Capitalism BAD, censorship GOOD, inflation act a TRICK: Things are getting LIT as Davos elites say quiet parts out loud

Capitalism has brought “global anarchy.” Criminalization of speech is good and coming to America. The inflation reduction act was a climate change bill in disguise, and that’s great!

This is all the latest from Davos, which the AP is ASSURING you is not a gathering of elites against the popular will.

(although they are elites against the popular will according to also the AP)

The capitalism makes anarch comments were from the president of Colombia, who was talking to a nodding and agreeing Al Gore, of course.

It was the EU VP, talking to Brian Stelter, naturally, who said that criminalization of “hate” is coming to America.

And it was Al Gore again for the “Well duh” moment on the so-called Inflation Reduction Act the media pushed.

“In my country, we passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which is primarily a climate act, $369 billion, which will actually be much larger than that, because the heavy lifting is done by tax credits that are very long-term, some of them actually open ended, and the early investments that have already been triggered by it give a great deal of reason — many reasons for believing it’s going to be much larger than $369 billion. So I’m very encouraged by that.”


But the press pushed it and demanded to know why Republicans were against reducing inflation.

That’s the scam. That’s the grift. That’s how it works.

After the conference these elites get on helicopters to be flown to their private jets and return to their mansions before the next conference where they figure out how to force YOU to eat insects and ride a bike everywhere.

The glorious workers paradise sure sounds like something else, don’t it?


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