“Bulls**t!” – Anderson Cooper absolutely destroys Rod Blagojevich [Full interview]

Anderson Cooper was absolutely fired up in this interview where he destroys Rod Blagojevich and his delusional attempts to explain away his corrupt behavior.

Wow. It’s really worth watching the whole thing but I noticed something really interesting – in the YouTube version of the debate, they choose to cut out some of Blago’s defense at the end. Really. Weird.

Watch at about the 10:35 minute mark when they edit him out:

You can still watch the part that they cut out of the YouTube version in the Twitter version I posted above. In any case, you have to hand it to Cooper – he fully admits that it is within the reach of Trump’s executive powers to grant Blago clemency. He just goes after Blagojevich for trying to rewrite history and keep portraying himself as an innocent victim, and he does it pretty convincingly. At least our politics is entertaining, right?

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