Brooke Baldwin BANS ‘boobs and First Amendment’ guy from her show

Brooke Baldwin explained how she felt when a guest said that the only two things that hadn’t let him down were the First Amendment, and boobs, in a post this morning on CNN.

I quickly felt myself turning red — getting irritated and angry. My mind was racing. My face, I could tell, was incredulous. In the thick of it all, I could see my other guest, Keith Reed, was equally aghast.

The newsroom around me fell silent. I was staring into the camera trying to make sense of what was unfolding on live television. I even caught my cameraman Jay’s eyes in disbelief. I thought again: “It is 2017, and this grown man is on my show talking with me — a female host — about boobs. Is this seriously happening?”

And then I did something I’ve done only a handful of times in my career. I told the control room to kill his mic and said “bye.” I invite a variety people on my show with wide-ranging opinions — sometimes even my jaw hits the floor, too — but I let them speak. Whether it’s left, right or center — I want to expose my viewers to other perspectives. Agree with them or not, the nation needs to listen.

But this … was different.

I remember getting to commercial break, turning around and hearing an applause. I host my show from the middle of the fifth-floor newsroom, and my CNN colleagues — male and female — were applauding me. Then I heard my phone … Twitter, text messages. Buzzzzzzzz.

From Pat Benatar: “OMG… Nice job cutting him right off! As*hole.”

Some are pointing out that she didn’t seem to care that the left was wearing “pussy hats” to protest Trump, or when Code Pink literally dressed up like vaginas – somehow that’s not objectification, but this is.

She specifically links the comment to sexism, and sexual harassment at Fox News:

I’ve spent much of my year — when you don’t see me every day from 2-4 p.m. ET on CNN — interviewing women. It’s a passion project of mine called “American Woman” with leading ladies you’ll recognize. An idea born out of my covering the 2016 presidential campaign and the aftermath.

Talking to young women, seeing firsthand how so many of them feel empowered and with a desire to be heard and get involved. I want to help lift women’s voices. And I realize, in doing that, I need to use my own.

This sounds like a whole lotta nothing to me. What he did was unprofessional and trollish, but it’s not a national act of misogyny and oppression. We should just note that he’s kinda vulgar, and move on.

You can watch the entire bizarre interaction here.

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