Brutal and Brilliant: Another parody of Lena Dunham’s Obama ad “Your First Time”

This is both brutal and brilliant. Julie Borowski, self-proclaimed token libertarian girl, rips Lena Dunham’s parody apart and in doing so puts into stark focus the Democrat’s war on women’s intellect.


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141 thoughts on “Brutal and Brilliant: Another parody of Lena Dunham’s Obama ad “Your First Time”

  1. Brilliant and “I set women back a couple of decades” is the kicker…

    The Left has no respect, they are depending on the dregs to intimidate the voting booths!
    OWS,Panthers, ACLU, etc

  2. I’ve worked with canvassing organizations, and problem is, perhaps a majority of women (on average) aren’t like this young woman.

  3. I have just one thing to say to those who think that voting is like sex…

    You’re doing it wrong.

  4. This one is better than Steven Crowder’s and it was pretty darn good…American Thinker has a link to it. I’m starting to agree with Ann Coulter and her snarky assertion that maybe giving women the vote was a mistake. What a bunch of ditz brains on the left. I hope all the gals out there who really think this is about their sex life feel some sort of embarrassment at just how freaking stupid they are. And, I hope this shame means never bringing out those disgusting big vagina suits…ever again.

    1. To quote English Journalist Malcolm Muggeridge:

      “If God is dead, somebody is going to have to take his place. It will be megalomania or erotomania, the drive for power or the drive for pleasure, the clenched fist or the phallus, Hitler or Hugh Hefner.”

      In other words, if God is dead, it will either be an obsession with power or an obsession with sex that fills the void.

      With liberals, it’s become both.

      1. Oh I love this. I am going to steal it and post it on Facebook. Absolutely coming true. God help us. I wonder if liberals of an age to have teen or young adult children see what they’ve wrought? Or if they imagined this would be the result of their “Boomer” liberal activism and “social justice” political correctness?

    2. I hope all the gals out there who really think this is about their sex life STAY HOME on November 6.

  5. Hilarious…AND better than the original!! You’d have thought that by now the Obamacrats would have learned their lesson that every time they try one of these video stunts (see “Life of Julia” or the idiotic Hollywood “celebs” fawning endorsement tape) the web explodes with homemade response vids that are ever so much more clever AND better produced. It must make them crazy that their best efforts result in a backfire that makes them look even more idiotic and amateur than they ever expected.

  6. That’s the way real women feel. Not like some stupid, Hollywood-wannabe who is only concerned about sex, birth control and abortion, rather than the economy, jobs, foreign policy and skyrocketing debt.

  7. Nicely done. She is really good, much much better than the male comedian from PJTV (Steve something or other) that is never funny.
    Just one nit: at the end of most fragments she looks to the side -looking at whoever is behind the camera. That is a rookie mistake, those segments should have been edited out or reshot.
    Regardless, very funny, very well acted, congrats.

  8. SHE IS A PAULNUT. Her video before this one was a screed about how she is not voting AT ALL this election (same thing). It strikes me as funny to consider Ron Paul is now OLDER than REGAN was WHEN HE LEFT OFFICE. This is why we call them nuts.

    This video is brilliant, very satisfying in fact. She is a true talent. But her immense talent is mostly wasted. With all that potential, she is still a statistic – another young person who makes me afraid for the future.

    1. This cycle I am voting against the incumbent and not for the challenger.Mitt Romney is as bad a representation of conservative principles as Ron Paul is for Libertarian principles.My political beliefs lean towards anarchism, the absence of government or the need for the rule of law. However, anarchism requires everyone to be persons of strong character, something Man is far from achieving.We must tolerate government a while longer. Sadly, we will get the government we deserve.

          1. Voting for Roseanne, eh? If that strips one single vote from President PitchingWedge, I am OK with that.

  9. It doesn’t surprise me that women in Hollywood think a guy who gives them free stuff is a great guy. But how dumb do you have to be if after four years you still haven’t figured out that he’s been charging everything to your credit card?

    1. Awesome point.

      “Look I got you all this great stuff!”
      “Wow, thanks. Thats great! How did you afford all this stuff?”
      “I used your credit card.”

  10. Solid parody of the original. Libertarians are always good for good laugh…admittedly, it’s not always intentional (e.g., Ron Paul). The original ad that this parodies is a good example of the number one reason I hate BHO besides his policies. His followers. Dopes like the original girl in the ad who thinks we’re interfering w/ her rights if we don’t pay for her birth control…and the Cult of the NY Times and Nate Silver.

    In fact, other than getting rid of President O, the best part of all this is going to be the personal and professional destruction of Nate Silver.

    He better enjoy the p***y parade, on the party circuit, while it lasts…because on the morning of Nov 7…that is the end, my friend. Maybe even the night of Nov 6, unless he can get Lena Dunham to give him some “grief-inspired sex” (birth control on us).

    A lot of people probably think Silver is a D hack, but really he’s a SABRmetrics geek.

    They’ve been a joke in Baseball for quite some time. They say stupid things like “Derek Jeter is the most over-rated player in the game, when you factor in his salary” and “Closers don’t matter…the numbers say if you pick random people from the bullpen, they’ll do just as well, and you’ll save money”.

    For people who don’t know Baseball those two statements are kinda as stupid as saying that an incumbent President who’s been stuck on 47%, ever since the first debate, is going to have independents break to him, get over 50% of the vote, and that he also has a better than 70% chance of winning the election.

    Nate, if you’re reading this, I’m not kidding, man.

    The members of the Democratic coalition (e.g., single women, gay men, dead people in Chicago) disproportionately don’t follow sports. They didn’t know you were a SABRmetrics moron and paid jackass. You’re probably all Andrew Sullivan has at this point, other than body hair. He’s off the ledge, but it’s only because of you. And when Obama is crushed he will hate you for it as if you caused it.

    They’ll assume you lied to them for money. They don’t know what I know, buddy: That you don’t know any more about politics than you do Baseball.

    So get it while it’s hot from all sources. November 6 will come like a thief in the night, Nate…and then winter. LOL

    1. I’ve been having a running argument with some fool on Disqus who maintains that Zero only makes “gaffes”, while Bush was a moron. What can you say to people who are so wilfully ignorant? What can you say to someone who insists, against all odds, that black is white?

      Oops. That was probably raaaaacist of me.

  11. —Mrs. WFM just said to me, “When will the Vagina-crats stop speaking to normal women like we are all Kardashians?”

    1. In a low whisper maybe say, “psssssst, MrsW, until the majority of women agree with you……. honey.”

  12. Any one see similarities in these two visuals? The terrorist in Benghazi has clogs and a chicks blouse on ( The waif in the 0 endorsement has on the same blouse ( and seems a bit confused about other things too. Are these two representative of the New World Order?

  13. I am a female who has been in Aviation, Automotive, and Defense engineering for decades. I an INSULTED by Obama’s appeal to the female vote on “Lady Parts” issues. Why have I worked so hard for so long. Disgusting.
    GO Romney / Ryan. Restore decency to the Oval Office. After you fumigate it.

  14. funny girl. so much grass roots talent on the right because we’re individuals who think for ourselves.

    1. You are right about that. I think someone like Alfonzo Rachel could host a show similar to The Daily Show with a conservative point of view that would be hilarious. Newsbusted videos with Jodi Miller are funny, but the laugh track is old. We do have deep talent, though.

  15. Someone needs to tell the Obama’s campaign that women are smarter than they are. They don’t sit around all day long contemplating their vagina.

  16. I think Scoop should run a contest to see who can come up with the best parody by election day. He could invite Michelle Malkin to be the judge.


    General Ham ordered troops to Benghazi but was stripped of his authority within thirty second. Africon Marine Commander was also relived of his authority. The Black Racist/Muslim/Communist coup has begun. This is not a test! This is NOT A JOKE

    Obama is not going to let the death of four white, military men keep him and the Muslim Brotherhood out of the white house. Buy weapons, buy ammunition, prepare to defend yourselves and your country Americans!

    1. Not too long ago, I would have thought you were a paranoid loon. Now I see the possibility that you are using sound and reasonable judgment. It is frightening that the media and most of America is ignoring this horrific slaughter of 4 Patriots. It’s unbelievable that just a handful of us are outraged and want justice. If we don’t take our country back on 11/6, this is the beginning of the end of the USA as we once knew it.

      1. Thanks thk, Over the last month and a half, I sometimes wake up in the night and have the same thought myself.

        Let’s hope I am dead wrong and am as loony as daffy duck (sorry ABC) and that Romney is elected and Obama leaves office and walks into the history books like a gentleman and a proud American……..

        On second thought, I’m headed down to Sporting Goods to stock up. I know you can’t eat ammo but justice never put an extra pound on me either.

  18. “Panders to the gay community who endorsed gay marriage only a couple months ago because it was politically convenient.” This needs to go viral.

    1. Thanks for the link! I haven’t seen the original ad but now I understand the exaggerated facial expressions and hand gestures. I actually had to pause the video to check it wasn’t the original because I didn’t get that it was a voiceover, LOL. Thanks again.

  19. Great vid!

    With the right distribution, this could destroy the entire “Vaginacrat Party,” once and for all.

    1. Amen! So gross. Never heard “vagina”, “lady-parts”, “19502”, “war on women”, “birth control”, “contraception”, “abortion”, used with such regularity in an election year. It’s incredible how backwards the Obama campaign has been. And debased.

    1. Hey Joe,

      Excellent idea. They would be great in a Hollywood Comedy together.

      “Big Bird and Moon Cricket occupy Mom’s basement.”

  20. Hey Scoop friends, not sure who else is in the pathway but our friend MiketheMarine may be affected by the hurricane. Please think of him during this natural disaster.

  21. And Romney wants to set women back to 1973 and take away our freedoms too. When the gov’t can control one facet of our body, they can control all.

      1. The gov’t has controlled our income through taxation and real property through taxation and mineral rights for a very long time.  I’d like to find the Congress that pass the initial tax law and have a bit of a chat with them.

        1. Like the Fed Res Act, it was passed in 1913, so there are none left. My guess is that they passed it the same way as they did the Fed Res Act. They recessed for the holidays, and three people stayed behind to vote it in, because they didn’t suspend voting before they left, as they usually did.

          1. I read this morning about some precinct that found a whole bunch of 110+ aged voters on the voter rolls, so maybe it’s possible !! LOL!

      2. Opposing abortion isn’t sexist. You can oppose him on other grounds, but he’s not a misogynist and the war on women’s not going on.

        1. You are so uninformed that it is disheartening. The Democrats have a decades old war on women, while trying to maniupate us as they did the black community. I sat and watch them destroy the black family and the progress we had made as women. You are intentionally uninformed. You watch Obama’s head speech writers team sexually grope a carboard cutout of Hillary Clinton and post pictures and brag about their sexually demeaning conduct and Obama approves. You have the weakest woman in the world – Hillary Clinton – betray us all *again* by meekly saying “Oh, that’s alright.” You Democrats hate women and minorities and that is evidenced in everything you do and every harm you have caused by those whom you exploit.

    1. No, Romney wants to return to States’ rights, not federal fascism. Roe v Wade is federal. BTW, “set women back to 1973” well, considering how many girl babies have been murdered in the womb since Roe v Wade, I would say the eugenic radicals have done a pretty good job of it themselves.

  22. BRILLIANT!!!! THIS HAS TO GO VIRAL ESPECIALLY IN OHIO!!!!!! It looks like there are many undecided women over there.

    1. And busloads of Somali people who can’t speak English shown how to vote by Democrat interpreters. (Human Events article)

      1. The numbers of Somalis in Columbus was astounding. Ohio may have the highest population of circumcised women who don’t know what indoor plumbing is in America….Tennessee pulling in a close second…and MOST of Tennessee has figured out the flush toilet by now except for them. I’m sure they’ll all assimilate very well…cough cough

        1. I think I read there were 45,000 Somalis in Ohio. That makes for a lot of votes! Don’t know anything about the plumbing issues but I’ve heard that in some communities with high immigrant populations the children use the playground instead of the “facilities”. I am so glad I don’t have a young child begging me to take him to the park! It’s probably safer at the dog parks 🙂

  23. Excellent in production and POV. A putdown has to outperform, out-entertain and humiliate with outrageous mimicry and this, folks, does it all. Bravo!

  24. Hahaha ! Love it !

    I’m so sick of dumbocrats talking like the ONLY thing women care about is birth control and abortions ! That’s a war on womens minds .

    1. I told my 19 year old sister that Obama approved an ad comparing first time voting to first time having sex. The look of disgust on her face…LOL, it was an instant reaction too.

  25. So, are we finding that the despicable Obama ads are actually giving us more fuel for the landslide than we could ever imagine? Thanks, Barry. Another major gaffe in the books. Add it to the ‘Binders, Bayonets, and Bidenisms’.

    1. LMAO..This Lady is GOOD!!!!

      EVERYTHING ‘O’Bama bin Lyin” does is an opportunity to REVEAL his true Mooselim Lady Parts Hating Colors!

      Well dune!

      Btw….Don’t forget to pick up a tube of EVERYONE’S friend…..

      PREPARATION “O” Hemorrhoid Cream…(I can actually spell it now without checking Google spellcheck)


      Yes, folks, whenever my Grapes show their wrath, I reach for my O’Bama Cream….Preparation “O”

      OMG it’s so easy to subtly call O’Bama an AZZHOLE!

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