CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Ocasio-Cortez now angry a company is selling BEDS to border camps!

It’s one thing to be unhappy about the situation in this camp in El Paso that has since been remedied. But now AOC is unhappy that a Wayfair is selling beds to these border facilities housing families and children:

This is just ridiculous. Why would she be angry that kids are getting beds they need from Wayfair? Does she want them to sleep on the ground? She should be against this walkout.

Even if she believed kids were being mistreated, wouldn’t you at the very least want them to have a bed they can sleep in at night? She just makes no sense.

This is the problems. Democrats want to whine and complain about conditions at the border, yet will they lift a finger to stop all of this from happening? We know the border is overwhelmed – it’s been that way for months. Trump has been asking for months for Democrats to do something about it. Yet Democrats like AOC would rather make it harder for the administration to do their job than help solve the problem.

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