Brit Hume hits the Washington Post over a double standard on Northam scandal [VIDEO]

If Virginia isn’t struggling enough with Northam’s blackface/kkk scandal, today there’s been new sexual allegations leveled against the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

Of course Fairfax adamantly denies them and even suggests that Northam might be behind the leaking of the allegations.

Brit Hume weighs in on all this:

Hume suggests he doesn’t necessarily believe that the governor leaked these sexual assault allegations to the very website that exposed his racist photo in his yearbook.

But he does hit the Washington Post for what’s clearly a double standard in their coverage of this allegation, after they released a story on it with details of what’s alleged to have happened:

What I think is also interesting…the Washington Post’s restraint in their coverage of this allegation. After all this is a woman whose name they knew; an event that did occur in the sense that there was apparently sex between these two. She says it wasn’t consensual, he says it was. And it was at a time and place that everyone agrees on.

Contrast that with the vague allegations – ‘I can’t remember the place exactly, I don’t remember the time, I don’t remember how I got home’ – against Brett Kavanaugh when he was up for the Supreme Court. The Washington Post showed no such compunctions about running with that story. It suggests at the very least a very clear double standard.

That’s a great point.

It’s like Ted Cruz asked this morning, why does the media relentlessly shill for the Democrats? Unless there’s a smoking gun, Democrats are almost always afforded the benefit of the doubt. But there was no such smoking gun for Kavanaugh and he was attacked relentlessly by the media. And this has been true for Trump as well.

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