Carney: Asking Kagan to recuse herself over ObamaCare is a political attack

Carney’s basic argument here is that Kagan was vetted in her nomination process and therefore suggesting she should now recuse herself is nothing but a political attack. Puh-lease. There are emails that have only been recently made available that raise legitimate questions regarding her involvement in ObamaCare, that Carney completely ignores, as you’ll see at the end of this video.

Also, they could only get 5 Republican votes (Collins, Graham, Gregg, Lugar,Snowe) in 2010 for her nomination. The Democrats were only 1 vote short of their near super-majority being unanimous. To suggest that her vetting was impartial and legitimate is looking at it through partisan eyes. But that’s exactly what Carney is doing, especially considering that he is ignoring legitimate evidence that suggests she should recuse herself.

What a hack:

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39 thoughts on “Carney: Asking Kagan to recuse herself over ObamaCare is a political attack

  1. SIGH. It seems worse every day. She wasn’t “properly vetted”, she committed PERJURY. Not only should she be recused, she should be yanked off the bench, disbarred and jailed.

  2. If she doesn’t recuse herself, the other 8 members ought to pull her robe up over her head and shove her out the SC front door.

  3. U gotta be kidding! The non judge stooge actually recluses from enacting what she has fought for all her life? Next, you will ask for her to vote for OB impeachment.

  4. 1.Sen. Sessions: ‘Deeply Disturbed’ Over Kagan’s Role in Obamacare

    Read more on Sen. Sessions: ‘Deeply Disturbed’ Over Kagan’s Role in Obamacare
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

    2.Justice Kagan should recuse herself from Obamacare case

    3.Kagan should recuse herself from ObamaCare case

  5. I’m speechless over how corrupt our nation has become. The reasons why she is suppose to recuse HERSELF is glaringly obvious. It’s almost like we need to start all over.

    1. SaraPFan, You are so right. A Supreme Court justice, by definition and expectation, is supposed to be above partisanship and the gold standard of what’s right, fair and just. If she doesn’t recuse herself she doesn’t deserve the seat.

  6. lets see 1 year ago you a–holes controlled both houses…so there was not much we could have done…so now we need to bring it up you soon to be out of a job a-s-ole….man i would love to lay hands on you in the name of DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Carney’s not only a dem, he’s a dedicated professional dem. If you parachuted him into a forest of lies with only a moral compass and a knife, he’d destroy the moral compass and start building a home.

  8. I don’t understand why anyone on this Board is surprised?

    Carney has the proper name for himself to boot

    This is the most arrogant bunch of blowhards I have ever seen

    They have NO SHAME – don’t care

    The DOPE in Chief could not care care less – has his own agenda AND

    if it doesn’t go through – HE couldn’t care less –

    He will never have to work ever again

    Probably never pay for any green fees – ever

    Never have to drive – Will have an SS slave for life

    Get $ 200,000 an appearance – while on vacation

    Bla, bla. bla

    They are not from this planet

    The whole bunch are from the Outer Limits – SENT HERE TO DESTROY THE EARTH!

    Where the hell is my FOIL HAT? Gino keeps taking it- Gino give it back now!

  9. We need a Supreme Court that will make decisions based upon what’s Constitutional and the best for our country not along party loyalty lines.

  10. (Collins, Graham, Gregg, Lugar,Snowe) appeasers. This is where appeasement gets you. Maybe I should use the term they lovingly call themselves, “Moderates.”

    The same situation with Eric Holder. Several Republicans voted to approve Holder, knowing of his past. They were appeasers. They wanted to look nice, and now we have dead people. When a situation like the above arises, there is always a so called “Moderate,” it can be attributed to.

  11. I really can’t even look at this guy. He just looks like he’s a ten year old up there trying to play an intelligent adult. He looks and acts stupid.

  12. He’s the representative for the POTUS right? Does he know Obama has been running around the country attacking Republicans for months now? The man represents the biggest political attacker on the scene right now.

  13. Jay-Jay is as transparent and pathetic as ever.
    Yes, there were politics.
    I am angry at Graham and those RINO’s who cofirmed her and did not vet her properly.
    She should recuse.

  14. She’s fat, she’s ugly, she’s liberal and she’s not recusing herself.

    We need a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s rulings with a Super majority in the House and Senate.

    1. And I think you need to take a good, long look at what kind of decisions would be open to such a power. Such a request is a very dangerous request, indeed.

    2. Actually it is not all that hard to do. Simply remind the Supreme court , it’s job is simply to see if a current law is constitutional. If they try to add, modify, or suggest change, they are simply removed from office, for malfesance by the justice department. Of course, assuming you can get the government to do it’s job.

      1. The Justice Department has no authority to remove a Supreme Court justice. That power lies with the House of Representatives and their power of impeachment.

  15. By what grounds are the liberals asking Justice Thomas to recuse himself? Elena Kagan has a clear conflict of interest and Should be recused on those grounds.

    1. By what grounds are the liberals asking Justice Thomas to recuse himself?

      His wife has the audacity to have a career of her own.

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