Cavuto grills Liz Wahl on why she resigned from Russia Today

Cavuto had Liz Wahl on his show today to answer her critics and talk about why she resigned from Russia Today (RT). He wasn’t as easy on her as I thought he’d be.


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35 thoughts on “Cavuto grills Liz Wahl on why she resigned from Russia Today

  1. Once a state propagandist, always a state propagandist. She never said she was against any of the usual lies and whitewash, she’s just done doing it for Putin and Russia.

    Plus why give her so much grief? Look what she’s coming from, RT says it themselves that they’re strictly there to promote Russian interests around the world.

    1. She got a job at CNN now, what is cnn and bbc. Who’s interest do CNN, NBC, BBC, and fox promote? Take that picture off you don’t deserve it.

          1. I said she went from being a pro Russia propagandist to a pro America propagandist.

            “Once a state propagandist, always a state propagandist. She never said
            she was against any of the usual lies and whitewash, SHE’S JUST DONE DOING IT FOR RUSSIA”

            Do you need me to explain this to you in more simple terms?

            1. show me where in your original post you said “pro Russia propagandist to a pro America propagandist.” no where in your original post you say anything about USA. DO you need me to explain what I am trying to say to you? Re Read your post and pretend you didn’t write it and tell me what you get out of it.

              1. “She’s done doing it for Putin and Russia”

                Come on man do I really have to explain myself anymore?

                This is starting to get silly.

  2. She is such a dumb bitch…I hope she gets trolled through the rest of her whored out career…hope no one hires her cause she is a traitor not a patriot…

  3. No professional would make a live spectacle of themselves like this, particularly considering the global conflicting, prevalent issues, without coercion or alternative ultimatums being presented. Furthermore, no other major media outlet would consider hiring anyone who pulls this blasphemy live on air either. If this woman is subsequently hired by any other media outlet it will become clearly indicitive of intentional propaganda. Either this woman’s news career is over now or she is blatantly an indignant liar.

  4. Since the world is devoid of all-knowing people, liberty provides the leeway for each of us to adapt to the unpredictable circumstances and conditions we face.

  5. Dear friends, take a look at the physical change in the face of Liz Wahl. Some psychoanalists and psychiatrists claim that when people become more evil, they get uglier. This was the case of Caesar Lombrosio in history. I sense a physical metamorphosis in the face of Liz Wahl along with lots of rage and aggressiveness. How sad she is, it seems to me that she is not against Russian Local-Imperialism, but against Vladimir Putin personally. And that’s wrong, because in USA the enemy of poor oppressed americans is not Obama and blue dog Democratic Party politicians, but the capitalist class and the capitalist system. And Liz Wahl is not attacking capitalism and Russian imperialism, she has something speficially against Putin, maybe envy.

    Nietzsche the great philosopher said that one of the main qualities of inferior people is envy against great powerful leaders. I think Liz Wahl is full of envy and hatred, and that’s why I think that she has experienced a metamorphosis toward an uglier woman

  6. Hey Liz Wahl while on the news talk circuit, why not ask why Western media censors the word “Russian Tank” done by BBC and CNN when it was said in a live conference by Ukraine leader in Brussels. If you accept a job at CNN looks like you’re just switching one set of censorship words for another. Or is american censorship what you consider “truth” these days? Look it up on CNN and then watch a version of the Brussels speech and see the censorship done by CNN Liz Wahl was just whining about on RT.

  7. The Wailing Wahl is lying her ass off .. She ignored the news item that exposed the coup for what it was, a takeover by Neo Nazis, and they hired Snipers to kill Protesters and Police to blame on the democratically elected government .. “Democratically elected” Do you understand that ? The Obama administration is always harping on about spreading democracy, but they are all too willing to oust a democratically elected government for the IMF, EU and NATO. The truth is Putin is on the defensive and he has more support than the Central Banker installed in Kiev FACT, and I hope he gives the West a bloody nose over this whole sordid affair.

  8. Liz Wahl is looking for a better job in America.
    So she goes all left wingish, creates a drama. Than hopes the socialists take her in as one of their own.Maybe MSNBC.
    If you can’t make it on the usual MSM outlet. This is probably her best shot.

  9. In less than 36 hours I’ve gone from liking Liz Wahl to not trusting her. Never even heard of her before this.

  10. She wasn’t getting payed enough at RT and Putin is making her boy look bad on the world stage, I mean, come on, she would work for Obama’s propaganda machine MSNBC? Neil has her number.

    1. She’s nervous and probably scared to death. No telling how Vlad reacted to her public denounciation.

  11. Let me see if I get this. She’s known all along what Russian Television was, (propaganda arm and controlled by Putin) but went to work for them anyway. She stayed for over 2 years going along with the propaganda. So she quits while on air, rather than going away quietly, and professionally. She seemed so sincere claiming to be American with heritage linked to both Russia and the Ukraine.

    After this interview, I was pretty disgusted. She didn’t seem all that worried about the people of Ukraine. She sure seemed to be different in this interview. I, for one, would not hire her. At first, I thought she was brave, but not so much now. Her giddiness of her 5 minutes of fame was a put off for me, given the seriousness of the situation in the Ukraine. I sure hope Fox doesn’t hire her. I know I won’t watch if she comes on the screen.

      1. She lost me when her ditziness hit full tilt at the end of the interview when Cavute asked if she’d work for MSNBC. She gave an immediate “yes.” She refused to answer if she’d go to work for FOX. She seemed rather dreamy-eyed about MSLSD. What a dingbat.

  12. Because Liz Warren had high cheek bones she claimed Native American status so facetiously I say Liz Wahl must be Native American too.
    I’m glad Wahl did what she did, but not sure I trust her motives. Any potential employer may not like that she quit on air embarrassed the station.

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