Carney says Republican attempts to turn Benghazi and IRS into scandals have failed

According to Carney, IRS targeting of conservatives and the Benghazi terrorist attacks aren’t scandals and Republican attempts to turn them into scandals have failed:

This president is perfect. He could probably knife a man in the back, on camera, in front of the whole world and Jay Carney would say the White House isn’t to blame. It doesn’t matter that Obama’s own political appointee was in on the IRS scandals that only targeted conservative groups. it doesn’t matter that the IRS is part of the Executive Branch. No. It doesn’t matter that Obama slept while our men were getting murdered in Benghazi and then went to Vegas the next day to campaign while families were grieving the loss of those under his command. No, the White House has done nothing wrong.

Yeah, just phony scandals. Nothing to see here.

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