Bristol Palin not a ‘real single mother’ – reason for uprising at WashingtonU


On his WABC radio show, Jason Mattera interviewed Phillip Thomas, the guy responsible for the outrage over Bristol Palin speaking about abstinence at Washington University. Jason got to know Phillip a little, establishing that he is a social liberal and fiscal conservative who believes in tolerance and diversity. Jason then asked Phillip why Bristol Palin didn’t deserve such a large speaking fee, and Phillip replied that “she is pro abstinence when in fact just two years ago she had a child out of wedlock.” H also added that she is only a high school graduate with no real academic qualifications. You probably read about all of that in the press.

But eventually Jason got to the heart of it when he pressed Philip on why Bristol Palin was so objectionable:

Yes, she isn’t a real single mother because she isn’t poor. Or better stated, because she’s a Palin. So what she’ll draw a larger crowd to hear the message of abstinence. Her name is Palin! We don’t want people to hear that message from a Palin. Anybody but Palin, PLEASE!!!!!!

Typical intolerant liberal.


UPDATE: Jason reminded on twitter me that he also asked Phillip about Van Jones speaking at WashingtonU. Of course Phillip had no problem with a self avowed communist/911-truther speaking on campus – just Bristol because she’s not a ‘real single mother’.

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25 thoughts on “Bristol Palin not a ‘real single mother’ – reason for uprising at WashingtonU

  1. Not just “intolerant liberal”…

    Coming from an obviously educated and articulate guy, Phillip’s anti-Palin point of view is an example of the “shallow thinker” end of the intellectual pool.

    Only Yahweh (YHWH, not Hashem) can expose Allah and … STOP! Islamization Of America … with our informed speech and action

  2. omg i am a “typical single mother”. i’m poor, have a teen daughter, tried to go to school, work a low wage job- i’ll gladly accept $16k-30,000 to tell kids about the perils of single motherhood!

  3. In November, the Washington U extremist, hypocrite, socialists warmly welcomed to their campus van jones – “You Lie!” hussein’s former czar and avowed COMMUNIST RADICAL nut-job. Compare that with bristol palin’s treatment and you’ll understand the term “freedom of speech” at taxpayer-funded lunatic-left colleges.

  4. Does anybody else notice how all college-aged men nowadays sound femmy? Especially the liberal ones.

  5. Notice how he equates abstinence with abortion. Hey, we have a pro-lifer on the panel, what’s your problem?

    At the end of the day, abortion is all these people care about. That’s really what this is about. But, as usual, conservatives never cease to give liberals their talking points for them. S.E. Cupp was on Red Eye the other night and blasted Bristol over the whole fee angle. She pretty much said what this guy said. Nice going, S.E.

  6. Phillip is a normal liberal and he proves it. The libs have trouble with logic and common sense apparently because they have so little. We all appreciate studies being done and I read where there was a study about why libs are the way they are and the study indicated they came from monkeys and most will admit it while conservatives came about through creation–big difference.

  7. They HATE the Palin’s because they are Yup’ik and Curyung Eskimos. The Racist KKK have come back to the Democrat Party. MARXIST=DEMOCRATS=TERRORIST All the same. Just ask the slave owning Democrats.

  8. Good Grief!These two are not the brightest light bulbs on the block are they? DUH!!!

    Part of her message is that “It’s not easy to have a baby as a simgle parent and how your life changes when you’re too young to be a parent”. She also mentions that it’s hard even though she gets alot of help that others may not have. DUH!

    I have yet to hear anything of value or sense from this guy. Why does he get so much attention? He is not professional, has no idea what he is doing, has nothing of value to add to his profession. Is this the best they can get? Pathetic.

  9. I love Jason’s laugh at the end; wish I could have heard the rest of it. Apparently keeping it REAL means you have to be poor. Nice open-mindedness from a Lefty who preaches open-mindedness, seriously.

    1. Never mind the hypocrisy. Most other single mothers would happily trade places with Bristol in a heartbeat for the opportunities. Would anyone dare call them “not real” if the situation was reversed, were Bristol a liberal – or someone like her – and it was a liberal agenda that being advocated?

  10. I knew I should not have listened to this idiot. These liberals live in a fantasy world. Not your typical single mother? You mean the single mother that is working and making money for her child to give her child a very good life? How dare she? To a liberal it would be better for her to be on the government doles for welfare, food stamps, unemployment and all the hand outs.

  11. OK, so it comes down to: Bristol Palin is white (besides being a Palin). She’s white, not black, not Hispanic, not whatever the liberal “flavor of the week” is.

    Why don’t liberals just tell the truth? Just say it. Because they are becoming more and more stupidly transparent every day.


  12. OK, so it comes down to: Bristol Palin is white (besides being a Palin). She’s white, not black, not Hispanic, not whatever the liberal “flavor of the week” is.

    Why don’t liberals just tell the truth? Just say it. Because they are becoming more and more stupidly transparent every day.


  13. Phillip Thomas is just another elitist! He makes decisions based on vitriolic prejudice and unfortunately take others who are ignorant with him.

  14. liberalism is a mental disorder. in fact liberalism leads to zombism. careful folks. Resident Evil is coming.

  15. I would not call it “hypocricy” for Bristol Palin to accept loads of cash that people offer her to do stuff like give speeches, appear on G-rated TV shows, and pose (fully clothed) for magazine spreads – I would call that “making lemonade out of lemons”.

    1. I would call it “Free Enterprise.”

      Add to the mix free enterprise by a young, attractive single mother with the last name of Palin, and it’s like garlic to a vampire!

      Along with being a mental disorder, Liberalism is a disease of jealousy and envy.

  16. I wonder if Oprah would be a single mother if SHE was a single mother. I’m guessing that Herman Cain isn’t a real black man either because he isn’t a hard left progressive democrat.

    Got it!

    1. If Oprah were a single mother, she would be part of a race of people where in some schools 70% of the women are single mothers. A social plague not once mentioned by the man in the White House who thinks fast trains are a solution to society’s problems.

  17. I don’t hate you, I just don’t want you to be able to earn a living or be happy.

    pretty much what I was able to infer the guy feels about Bristol PALIN. I’m sure that would apply to be anything Palin.

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