Bret Baier suggests he does NOT believe Trump in his response to Hutchinson’s bizarre claims

Bret Baier needs to have Kari Lake back on his show so she can give him hell for dismissing Trump’s response to Hutchinson’s outlandish claims today before the January 6th committee.

While he didn’t say it explicitly, Baier’s framing makes it sound like he totally believes Hutchinson over Trump.

Hutchinson told the committee Trump demanded police let armed supporters of his to attend his rally on Jan. 6, 2021 because “They’re not here to hurt me.” Trump later encouraged the crowd to march to the Capitol.

She also said that after the rally, the president was “irate” while riding in the presidential limo (known as The Beast) when the Secret Service told him he couldn’t go to the Capitol with his supporters that day.

“The president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel,” Hutchinson said, relaying an account from the head of Trump’s security detail. She also suggested Trump tried to choke him.

Hutchinson also stated Trump believed the rioters were doing nothing wrong, including those who chanted, “Hang Mike Pence!” after Pence refused to go along with Trump’s scheme to overturn the election. She stated she heard Meadows say Trump said that “Mike deserves it.”

Trump reacted to Hutchinson’s testimony in real time on his social media app Truth Social. He stated he “hardly” knows her, “other than I heard very negative things about her.”

Baier called Hutchinson’s testimony “very compelling from beginning to end” before noting Trump’s denials shortly after Tuesday’s hearing concluded.

“We are now hearing from the former president on various posts where he questions her accuracy,” Baier stated. “He goes after her directly. He says he doesn’t know who she is and said he didn’t lunge at the Secret Service agent in The Beast. That didn’t happen, he says. He didn’t throw his lunch against the wall, that didn’t happen and that she’s lying.”

Baier then juxtaposed the settings in which Hutchinson’s and Trump’s remarks came.

“Cassidy Hutchison is under oath on Capitol Hill. The president is on truth social making his statements,” Baier pointed out.

“This testimony was significant,” he concluded.

I would like to ask Bret Baier just how many people have lied about Trump over the years? I haven’t counted, but it’s a lot. And I don’t think it ever comes to fruition that they were the ones telling the truth.

Remember the one where they claimed Trump said “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers”, referring to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris? That’s just the beginning.

And here again, we have a woman from Trump’s orbing testifying on things that just don’t sound true. The main one being her hearsay claim that Trump tried to grab the steering wheel while in the presidential limo known as the Beast.

The problem is Trump wasn’t in the Beast when he left the rally on January 6th:

She wasn’t there but that’s what she heard. Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what happened. Geez.

And her claim that Trump wanted people armed with rifles at his rally? I’m sorry, but that sounds ludicrous on its face.

But whatever. Bret Baier is gonna believe what Bret Baier wants to believe.

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