Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner is now in a ‘lesbian’ relationship with another transgender and they want to have a baby

The complete backwardness of our society is on display in the relationship of Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner and his new boyfriend who is also a transgender. They are calling it a ‘lesbian’ relationship and they want to have a baby together so they can both be ‘moms’:

Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly feeling so broody that she is considering using a surrogate to become a mum at the age of 70.

She is currently in a relationship with 22-year-old Sophia Hutchens, who is also transgender.

The couple’s relationship has gone from strength to strength since they were first spotted together in 2017, although the pair have never officially confirmed their romance.

Speaking to Closer magazine, a source said: “Caitlyn and Sophia have spoken about starting a family together for the last year or so, and while Caitlyn’s already got ten children, she’s never had the chance to bring a child up in the role of a mother, which she’s always dreamed of doing.”

The source also claims that Sophia has always wanted to be a mum too, with the pair deciding on getting a surrogate to make their long-held dreams of motherhood come true.

This is sick. It’s nothing but two gay guys living together, pretending to be women, who want to raise a child together.

But you see the way the article is written, saying that “Caitlyn” and this ‘Sophia’ want to become moms? The media just accepts this absurdity as normal, as if they are reporting on a normal 70-year-old man with a young hotsie totsie girlfriend.

Beck is right. The most normal thing about this couple is the age difference.

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117 thoughts on “Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner is now in a ‘lesbian’ relationship with another transgender and they want to have a baby

  1. But what about the child? It’s needs should come first. All they care about is themselves. The child is just a pawn. They are so into their needs that they cannot see anything else. They are simply selfish.

  2. “Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner is now in a ‘lesbian’ relationship with another transgender and they want to have a baby”
    Just when you thought they’d retired the cup with “Headless Body in Topless Bar”…

  3. There’s no such thing as transgender. A man in a dress is still a man in a dress. Humans are incapable of changing sex although plastic surgery can do a pretty good job of appearing so. Any guy that thinks wearing women’s clothes will magically make their life better has some serious mental issues.

  4. Descending into deeper and deeper sickness which is tragic, but the funniest thing…..they still need a woman to reproduce.

  5. It would be bad enough for two heterosexuals (who knew their correct gender) to be in a relationship when one was 69 and the other 22. But to become a parent again at the age of 70?
    That’s crazy enough but this is something else again.

    Totally bonkers. And they will get a gushing cover story on People mag.

  6. Slightly OT: Remember a couple of days ago I was telling you all about the questions I was asked to update my information form at the Senior Center where I volunteer? These were the questions:

    1. What gender do you identify yourself as?
    2. What gender were you biologically assigned at birth?
    3. What is your sexual orientation?

    Note: These questions are asked of all seniors participating in either our Nutrition program or Case Management. I met with one of the Center directors today after I sent in an email protesting these as inappropriate. She was very sympathetic but explained to me it was a required not by the city (which I previously thought) but by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT because a large percentage of our funding comes from a federal grant.

    So don’t think this is some crazy local or state of California thing.

    She also said most people are either shocked or upset and simply refuse to answer the questions, which they are encouraged to do.

    But I told her that’s not good enough, we need to push back on this. She agreed and said she is trying to get an exemption because of the fact that they’re seniors. It was a very good and open conversation. I told her if she needed me to “testify” I would be more than willing to help any way I can.

  7. The scariest part is not that these two are doing this, but that the media and libs demand that you accept it as normal. Stuff that.

  8. I remember meeting Bruce back in 2004. I thought he looked and sounded good, and he ended up motivating me into walking/jogging two miles each day. I wish he was back. Miss the big guy.

  9. We’re living in Sodom and Gomorrah. I’m glad the Lord is long suffering or America would be gone by now

  10. Back when I suffered gender confusion myself, I was talking to a psychiatrist on the subject. He said most transsexuals can expect to not have a lot of luck with men or women, and end up shacking up with other transsexuals.

    So frankly…. I’m not surprised in the least.

  11. Oooh! I see a fight brewing to see which one of them gets to be the father …. er, donate their sperm for the baby.

  12. IF s these two mentally ill people adopt- they won’t be moms- they will be two gay men who are so mentally ill they think that they are women- who raise a child that will be equally mentally ill very likely – Again- these are mentally ill men- they are not women no matter how much they mutilate their bodies- they need mental help- not to be coddled by society and encouraged to continue in their mental illness-

  13. So what that really makes them is a gay male couple, right? (sigh) You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig.

  14. If this sick freak-show gets a baby, the people who give it to them should be TARRED and FEATHERED, then prosecuted. This is evil — E-V-I-L… I am sick.

  15. He was right. I am so sick of this sick winning by the sick liberal Lunatics, I am sickened by it.
    If this is the ‘new normal’…then I am just…privileged to know otherwise.

  16. Take away the headlines, social media and other attention and I bet 90% of LGBTetc disappears

  17. I wonder if they’re registered at Macy’s. I’d like to get them something they good use. Wait, they don’t sell what they need.

  18. (Matthew 18:6-7) “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. {7} ¶ Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!”

  19. Legalized child abuse. The horror of such a thing. This isn’t just the homo perversion, this is child abuse.

  20. Makes someone being a surrogate for Michael Jackson seem normal.

    This is sick. Jenner is close to being a pedophile here, the other guy was 20 when they first got together. Did Jenner do drugs or something earlier? His brain is messed up and the other guy probably is seeing dollar signs.

  21. That poor child. Doesn’t have a chance if this goes through. Will be scarred for life.

  22. These are two mentally disabled individuals and society is now supposed to act like they aren’t? BS!!!

  23. Who cares about the poor kid, what I want matters most!!!!! I want, I want, I WANT..WHAAAA!!!!! *stomps foot*

  24. This is so twisted that it takes some study to actually figure out who is what. They could name their “child” Pretzel. But what would its last name be? Neither one of these idiots is qualified to be a parent.

  25. Really glad I had breakfast before I saw this!

    The last thing these two creatures need to be in charge of is a child!

    What’s next: A book entitled, “Mommy has two penises”?

  26. so two dudes with penises are in a lesbian relationship? we’ve hit rock bottom here, people.

  27. I don’t care what these people do but why mess up an innocent child’s life which is what these two will do? That’s evil!

  28. In Bruce’s incredibly selfish pursuit to experience every aspect of being a woman, why not artificially induce menstruation, cramps, and a yeast infection? How about menopause? He definitely needs one of Julian Castro’s taxpayer funded abortions for men suffering from the mental illness gender dysphoria.

    It never ends. I suspect this isn’t just about his dysphoria mental illness, but also he couldn’t abide his family becoming more famous. This constant parade of extreme and farcical realizations are just how he competes with Kim’s oversized rear-end for public attention and notoriety.

  29. Another 70 year old man with a 20 something year old bothers me just as much as the gender du jour identification.

  30. Do you think it’s OK for these two to TAKE a baby?

    Should be a question for every Presidential candidate.

  31. Giving these 2 a child to raise would be child abuse. But, I have no doubt that the state of California will give them as many as they want.

  32. It’s clearly a mental disorder. Any psychiatrist worth his salt will describe the neurosis. The one thing Bruce cannot undue however, is the fact that he chopped his junk off. Might as well continue on as an ugly old woman – like Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, and most of the leftwing clowns.

  33. God bless em, good luck, have a great time, I could care less.

    But when you want to bring a child into this, and WE allow it?

    Something is very very wrong.

  34. This has to be one of the most selfish plans I’ve ever had the displeasure to read. This is pure selfishness in using a kid to perpetuate their delusions.

    While I know some significant age-gap relationships that were very solid and endured many decades, having a child at 70 is totally irresponsible, regardless of wealth. The kid will be down to one, mentally ill and immature parent before he’s 10.

    Having a child with “two daddy’s” already guarantees the child will be horribly stigmatized and an emotional wreck by their teens. Two mentally ill persons suffering ongoing identity crises are not fit to be parents. Seriously, bringing a child into some warped, illness induced fantasy is morally reprehensible.

    Yeah, Beck is right…bad on 23d chess level.

  35. I know you are calling this sick – but we are not only dealing with mental disease here – this is SIN and the natural (expected) result when sin is abounding. I believe in Romans, God is clear that He will turn those whose hearts are hardened to the point of no return to their lusts and desires. He is also clear that woe to those who call good evil and evil good. So even though the pop culture sees nothing wrong with this, we know how this rebellion of God’s tenets will end.

    Lets not forget that many social conservatives including myself were mocked when we attempted to shine the light on these social issues and stand with God’s Word. Don’t be surprised when this “condoning” of evil comes and bites a society in its ar*se. Everyday, we seem to be closer to what is called armaggedon.

  36. It’s bad enough these two adults are so messed up but now they want children involved. This is sick stuff. At church last week someone brought up that there are a number of children’s cartoons now pushing hard the LGBT lifestyle. They just can’t leave children alone.

  37. That is just plain CREEPY, FREAKISH and disgusting. No child should be subjected to this type of abuse.

  38. There was a song by Digital Underground when I was in high school called “Freaks of the Industry”. The title is fitting for this “couple”.

  39. 6 yr-olds call it playing doctor
    If you’re still doing it as a adult…it’s called gay marriage

  40. These relationships are so confusing to me that it takes me 5 minutes to figure out the real gender!

  41. On the lighter side, the one on the right (Sophia) actually looks like woman. Bruce Jenner, not so much.

  42. and for the ultimate reality TV show for the hopelessly needy for a spotlight and competition with the younger generation the Kardashians Chris Jenner will probably volunteer to be the surrogate.

  43. This is just a double negative… This a man who wants to be a woman so he can be with a woman. Same statement as man wants to be with woman. I think he’s just someone who wants to be a victim so badly yet wants to sleep with woman.

  44. They’re both men, so wouldn’t that make it a homosexual relationship?

    The lesbians are going to be so pissed….

  45. The South Park episode where Mr. Garrison has a sex change and Kyle becomes a tall, black kid while his father becomes a dolphin (trans-species) was on last night. It totally hits the nail on the head with these mental cases.

  46. Oh good grief! This is why liberal philosophy is so stupid. They think that they “are as gods” and can do whatever they think is right regardless of the facts. They think that just by wanting something bad enough that it should be so. While humanity has gotten a few things correct we’ve had a very dismal track record at getting most anything right for the most part. So why would we think that any of our warped human impulses would be correct ones? These are two out of control MEN who can’t seem to get their heads out of their crotches long enough to face reality. My heart is broken for the child that they intend to raise with their warped thinking. Children are neither pets nor accessories though people like Jenner and his catamite lover think they are. They think that children are possessions to be paraded around like a badge that somehow legitimizes their unholy relationship. Children are holy stewardships (inheritances FROM THE LORD) that we will have to give an accounting to God the Creator for.

  47. Actually the logic does not make them lesbians but heterosexuals. Each is a biological Male attracted to another person displaying feminine qualities (trying in their case).

    So two men attracted to a “woman”-like “person” makes them both heterosexual mentally disturbed people.

  48. To what end? Are they wanting to abort the child just so they can join in every conceivable perversion possible?!

    These people are sick.

  49. Look at these freaks. They look like men dressed as women for Halloween. They look like the remake of the movie, White Chicks only with white guys.

  50. OMG! This is beyond stupid and yet politicians, religious and all the spineless people will drool over this announcement. These two men are arrogant, stupid and immoral.

  51. “The source also claims that Sophia has always wanted to be a mum too, with the pair deciding on getting a surrogate to make their long-held dreams of motherhood come true.”

    Will they be using Bruce’s or the other mental case’s SPERM?

  52. Neither have the equipment to have a baby. Neither are women. They are men with mental illness.

  53. A quick way to stop this type of transgender nonsense is for the AMA and DSM-5 to classify transgenders as a mental disorder as it used to be and as it should be. That would prevent these crazies from sharing women’s restrooms, adopting children, entering the military, and competing in women’s sports.

  54. I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone. What a screwed up world we have become. Liberals are truly sick people. Evil. And insane, to boot.

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