Brian Stelter is really UPSET Trump said this about the caravan of Honduran migrants

CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter is losing it because Trump said what most of us know is true – the Democrats welcome the caravan of migrants from Honduras, and they’d be happy if more came.

Watch below:

Now look I don’t always agree with everything Trump says, you all know that if you read the right scoop enough, but this is just plain absurd. Not everything Trump says is a conspiracy theory (though to be fair, some of it is!). And in this case it’s just obvious that yes, Democrats would welcome more and more caravans of migrants from Latin America if it meant that they could retain more power. Of course this is true.

Of course Stelter is too busy whining about Trump to actually give a damn about more journalists showing a shameless bias and destroying the credibility of the press.

On the other hand, I do think that the evidence that this caravan is paid for by Soros is thin. Yes, there’s a video of money being handed out, but we don’t know who it was from, and there are contradictory accounts. Besides, we don’t need to believe in that conspiracy theory to know that the caravan is just a bad idea.

Thankfully, it looks like Mexico is going to try to stop it before it brings “chaos” to America – by Stelter’s own admission.

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