California just passed bill REDUCING penalties for gay adults who have sex with “willing same-sex minors”

According to Bill Melugin from Fox LA, the California legislature has now passed a bill reducing the penalties for gay adults who engage in ‘sodomy’ and/or ‘oral sex’ with underage willing same-sex minors:

Here’s more from SF Examiner:

A new state bill introduced by Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, could possibly change the way young offenders, specifically those who identify as LGBT, are put on the state’s sex offender registry list, Wiener’s office announced Tuesday.

Currently, while consensual sex between 15- to 17-year-olds and a partner within 10 years of age is illegal, vaginal intercourse between the two does not require an offender to register as a sex offender. Other forms of intercourse such as oral and anal intercourse require sex offender registration.

That practice, according to Wiener, disproportionately targets young LGBT people, who usually cannot engage in vaginal intercourse.

In cases involving vaginal intercourse, a judge will typically decide based on the facts of the case whether registration is warranted, whereas in the other cases, sex offender registration is mandatory.

According to Wiener, SB 145 would not change the legality of the forms of intercourse and would not change the potential sentence for having sex with an underage person. Instead, the bill would give judges the ability to evaluate whether the accused be required to register as a sex offender.

This is all part of normalizing sodomy and it surprises no one that California is leading the way with a bill like this. As John Hayward remarked on Twitter, “They laughed when we warned the next big left-wing cultural assault would involve normalizing pedophilia. Oh, how they laughed.”

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