Brian Stelter thinks Fox is ENEMY of the PEOPLE, wants them SILENCED, gets OWNED over it

CNN wants to drive Fox News off the air. That’s a business decision. Brian Stelter wants to sell books bashing Fox News. That’s a business decision. But it’s not JUST a business decision in either case.

For one thing, it’s their little hurt baby feelings. When they get them hurt, they want you shut up.

And it’s also rank stupidity. Stupid in the sense that they just don’t understand any of the most basic principles of a free and fair society, or the ethics of their profession in any way. Either willfully (the brass) or by dint of dimness (Stelter), it’s the most basic thing wrong with the corporate jokes we refer to as the American press.

Just look at this trash.

It is almost beyond parody. To call for censorship of people for objecting to censorship. And on the network that claims merely CRITICIZING them puts them in danger. They say that over and over. Stelter in particular.

🎶 That Fat, Dumb, and Bald Guy, SUUURE is a hypocritical douche douche, douche, douche, DOUCHE-DOUCHE.🎵

But, as with the must-see thread earlier, Glenn Greenwald put it better than I can.

Great thread. But the DEATH blow is here.

Using the ACLU. Devastation.

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