA, and Congress but voters! And don’t forget about Barack Hussain Obama’s personality disorder. He is not demon possessed he is extremely dangerous….especially when cornered.

      2. People have to be presented with a clear choice. We need a candidate who has substantive solutions to the challenges that face our nation and communicate them in a way that inspires people to hope for the future of this country. We also need a candidate who is fearless and will not be intimidated by the liberals, the media, the establishment or the culture of political correctness – and is not afraid to speak the truth and challenge Obama as a Saul Alinsky radical! That man is Newt Gingrich! (Mitt Romney will only say Obama is in over his head… that lack of backbone will never win the day and ‘depose’ Obama!)

      1. Yep, keep trying to spin that line. It’s no big deal. It’s been out there already. yada yada yada ad naseum…

      2. Not the whole thing. Plus they muted the audio and did voice overs. Real honest reporting from PBS

      3. Oh my gosh! It’s been available for 3 years already? Must be old news not worth considering. So why are we talking about it then? Guess we should all have better things to do than to learn now what was hidden from us then…

    4. Here’s why the video is important: 1. direct evidence of his suppoters suppressing portions of the video until after he was elected; 2. the press did ZERO due diligence, as they could have easily gotten this video sans hugging; 3. the video itself shows Obama praising and hugging an extreme radical who believed that blacks are enslaved under a permanent white class of oppressors, and even the civil rights movement served to continue the slavery; moreover, it shows him asking “the world” about him to “open their hearts” to his teaching/”scholarship”; 4. the American people either don’t know this about Obama’s past, or do not understand the importance of it: how could it not be important that Obama wasn’t just vaguely interested in Marxism, but actively promoted radical, divisive and deplorable race theories?

      To you these things may have been obvious; I’m not sure that’s true for the majority of the American people.

      1. can I steal that and post it on Facebook, I hyped it up yesterday and I think most were underwhelmed..I agree completely with you on why it is important

    5. Incorrect sir. It is one thing to sugar coat it and say that he was attracted to radicalism. Giving you the assumption he liked reading radical literature or went to a few lectures. What this video shows and I am sure this is just the appetizer, is that he was actively involved in PROMOTING the radical, socialist, racist, anti-semetic cause. That this is not just something he is “attracted” to but who he is, deep down to his bone marrow.
      You are doing no different then the left and the MSM is by watering down the significance of him hugging this racist radical and telling people to open their minds and hearts to his message. It would be akin to a future president introducing Osama bin Laden and telling Americans to open their hearts and minds to him and giving him a big hug.
      If black radicals had their way there would be a race war in the USA against all whites. This is what this man preached and Obama so strongly promoted in this video.

      1. Obama sat in a racist’s church for 20 years. Him hugging another racist radical as a student does not move the ball forward. This is a known quantity. He will be defeated by pointing out how destructive his Marxist policies have been to the nation and not by 20 year old videos of a college radical. The harm Obama is doing at 1600 Penn Ave is exponentially worse than him paling around with radical academicians in his youth.

        1. You are undermining your own argument,,, if it can be called that.

          Go back and read what Maxsteele just wrote. Twenty years old the video may be. But the ideas that Obama are referencing and the credence he gives to Bell lives on in his administration, in his associations, and in his actions, and I might ad in the Justice Department under Holder. Shades of this were also seen in the bruhaha leading up to his “Beer Summit”. Americans need to know and Americans are woefully ignorant of what Marxism is and what Cultural Marxism is, although they live with it every day.

          Americans need to not just know, but they need to be confronted with it every step of the way… and that’s what the Breitbart people are doing now. They need to know the significance Obama’s associations and radical ideas have for America’s culture, her institutions and her economy.

        2. You are wrong. The excuse they make is that he sat in the church, he did not preach in the church. In this video he is shown actively supporting Derrick Bell and telling fellow students to open their hearts and minds to his message. People do not understand what Bell was fighting for at the time. He was not fighting for diversity he was trying to force Harvard law to hire a black woman who also shared his specific agenda. What Bell describes a a “real black woman” not one who is dark on the outside but white on the inside. This type of racist agenda is what Obama supported by hugging and preaching to support Bell. Not just racist against whites but also racist against other black people who they refer to as uncle toms or sell outs.
          Watch the following by Thomas Sowell and it should explain to you

          1. Actually in their twisted new-speak, critical black theory, cultural marxist world… diversity is exactly what they pretended to be engaged in. To them, hiring someone on merit alone would NOT be considered a “diversity” hire.

            I wish I could say this was mine… but a Canadian Blogger at Small Dead Animals, Kate McMillan once posed the question: What’s the opposite of diversity? Answer: University.

            We have our own “rightie” blogs as well… just for cold blooded Canadian conservatives.


            1. You are right but I still don’t believe you or most people get what this is about. This is a man (Bell) who threatened Harvard Law that he would stay on unpaid leave as a tenured professor until they not only hired a black woman but only a black woman that also believed in his radical ,racist positions. This goes way beyond racial diversity. This would be like Alan Dershowitz going on unpaid leave until they hired a Jewish law professor that was not only Jewish but also was a strict Zionist and hated all non-Jews.

              1. Oh yeah… I get it all right. It’s the same thing with Obama’s “diversity” czar at the FCC… who wants to replace all white executives with “minorities”. Ironically, I agree with him in a way. All people qualified for the job… no matter what colour… are a minority. Then I am for “minority” hiring.

                The Bell issue goes beyond his extreme afro-centrist and racist views. It’s the critical part of the “critical black theory”. You see the word “critical” from all the leftist disciplines in academia… be it critical feminist studies, critical race theory, critical pedagogy, critical legal studies, critical studies in sexuality… the list goes on and on.

                So Bell is only one example, one sub-set of a wider and broader campaign to destroy America and Western Civilization. The drive to undermine culture. It’s this campaign that Obama is a part of.

            1. You shameless pig. If I said what I wanted right now, I would apologize to my grandmother before banning myself from the internet. So, why don’t you EABOD, STFU, and go knob slob your SCOAMF.

            2. Yes, this idiot has his TRS profile linked to a facebook page with the “Ross Vachon” name with a whole 28 friends and states he works at Paramout pictures. Making racist comments about jews and blacks out here. Perhaps “Ross Vachon” is a psuedonymn for Bill Maher?

        3. The harm dear leader is doing is BECAUSE of him palling around with radicals in his youth. His whole life he has been surrounded by marxist/socialist/humanist/islamist/racist ideologies and THAT is the whole point of what Breitbart and a hand full of others has been and will continue to make.

      2. You misspeled “anti-semitic”. As far as a “cause” it ain’t bad if you’re talking about constipated nebbishes like Joel Pollak. Other Jews find him disgraceful.

    6. Here’s the difference seeing is believing for many. So showing where someone has come from tells you much. How many old videos movies or pictures showing the truth have you seen. The more shown the better.

      The deluded cannot deny what they see (eventually).

    7. I think Pollack’s point about the Obama / Holder Justice Department and their selective (i.e. racially sensitive instead of color-blind) enforcement of the law, coupled with the mainstream media’s failure to raise the issues for public discussion, is what renders the association between Obama and Bell (and Jeremiah Wright revisited) so potentially explosive. American’s wanted a post-racial President to help us move on from our country’s legacy of racism and slavery – so to have a President whose idea of justice is affirmative action on steroids, without the media facilitating a dialogue about that, is frankly offensive.

      Can’t wait to see what Joel Pollack and the team at will come up with yet. I anticipate they’ll continue to be able to play the media, even if Breitbart himself can only watch in amusement from the afterlife.

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