Carney acts confused: “I personally know three women named Hilary Rosen”

Oh, c’mon. Seriously?

This is easily one of the most pathetic attempts at dodging a question we’ve seen from Jay Carney. Let’s play along and assume Carney really does know three women named ‘Hilary Rosen’. Better yet, let’s assume he knows twenty. So what? He knows exactly which Hilary Rosen he’s being asked about.

And conveniently enough, he’s only vaguely familiar with that Hilary Rosen.

Yeah right.

Hat tip: Fox Nation.

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46 thoughts on “Carney acts confused: “I personally know three women named Hilary Rosen”

  1. William Ayers, Malik Shabazz, Michael Moore, Angela Davis(of the Old Black Panthers) have all visited the White House. They’re on the visitor log several times. They said these were not the infamous people by the same name though. They were different people by the same name. Mr. Carney, we were born at night, but not last night.

  2. With the colossal mistakes they make on a daily basis–the democrats would NOT receive 15% of the vote…if the corrupt, liberal media did their job.
    The Chicago thugs figured it out a long time ago…anyone can be bought, including the lamestream media.
    Truly sad times for America.

  3. Special Report had this clip followed by a clip of Hillary Rosen basically calling Carney a liar. It was very funny.

  4. So the Romney campaign team instant attack on the commie b**** whining and lying about Mrs. R whipped you little butt, Carney. You are starting to sound like Womama with your rambling responses. At least your wind seems to match his. Glad I’m not in the front row.

    Where will you run after this gig, you pathetic sycophantic traitor? I hear there’s a nice gated community in Sanford FL where’d you white a** would be welcomed.

    Not sure I have warmed to Romney, but looks like their concerted attacks on Newt and Rick was just a worm up for the slashing and rapine they have planned the black racist’s commie scum and the rest of the Democrats.

  5. I can not listen to this dumb, liberal idiot any more. Bring back the other dumb, liberal idiot Robert gibbs.

  6. So this is the way they’re going to answer questions they don’t have an answer for – pretend they don’t know the person asked about? Seriously? The GOP candidates should all take a page out of this idiotic book next time they’re asked about something Rush said the media thinks is controversial. “Rush who? Personally I know 3 Rushes. Next question…”

  7. I liked the take a lady that called into Rush had on this.

    “Why are the Democrat’s picking on Welfare (stay at home) Moms”?

  8. How many of any of us know 3 people with the same name? (Look down Jay your pants maybe on fire.)

    If I hear “tax cuts for the rich” one more time I am gonna hurl…

  9. Gosh this administration thinks we’re dumb.

    They spout out anything and we’ll believe it…..Try again Jay

    1. That’s their base poljunkie. They’re talking to their base. Unfortunately, in a press conference they have to go through some people with a modicum of intelligence but fortunately most of them are die hard libs who will nod their heads and pass on the ‘wisdom’ of what they say.

      The rest of us just sit here and listen and shake our heads in wonderment at the level of stupidity and gullibility that is rampant in our country at this time.

  10. I know 28 women named Hilary Rosen! I bet most of you know even more women with that name! It’s such a common name, after all. Good grief – what a putz.

    1. As a matter of fact Constance I happen to know 29 women named Hilary Rosen but I didn’t want to bring it up because I figured people might think I was stretching the truth a bit.

  11. What’s that smell? There’s nothing like the fragrance of a straw man burning in the morning!

  12. Too bad not many people actually watch these pressers

    They would then see the jerks and liars in the administration

    This deserves this >>>>>>>>>>>>

    BUT you know what – None of the press – pressed him for an answer – They allow this drivel to go on – They should be ashamed

    They are ALL on the payroll >>>>>>>>>>

    Record 19 reporters, media execs join Team Obama

  13. Medicare benefits go disproportionately to women. Ending Medicare as we know it…would harm women disproportionately‘ – Carney

    Isn’t that like saying, ‘if some program gives to Whites disproportionately over Blacks, then stopping that practice would harm Whites disproportionately’? There goes affirmative action.

  14. Obama? I can’t answer your question, because I know at least three people named Barack Obama. Let’s see, there was the dope smoking, radical in college. Then I think we had a do nothing senator from Illinois. Oh, yeah, and the Nobel Prize laureate in the White House. Which one were you referring to? Next question.

  15. “putting teachers back in the classroom” in other words, President Obama believes that women should hold those low-paying teaching jobs rather than men.

    What about the fact the the White House pays women less for the same work as men?

    I would love to see the meeting agendas showing numerous meetings attended by both THAT Hilary Rosen and Jay Carney.

    Sorry! scattered thoughts.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking: categorizing most teachers as women is extremely sexist. (from a male teacher … from a conservative male teacher … from a conservative Christian male .. you get the idea.)

  16. It seems cruel for him to point out she weighs as much as three women. A hard working lobbyist selling those $75,000 Obama regime papal indulgences has to eat out with a lot of clients.

  17. Which Ryan budget? I know like 5 guys with the name Ryan and some of them have budgets.
    It has to take some kind of skill and practice to say these things with a straight face. Seriously.

    1. Dollar to donuts he resigns before too long. You’ll find him in ‘recovery’ pretty soon with the explanation that he has to spend more time with his family. Then he’ll reappear with his new employment as a Buckingham Palace Guard. He has the credentials of not laughing at absurdity.

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