Bridgette Gabriel on Egypt and Mubarak

Bridgette Gabriel seems to be more on the side of Walid Shoebat in that supporting regime change could lead to an Islamic revolution. She believes that the Muslim Brotherhood has people on the ground actively recruiting and that Mubarak’s main concern at this point is cutting them off as much as possible. She believes there is a chance that he can stay in power but she does add though that it is simply too volatile at this point to predict an outcome.

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12 thoughts on “Bridgette Gabriel on Egypt and Mubarak

  1. Bridgette,you are so right,that’s what happen to Iran,Iranian people didn’t want that change but that’s what they got.

  2. Have heard Bridgette many times on Hannity. That is one fired up women who tells it like it is with no sugarcoating. Kudos to her.

  3. Just received beaucoup pictures from my leftist contacts of the demonstrations in Cairo on the ground. It is clearly a Muslim uprising. Many types of people but plentiful Muslims present and leading.

  4. Just finished watching The Third Jihad and also What the West Needs to Know About Islam. Everyone needs to watch these two documentaries. We need to defeat these devils now!

      1. It’s more than just Dems. and I think you’re right about another 9-11, but I don’t believe that is their strategy now, at least some of them (Muslims following Shariah Law).

        GE, Nov 2009, 500 Billion Islamic bond (includes some of your tax dollars). These companies know that this bond issued over seas isn’t FCC regulated.

        Compulsion in religion and the freedom to disbelieve VIDEO Ravi – scan down to compulsion video

        This is why my mantra has been FOLLOW THE MONEY.

        And now I add FOLLOW SHARIA LAW.

        And here’s another video: Sharia Investments that our banks are involved in. Master card = Shariah card (ethical-no booze no dogs no porn – but lots and lots to charities – Jihad)

      1. d – Right here at the right scoop – Go to top of page – Top right, black box–type in Third Jihad and then [enter] —

        Next try typing in some of the West title, once I clicked [enter] I scanned down the page and found “Must Watch Saturday Cinema – Islam: Wha,,,” I think these are the same she’s talking about.- Griz

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