‘Cannot Blame Them’: When CNN finally reports on OWN news crew being attacked by BLM, they EXCUSE it

Leave it to the fat dumb and bald guy, right? Newsbusters has been all over the story of CNN’s news crew being assaulted and chased away on camera in Minneapolis. CNN, however has not been.

In fact they didn’t bother to report on it at all until Sunday, four days later, and only during Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter.

Stelter, who is genetically incapable of being correct, claimed it is “ridiculous” to suggest CNN – which has heavily contributed to and supported the BLM (and Antifa) riots – covered up the attack because it reflects poorly on the “protesters.”

“This was a story that went viral in right-wing media. Frankly, they claimed that CNN was covering it up, which is ridiculous,” he said. Love the “viral” comment. Why didn’t it go viral on the left, Brian? You made it viral when people BOOED Jim Acosta at a Trump rally. But getting pummeled and later chased away doesn’t merit attention?

The person directly assaulted was a member of the news crew. The on air reporter, Miguel Marquez, broke it down for Stelty.

And then another smaller group of protesters came around and started sort of shouting us down. They had a loudspeaker, they were trying to shout us down. They wanted us to move to a place where we couldn’t see the protesters that were taunting the police.

And that’s when this water bottle gets thrown at one of our guys. He stumbled back, fell over — tripped over a curb but it heightened everything at that point. We started trying to figure out how to make an exit because it was just getting too intense there. But we didn’t want to look like we were running. That’s when somebody hit me with a water bottle. And then we sort of started moving toward our cars.

Marquez then said that he “Cannot blame” the rioters for attacking them. Seriously.

Watch the segment, via Newsbusters. It’s totally, in the words of the Fat, Dumb, and Bald Guy, ridiculous.

“I cannot blame them for being angry,” says Marquez. “But, you know, a lot of people are very angry, suspicious of the press, the corporate media, all of those things come into it at these places.”

“And it was just one of those situations that – it was intense, there were people who were angry at everything and everybody and we happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

They were reporting the story. Isn’t that what they treat as their holy mission? And yet it’s the “wrong place wrong time” if it makes BLM look bad.

This wasn’t even the only instance of reporters getting chased away. But if there’s one thing reporters don’t report, it’s reporters being attacked for reporting. At least, not when CERTAIN people are doing the attacking.

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