California begins rolling blackouts as Democrats who hate oil and gas BEG people to not run air conditioners…

California has just announced last night that rolling blackouts are imminent across the state because they can’t keep up with the demand for electricity:

In fact the rolling blackouts had already began last night in two California cities:

The despicable Rep. Swalwell was begging people online to not use their air conditioners after 4pm, as well as other large appliances:

Rep. Thomas Massie responded to this, blaming much of California’s problems on the fact that they have almost 40% of America’s electric cars:

Most of these electric cars aren’t being charged on 110 volts but rather 240, which means they are just drinking up the electricity. As Thomas Massive pointed out, these cars take way more electricity to charge than Californians use to cool their homes with an air conditioner.

But I like how Stephen Miller put all of this in context:

Yeah, absolutely crazy. Heh.

California’s rolling blackouts are what happens when corrupt leftist government officials wage a war on oil and gas. And yet instead of being honest about the predicament they are putting Californian’s in with these horrible policies, they are blaming Climate Change.

As Mark Levin said this morning, “Soon California will be importing energy and water as well as illegal aliens. Third World Democrat state. America’s future if they have their way.”

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