Capitol Police make children’s choir STOP singing National Anthem because it might offend someone [VIDEO]

The Rushingbrook Children’s Choir were told to stop singing the National Anthem in the Capitol because it could be considered a form of protest and presumably offend someone.

Here’s the video of the children being stopped mid-National Anthem:

Here’s what happened via Matthew Leys on Facebook:

Have you ever heard of a children’s choir being stopped mid-performance while singing their National Anthem????
Our kiddos as part of Rushingbrook Children’s Choir were privileged to sing today in Statuary Hall in the US Capitol … until they were interrupted mid-Anthem by Capitol Police who insisted they stop singing. The visit and Choir performance was all planned and approved … but it’s possible that there was some type of “permit” or communication mixup. Either way …

1) the kids sang brilliantly

2) Capitol Police not even letting them complete the song and trying to explain that singing the Anthem could be considered a form of protest is telling and embarrassing

3) when you need a permit to sing your National Anthem in your nation’s Capitol something’s gone wrong

NOTE: This was a pre-arranged and pre-approved performance of a set of patriotic songs that was coordinated with the offices of at least three different Congressmen. I believe a call was even placed to the Speaker’s Office the same morning to confirm that all preparatory steps had been completed and that the visit/performance could proceed.

He’s absolutely right that something is bad wrong when children can’t even sing the National Anthem in the country’s Capitol building, especially when it had been pre-approved with a permit granted.

Speaker McCarthy needs to get to the bottom of this ridiculous order to stop the children from singing and invite them back to sing again, on the House.

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