‘BURN IT DOWN’: Mob of angry anti-police insurrectionists MARCH through D.C., fighting cops, threatening violence

There will be no congressional hearings for BLM protests and riots that not only routinely threaten violence, but routinely carry it out. None of the MANY Democrats in office who support these activities will face having committee seats stripped, nor will any Presidents be dragged before impeachment hearings.

But last night in the nation’s SACRED CAPITOL, the TEMPLE of our DEMOCRACY, angry protesters demanding things be done their way, under the FTP (f*** the police) brand and representing BLM, stormed across the city and threatened to burn it down.

Which is fine with pretty much everyone in the media and the establishment.

This video from Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) shows the marchers doing a call and response: “If we don’t get it?” “Burn it down!”

Here’s more from the march. Regretfully only available by Twitter at the moment.

Disturbing people dining at outdoor restaurants? Not too Covid friendly, BLM. And then scuffling with the cops.

Here they are chanting “ACAB” (“All Cops are B*****ds”).

And of course, the declaration of their occupation of our democratic republic.

Yes, Antifa was there. They didn’t shoot anyone this time (that we know of.)

And go figure…

As has happened for most of the last year – with a brief lull while they cooperated with Big Wall Street in a conspiracy to overthrow President Trump – Black Lives Matter stormed through our hallowed seat of precious government and threatened and denigrated the brave first responders who were there to protect freedom.

Which is exactly what Democrats were saying about the January 6 riots. It’s weird how that one bothered them and the year long, billions in damages, dozens of lost lives, still ongoing insurrection and threat of overthrow and violence doesn’t bother them at all. Ain’t it?

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